Ashley Ortega

Ashley Ortega


The beauty of the people like Ashley Ortega is making the world a better place to live, and a person wants to explore more of it. If we look at human history, we will come to know that there has never been a time when people have stepped back from appreciating beauty. It has always been there.

Whether the beauty is of nature or a person, you will surely applaud it open-heartedly. Thus, if we go through the details, we will come to know that the beauty appreciated the most is none other than the charm and elegance of the women and female characters. These figures make us think that we live in heaven, and people always want to be close to such personalities. If you want to know more about Ashley Ortega, then this article is the place to do so.

Who is the stunning Ashley Ortega

If we dive into the details, Ashley Ortega is not just a beautiful creation. She is a lady with skills. Those who do not know her up close will surely need an introduction. So let us tell you that she is a famed actress performing in several tv series and movies. If you think you can stand her beauty, elegance, and charming looks, then you surely think wrong because nobody can do so. If we say that it is in her genes to progress in her life, then it would not be wrong at all.

Ashley Ortega’s professional caliber

Now it is time to get to know her professional caliber. So if we go through the pages of her success story, we will know that it was at the age of 12 when she entered the entertainment industry as a child artist. But the person who was a child at that time is now a gorgeous woman

The personal life details

The birth information

If you want to be a part of the life of the famous personality and get to know her closely, then the only thing that can help you out is her personal life details. Thus, if we do so, we will know that the famous actress was born on 26th December 1998. This makes her age only 22 years.

The real name

Also, you might be surprised to know that this is not the real name of the famous actress. In fact, her actual name is Ashleigh Marguerretthe Krystalle Nordstorm Samson. Aren’t you surprised surely you are?

Important personal factors 

If we talk about the place of birth of the famed actress, then it is mentioned as San Fernando, La Union, Philippines. Also, the current residential address of the gorgeous actress is the same as her birthplace. Now we must study her nationality, so the records and the database tell us that she is a Philippine national.

Also, if we talk about her ethnicity, it would be Filipino-German. Surprisingly if we talk about the religious beliefs of the famed actress, then it is Islam. A look at her date of birth tells us that her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

The education profile 

These details are of the utmost importance if you want to study the famed and gorgeous actress. Now, if we talk about the education profile of the famed actress, we will know that she has received her education from Immaculate Conception Academy. Later, to pursue a career in interior designing, she attended the SoFa Design Institute.

The family details 

Information about parents

Now we must discuss the family details of the famous actress. Thus, if we go through the details, we will come to know that her father’s ethnicity was Spanish -Filipino and her mother’s ethnicity was Filipino-German. Also, if we talk about the names, then currently her parents’ names are unavailable.

The siblings 

Recently we were able to retrieve the information regarding her siblings. According to the available details, the famed actress has a brother and a sister. The name of the brother is Malcolm Nordstorm Samson. Also, if we talk about her sister, her name will be Alyssa Nordstorm Samson.

The physical profile 

We all believe that no woman is more stunning and gorgeous than her currently in our community. But it is also important that we understand what makes her so beautiful. So the answer is extremely simple. Her perfect physical measurements make her truly angelic.

Height and weight 

Thus if we dive into the details, then we will come to know that the height of the famed actress is 5 feet and 5 inches. Also, if we express it in other words, it would be 168 cm. Now, if we talk about the weight of the famed actress, then we will come to know that she weighs almost 52 Kg according to the records, which can be expressed as 114 pounds.

Height and weight 

Important physical measurements and details 

We also know she has long black hair that looks perfect with the combination of black eyes. Since the person under discussion is a female personality, therefore we will come to know that the body measurements of the famed actress are 34 inches breast, 30 inches waist, and 34 inches hip. Also, her shoe size is 6, according to the US standard. Thus we can surely say that she has a body of an angel.

The cinematography

If you are a true fan of our famous star, you will be wondering about the list of all the projects the famed star has completed. Thus if we take a look then we will come to know that the names of the movies are mentioned below:

  • Bamboo Flowers
  • My Big Bossing
  • Spirit of the Glass 2: the haunted.
  • Wild and free
  • The star has also worked in several tv series, and their names are also mentioned below:
  • Cielo de Angelina
  • Magpakailanman
  • Dear Uge
  • Legal wives.

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Ashley Ortega is a famed actress and movie star. Her profile is perfect in all sorts and has all the required badges. Since this is the case, therefore we must go through this article to get the best results and information.

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