Bad Behaviours that Fast-Track Skin Ageing

Women are very conscious of their complexion. Even the slightest sign of skin ageing could freak some out. While ageing is inevitable, looking young remains a possibility, even for those who are getting old. The secret is taking care of yourself and avoiding bad habits, particularly those that could make your skin look old faster.

Soaking up too much in the sun

No matter how bright the sun looks, it could make your world look dark if you do not learn to protect yourself from it. There is a reason why the top advice of skin experts is to apply the highest sun protection you could get; the higher SPF, the better. UV-induced damage can cause long-term harm to your skin. And we are not just talking about the appearance of wrinkles, age lines, and other signs of skin damage. We are also concerned about skin cancer, which you may contract if you keep exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful rays.

Cigarettes and alcohol

The use of both substances has horrible effects for your skin and overall health. They have ingredients that cause premature ageing and dry skin. They can also make deep furrows appear. There are lots of available topical products like SkinCeuticals, which could effectively reverse those adverse effect. However, you may also want to contemplate quitting cigarette and alcohol intake because of other health reasons.

Sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep is another huge enemy of youthful glow. You can forget your dreams of achieving elastic, glowing, blemish-free skin without enough sleep of up to eight hours per day because it will never happen. Not when you are not sleeping enough and sleeping well.


Too much pressure and mishandling stress can wreak havoc on your health, much worse on your skin. Elevated cortisol levels can bring a lot of negative effects and could leave your skin pale and dry.

Use of products that do not work with your skin type

There are countless skin products available, and it could be dangerous if you constantly bite into all of them. So before making a purchase, do your research. Check for products made of effective ingredients to counter your problems while taking care of your youthful glow and keeping up with the demands of your skin type.

Counteract bad habits with good ones

The best way you can avoid skin problems is obvious – doing the opposite of all those things that mess with your skin and developing good habits that will feed it with the necessary nutrients to stay supple and young-looking.

Pair up a healthy and balanced diet, a round of daily workouts, plenty of sleep and stress management with some of the best topical products, and you can never go wrong. You will never have a problem achieving smooth and supple skin free from blemishes, dryness, and, most of all, age lines. You may not be young forever, but at least you can enjoy a more beautiful and confident self.

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