5 Benefits of Ceramic Beer Tap Handles You Didn’t Know About

Ceramic tap handles are a great example of stylish design and durability. They not only make the bar more functional but also reflect your brand image and advertise the most popular beverages of the establishment. 

Here are 5 key benefits of ceramic beer tap handles for you to make the right purchasing decision.

1.Made to last

Ceramic products are much lighter, more durable, and easier to customize than wooden or rubber models.

They are characterized by maximum durability and strength.


A perfect option for lovers of classic style! You can choose from both classic black and white colors and a variety of marble shades (gray, blue, cream, and green).


Ceramic beer tap handles add style and elegance to any bar! 

They can take on just about any shape: a standard one (oval, elongated rectangular), and unique models in the form of paddle, drop, spiral, Caduceus tap handle, etc.

4.An enormous variety of custom options

A beer tap handle is not just a tool for beer dispensing. Through an emotionally appealing and eye-catching tap handle, you will capture new drinkers and help regular customers clearly identify your brand. 

And for that to happen, it all starts with ceramic tap handles branding, which takes into account the features of the bar interior. 

Depending on the shape you choose, you can place your logo, slogan or image on a round or square plate.

5.Natural materials

By choosing natural raw materials, you can be sure that you work with high quality and health-safe products.

Do you know where to buy ceramic tap handles?

Visit the site of the popular Canadian company Xpress Tap Handles.

Here you will find a wide selection of different shapes, sizes, and shades of beer tap handles, as well as a wide range of branding options.

The name and logo are printed with special permanent ink. So the tap handles will look perfect for a long time.

The brand works with the highest quality raw materials. It manufactures functional models that have been already appreciated by more than 2000 satisfied customers of the company.

Choose Xpress Tap Handles – and you will be satisfied!

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