Can You Earn Free Crypto Without Being Scammed?

Earn Free Crypto

In recent years, we’ve seen how cryptocurrencies have taken off in a big way, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin breaking valuation records on a nearly weekly basis. Hence, it should be no surprise that people ask, “Is it possible to earn free crypto?”

Well, the answer is, in fact, yes. Yes, it is possible to get your hands on crypto without having to fork out a cent, and better yet, you can do it without getting scammed.

But first, you’ll need the following:

  • An email address. Essential if you want to sign up with both crypto wallets and exchanges.
  • A crypto wallet. These are not your regular wallets but apps or platforms that let you safely store your cryptocurrencies. Crypto wallets are split into hot or cold wallets. Hot wallets are the most common type of wallet – they are primarily used to store small amounts of cryptos. Cold wallets store your cryptos offline and are more akin to safes.

Now that you’re good to go, keep the following in mind.

Some considerations

  • Cryptocurrencies are volatile in the extreme. At the point of writing, cryptocurrencies are seeing one of the most significant market sell-offs in recent times. Whether it’s fears of a new covid variant or government regulation, you always be prepared to lose your entire investment when you buy into cryptocurrencies.
  • The crypto market is unregulated and decentralized. Did you know that crypto’s greatest strength may also, in fact, be one of its major weaknesses? That’s right. As the cryptocurrency market is entirely unregulated, there is a genuine risk of you falling victim to scammers. For example, thousands of people have lost millions to thieves who hack into and empty entire crypto wallets.
  • Not all cryptos are gold. When Bitcoin first appeared on the scene, it was derided as just another scam, but obviously, it has proven the critics wrong. Due to this, some investors are quick to jump on just about any new cryptocurrency that appears for fear of missing out. However, do keep in mind that not all cryptos are gold, and many end up becoming worthless.

Still, all of that doesn’t mean that cryptos aren’t worthwhile investments – far from it. So, let’s take a look at how you can earn free crypto without being scammed.

  1. Lookout for exchange sign-up bonuses

Crypto exchanges are platforms that let you buy or sell cryptos with fiat currencies. Given how competitive the industry is, exchanges are working to constantly attract new clients.

Hence, this is why many exchanges offer sign-up bonuses as an incentive to create an account with a said exchange. The type of crypto you’ll receive as a sign-up bonus depends on the exchange that you’re with; some pay USDT, while others offer BTC.

Before signing up with an exchange, you should perform the following checks:

  • Make sure the exchange is legitimate
  • Check to see what type of cryptocurrency they’re paying out 
  • Ask if there are any minimum deposit requirements
  1. Airdrops

An airdrop is a marketing campaign designed to generate awareness of a particular cryptocurrency by depositing tokens directly into an individual’s wallet, which was how most folks got into Bitcoin during the early days.

Nowadays, airdrops are used for marketing less-known cryptocurrencies, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on more mainstream coins like BTC or XRP. To participate in an airdrop, you can visit sites such as to view upcoming airdrops and sign up for them.  

Once you’ve participated in an airdrop, cryptos will be deposited directly into your wallet. But do keep in mind: scammers sometimes take advantage of airdrops to conduct pump-and-dump schemes, so make sure the crypto you’re receiving is legitimate.

  1. Crypto faucets

Another way to get free cryptos is by using crypto faucets. These are websites or apps that pay out a small number of cryptos for free on an hourly or daily basis. 

Meanwhile, other faucets reward you with cryptos when you answer surveys, watch videos, complete captchas, or play games. 

While this sounds like a fantastic deal, crypto faucets are called faucets for a reason, and that’s because the number of cryptos they payout is tiny. So don’t expect to become a crypto millionaire by farming crypto faucets.

  1. Earn crypto with crypto

Now that you’ve got some cryptos, it’s time to make your money work for you, and we do this by depositing our funds into a crypto savings account. Crypto savings accounts pay you interest on the cryptos that you deposit into them, thus letting you literally earn crypto with crypto.

This is a lot like staking your cryptos, except your coins aren’t used to upkeep the blockchain. 

The interest offered by crypto savings accounts varies with the companies that provide them, so it’s best to shop around first.

As can be seen, it’s perfectly possible to find ways to earn free crypto currency without being scammed. 

The important part is that you take the correct measures to protect yourself. 



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