Apple Varieties to Try and the Health Benefits to Avail

apple varieties

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! We’ve been hearing this since we were kids. So, it goes without saying that all the apple varieties be it old or new have numerous health benefits. But don’t you like to have apples in your culinary dishes too? You can make many dishes with apples and pork and so much more. The tarty, sweet, juicy flavor of apples give all your dishes a lovely relishing taste.

Apples come in so many varieties from all across the globe. The Red Delicious and Golden delicious are the old apple varieties. While the Fuji and Cameo are the new apple varieties. So, aren’t you eager to know about the most popular apple varieties and their benefits?

Hang in there and scroll down to know everything about apples. We’ve even got you some tips to help you keep your favorite fruit fresh for long!

Best Apple Varieties

Here we have shortlisted some of the best apple varieties for you to know everything about them. Some of the best apple varieties are as follows:

Red Delicious Apple

You will find the Red Delicious Apple to be a favorite in the United States. It has a white creamy flesh with quite a heavy top. You’ll find the Red apples to be very juicy but not ideal for cooking purposes. The best way to have these apples is raw. So, you can easily take them in your lunchbox and be sure for it to remain fresh for long. The Red apples happen to be the traditional old apple varieties.

 Golden Delicious Apple

If you are wondering the Red Delicious is related to the Golden Delicious apple? Then, you would be wrong! They are far different from each other. Golden apples come in a yellowish tint and are very soft. It’s may not be as soft as other apples but it’s ideally used for cooking. You must not keep these apple varieties stored for too long, as they can shrivel or bruise. Ideally you can make sauces, salads, pies and even freeze the Golden Delicious apples.

McIntosh Apple

You will find the McIntosh apples to very soft and mushy. So, you can either have it raw or use it in apple butter or apple sauce. It doesn’t work very well for baking purposes. However, if you use McIntosh apples for baking, try to use a thickener in that case. People across the globe usually describe these apples to be ‘mealy’ or ‘creamy’.

Cortland Apple

You can easily confuse yourself with Cortland apples to be McIntosh. This too is very creamy, white and soft but has tarty and sweet flavor too. You can call it soft but not as soft as the McIntosh apples. So, you can say that the Cortland apples are used for all-purposes like- cooking, baking and eating it raw.

Jonagold Apple

Jonagold falls among the new apple varieties. It’s basically a hybrid between the Golden Delicious and Jonathan apples. So, you can look at them say how they have adapted features from the original apple breeds. You’ll notice the Jonagold to have a smooth skin and tarty flavor just like the Jonathan. More so, from the Golden Delicious, it gets its thin skin and sweet taste. You can easily use these apples for any purpose that fits into your requirement.

Cameo Apple

Apparently, there is a belief that it was found in Washington during the 1987s. Another relative newcomer is the Cameo apple variety but gained immense popularity very quickly. It is said that it is a hybrid of Red and Yellow Delicious apples. You will find these apples to have features like thick skin that is as thick as the Red but not as thin as the Golden as well. It somehow comes in between both these types. You can easily use these apples for cooking and baking purposes, but when you have it raw it tastes marvelous too.

Empire Apple

The Empire apples is also a cross with the Red Delicious and McIntosh apple varieties. It was done by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station during the 1966s. You will find these apples to be round and comes in a vibrant red with light shades of green. Empire apples have a creamy and crisp white texture in the inside. Since, these apples are much more firm than the McIntosh apples, you can choose it for cooking purposes.

Fuji Apple

The Fuji apples are origin to Japan since the 1930s. But it grew so well in the States from the 1980s that now it’s extremely popular in the country. You can easily call it the relative of the Red Delicious apple, and great to eat it raw. Since it has such a deep sweetness, you’ll love to have it as it is. If you want you can use in your salads but not for cooking. That is because when you cook it the apples might lose out the beautiful taste.

Gala Apple

You’ll find the Gala apples to be quite tall than bulging from the sides. It is very close to Red and Golden Delicious apple varieties. You will also love these apples for the sweet, crisp and mild taste it boasts off. However, the skin has a light shade of red with some yellow undertones in it. You can say these apples are smaller in size than the other types of apples. Ideally, children love this apple type for the thin skin and beautifully perfect sweetness. You can even use them for cooking purposes as well.

Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith are the green types of apples. You just cannot ignore the taste of beautiful green apples from Australia. It has a crisp, tarty yet sweet flavor. You will find the Granny Smith to have a bright green skin but when it ripens, the apples turn rosy red. Since these apples possess that tartness, many prefer cooking it which gives the dishes a unique taste. You can also complement them with cheese and onions. Moreover, the green hue gives your dishes a great visual delight too.

Braeburn Apple

The Braeburn apple varieties originate from New Zealand. It has a dull red hue with hints of green and undertones of yellowish-golden color. You will find these apples to have a great combination of both tarty and sweet flavor. However, you may find it to be quite firm from outside. Braeburn apples are great for eating raw or baked.

Health Benefits of Apples

Now that you know so many apple varieties, don’t you want to know what magic spell this wonderous fruit does to your health? It’s obvious that apples are very popular for the impressive benefits they offer you.

So, without wasting time, let’s check out some of the best health benefits of apples. Which are:

High in Nutrition

Apples are high in potassium, vitamin C, K, A, E, manganese, copper, vitamin B1, B3 and B12 too. You must know that apples are a good source of polyphenols, which is a plant compound that is very good for health. Apples are fibrous too. So, including apples in your diet is a must-do!

Aids in Weight Loss

Apples are very high in water and fiber content. Which keeps you full for a long period of time. These further curbs your frequent cravings which help you to lose weight. Moreover, apples contain certain plant compounds that can help you in losing weight too. There are several studies that support this claim. Also, there are few researches that state, apples have the ability to curb bad cholesterol.

Improves Heart Health

You can improve your heart health by including apples in your diet. Since apples have fibers, it helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Even the skin of apples has antioxidative properties. If you keep your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar under control then you can lower the risks of heart attacks.

Several studies also back up with this claim that apples improve heart health and also lowers the risk of heart attacks.

Lower Risk of Diabetes

Numerous studies say that you can lower the chances of type 2 diabetes when you have apples. Possibly polyphenol content in apples help to prevent the damage of beta cells in the pancreas. These beta cells are responsible for the production of insulin. If these beta cells are destroyed it can lead to diabetes. So, by including apples in your diet, you can reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes.

Promotes Good Gut Bacteria

Since apples have a high content of fibers in them, it is extremely good for your gut health. Pectin is a special fiber that apples contain which acts as a prebiotic in your body. So, your body is provided with good bacteria. In accordance with many studies, it is said that possibly these good bacteria give you a healthy heart, lowers risks of diabetes and obesity too.

Help Prevent Cancer

Plant compounds help in preventing the chances of cancer cell production. Studies state that women having apples reduced the chances of death from cancer.

Even the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of apples may potentially help in preventing cancer.

Help Fight Asthma

Antioxidant content in apples helps the lungs from being damaged oxidatively. In a clinical trial, 68000 women having asthma were given apples where they showed positive results. Studies further said, if you have 15% apples in one day, you can lower the risk of it by 10%.

Even more, the skin of apples has flavonoids in them, which helps in reducing inflammation and boosts the immune system. By doing this you can reduce allergic reactions and also reduce the chances of asthma.

Good for Bone Health

You will find the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant content in apples to help in bone health. Moreover, you can even increase bone mass by having apples regularly. So, doctors recommend apples to young and old people. You will find a number of studies that back up this claim and encourage people to have apples regularly.

Protects Stomach Lining

You will find many painkillers that are anti-inflammatory drugs to destroy the stomach lining. So, several studies have shown apples protecting the stomach lining. Plant compounds like catechin and chlorogenic acid help in doing this.

Help Protect Your Brain

Several studies show that having apples can help in protecting your brain health. It is seen to reduce the damage of brain tissue and hence mental decline. Moreover, doctors prescribe the apple juice for older people to improve mental health.

Tips to Choose and Store Apples

Now you know everything about apples- apple varieties and its health benefits. But is that all? No! You have to know some crucial tips to choose and store your apples well.

Here are the following tips to keep in mind:

Select Shiny and Firm Apples

You must always buy the apples that have a firm body with no bruises or spots. See if you can buy the shiny ones, those are very good and have the best flavors. But you must remember that the McIntosh apples will be softer and firm like the Granny Smith.

Store in a Cool Place

Apples become soft and soggy when you keep them in room temperature and they come in contact with moisture. You can try storing them in your fridge in a plastic bag. But if you really want to store them for long, wrap them up in paper. Remember not to use the inked ones and keep them in a dark and cool place. You can try your garage or wine cellar to store the apples.

Lemon Juice to keep Apple Slices Fresh

To keep your apple slices from turning brown, take a bowl with 3 cups of water and one cup of lemon juice. Soak the slices to keep them away from turning brown.

Last Thoughts

You must be sure by now that the old saying really justifies what it says. If you eat apples you can actually keep the doctor away from you.

So, follow the quick and easy tips to store all the apple varieties you like and enjoy each and every benefit of it! It will be incredibly beneficial if you have it raw with the skin on it

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