Black Anime Characters

Black Anime Characters


Animes are the easiest way to depict your ideas through different personalities and create a person of your desire. Black anime characters are currently trending. If we look, then the anime universe is extremely vast, and it has no limits. But whether anyone believes the fact or not, people are of the idea that there is a racial discrimination factor that has been extended to the anime world too. This is why we seldomly witness ethnically black anime characters.

But not all of the franchises creating animes sponsor this ideology. A few are trying to limit the effect of this ideology on the world. This is why we are witnessing black anime characters appear in front of us. The modern-day shows depict the true picture of the ethnically black characters, providing them with the respect they deserve. You might find them in the leading roles of some of the characters, which is marvelous.

Black Anime Characters Of Today

Many franchises are using black anime characters in their major roles in the modern world. They are also being depicted in a respectable manner which is a positive change in the entertainment industry. Therefore, people tend to explore these black anime characters. Below we have provided some of the best names to enhance your knowledge:

1.      Carole Stanley

Those who want to look at one of the best black anime characters should surely follow Carole. She is a character from Carole and Tuesday. If we study different aspects, we will know that her life was surely less than ideal. Because she was an orphan, that is not something that will positively affect your life. Also, it was witnessed that she was continuously fired from different jobs.

Carole Stanley

But it does not bring down her morale. You will find her straightforward in her public dealings. This is why she is frequently fired from her job. In fact, for such a person, it is difficult to make quality friends, but Carole is lucky to have a few. But this will never undo the effect of the bullying that she received from the teachers and other people around her.

2.      Afro Samurai

You might have never thought of people of black origin to be fighting as heroes. But the black anime character Afro Samurai has changed this paradigm, and because of his highly skilled swordsmanship, he is renowned among the public. One of the unique factors is that he can deflect bullets and bolts with the help of the sword in his hand, which is extremely amazing.

Afro Samurai

You will find him extremely ruthless in the battles, and many might perceive him as a monster, while this is not the case. Because he has fought against the thugs and warriors and defeated them in the past. In most of his appearances, you will find him wearing a headband with Number Two carved on it that portrays the fact that he stands second in place of the best swordsmen in the world. You might consider him an emotionally cold person, but his affection for Jino and Otsuru is something that will surely catch your attention.

3.      Canary

The character of Canary is the most unique out of all that you have witnessed till today. This character is from the series Hunter x Hunter. If we look at the details, we will come to know that she is working as an apprentice butler for the Zoldyck family. Her character was depicted as extremely cold emotionally. The reason is that she is portrayed to be loyal to the family, and whoever tries to trespass on the family’s property should find her standing across from them.


She would never refrain from her duties for a second, which makes her one of the best characters ever. But if we take a look, we will know that her loyalty to Killua is way more than the loyalty to the Zoldyck family. In terms of combat, you will find her extremely deadly. She had tried to take on the enemies that were way stronger than her in the past.

4.      Dutch

Dutch is one of the main characters from Black Lagoon. If you look at the character’s appearance, you will find him huge compared to the rest of the characters. For such a person, you might think that he will be involved in some kinds of fights, but this is not true. In fact, he avoids fights.


Since he is the leader of the Lagoon company, therefore, he prefers to give orders. You can say that he is extremely strict and when something goes out of the way, he will never hesitate to call his crew. His only priority is to conduct the missions safely and produce admirable and effective results in all manners. Also, you will analyze that he tends to avoid taking jobs filled with risks even if they are financially attractive. The safety of his crew is his priority.

5.      Killer B

Killer B is one of the most powerful characters from the Naruto Shippuden universe. If we look at the details, we will come to know that he was tasked to protect his village. But it is not what inspires him. He has a dream to become one of the biggest rappers of all time. Therefore, you will find him as a powerful shinobi.

Killer B

One of the most admirable facts about him is that he is confident in his skills and abilities, and you might not be able to find anyone better at wielding swords. He has the capability of using seven different swords at the same time, which is his unique fighting style. Thus, we can say that no one can stand in his way when it comes to fighting.

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Watching black anime characters is refreshing, and it helps us get an idea of how the world is changing its paradigms. Surely in the future, we will find this discrimination factor to witness its end and equality to prosper in all sectors of life.

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