4 Ways To Use Scatter Cushions To Enhance Your Home

A quick, affordable and highly effective way to spruce up even the dullest of interiors, is made easy with scatter cushions. Just by placing a carefully curated selection of cushions of different sizes in a space, you can bring elements of the room together, provide a new focal point, and even put your own creative stamp on a space. 

Here are 4 great ways to enhance your home with Scatter Cushions:

  • Choose the right colour palette

While this might sound obvious, it can be easy to overlook the importance of colour when choosing soft furnishings and smaller home accessories such as cushions. You may love a colour and want to show it off on a cushion, but if it doesn’t do your décor any favours, it could end up spoiling what was otherwise an attractive space. 

Try looking around the room or space with fresh eyes, and identify one or two items that you’d like to accentuate with appropriately coloured cushions, and which would help unify the existing design and décor. Once you’ve chosen the colour, opt for a couple of cushions in variations of that colour, and place them where you think they would be the most eye-catching.

  • Experiment with different designs, styles and textures

There are so many ways to be creative with scatter cushions, that it almost seems rude not to explore them all in your home! Combining different designs, and styles can be highly effective, but if your taste is a little more functional, why not try combining textured cushions? If you love to experiment however, and make a real statement with your scatter cushions, teaming up bolder designs with plainer ones, and combining subtle textures can create an effect that’s both appealing and harmonious. 

  • Mix and match shapes and sizes

It isn’t just colour, design and texture that can make an impact on a scatter cushion, but shape and size can have a powerful effect, too. Have fun experimenting with cushions in different sizes and shapes, and test out some displays before settling on the one that looks the best. 

  • Decide upon a number of cushions

Just because a custom scatter cushion can enhance a space, doesn’t mean that hundreds of them thrown all around your home will have the same effect! Too many cushions can actually look crowded and discourage people from wanting to sit down, while not enough can make them look lonely and out of place. Try grouping cushions together with no fewer than 3 and no more than 5, which usually makes them far more eye catching according to a symmetry trick still used by interior designers today. Further enhance this effect by placing your scatter cushions in a group at one end of your sofa, instead of placing them in perfect symmetry at either end. 

Scatter cushions remain a popular furniture addition in homes all over the world, and are an affordable and highly effective way of enhancing a space while providing comfort, too. Why not explore your options with our online collection and turn your home into a cushiony haven!

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