Buying a house in Lucca

house in Lucca

Lucca was unknown to purchasers outside of Italy until a few years ago. Lately, more individuals who would normally travel to the main cities of Tuscany have discovered this little jewel. An increasing number of expats are flocking to the medieval-walled city, seeking house in Lucca or property for sale in Lucca Italy. Historic apartments may be found in the city centre, while many exquisite villas and farmhouses can be spotted in the surrounding hills. Its location is a trump card: 47 miles from Florence and located between Pisa and the Ligurian coast.

A great location for house in Lucca

Lucca, located west of Florence and closer to the seaside, is slowly becoming one of the most popular destinations for expats in the Tuscany region. It is known as the city of 100 churches, it is also recognized for its ancient landmarks and stunning Renaissance architecture.  Exploring the picturesque city on foot is a dream, with cobblestone streets, attractive piazzas, and promenades – made even better by the fact that pretty much everything is at a walking distance. 

Lifestyle and climate

The reason behind this increasing interest is because expats and investors are primarily motivated by lifestyle considerations. The Tuscan lifestyle, landscape, climate, and architecture are able to attract many visitors. Lucca, in particular, allows you to live in the city while maintaining a connection to the countryside. The Mediterranean influences the climate of the city. Here there are hot summers and a brief, pleasant winter, with a very slight probability of night frost throughout the colder months.

Tourism and economy

Lucca is ideal for individuals wishing to enjoy city life at a slower pace. Compared with the bigger cities of the region, the cost of living is cheaper. Being less costly doesn’t imply a lack of appeal or historical significance. Every year, more than five hundred thousand tourists visit the city’s historic heart, which stands out for its outstanding architecture. However, Lucca is not as overwhelmed by visitors all the time as, for instance, neighbouring Florence. Tourism is a significant element of this city’s economy, and there are several career possibilities in this industry for expats. Foreigners can also find work in the industrial sector, which contributes significantly to the local economy.

The beauty of Tuscany

The whole region is among the most appreciated in the country, either by tourists or expats. Tuscany is a very charming option for those who are willing to relocate. In its rolling green hills, there are innumerable lovely little towns and picturesque villages. Even if you opt to reside in a tiny town off the usual path, the region is well-connected in terms of transportation, so you’ll always be able to go where you need to go. The incredible landscapes, the arts, the cuisine create this ideal and enjoyable mix that keeps catching the eye of foreigners. Tuscany – the country of grapes, renaissance culture, and so much more – has a variety of locales to choose from, whether you want to relocate to a charming seaside town or live in an appealing metropolis.

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