Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Age, Height, Net Worth

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Age, Height, Net Worth

Here we are going to discuss Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. You might have already judged from the name who the son is. Yes, you are right, he is the son of the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. His love for football has made him called Ronaldo Junior. The other reason why he is called the Ronaldo Junior is nothing but his resemblance with his father.

In this blog post, we will be telling our audience about all the details regarding this little one. In this way, people who are unfamiliar with this kid will also become familiar with him. So, let’s begin our discussion by telling you about the place of birth as well as the date of birth of this kid. The date of birth of this kid is demonstrated below:

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Date of Birth:

He was born on June 17, 2010. As of now, he is almost 13 years old. Following the legacy after his birth the boys were involved in football. As his father was a sportsman after his birth when he started walking instead of being given ordinary toys, he was given with football so that the kid may grasp interest in this sport instead of other things that could destroy his health. Ronaldo knows that he is the one who will continue his legacy.

Every kid has a common name in their home by which he is called most of the time by his family members and loved ones such as friends and relatives. Here this kid has also a nickname, Cristianinho. He liked to be called by this name more than his full name.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Coaching:

In the initial days, the coaching of this kid was being done by the Manchester United academy. This is the same club where his father used to get training. Later, when his father left the club and joined Al Nasar in Saudi Arabia then this kid also had to leave his training at this academy and had to move along with his father to Saudi Arabia. Now the kid along with his father is doing training in Al Nasar in Saudi Arabia.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Zodiac Sign:

The Zodiac sign of this little one is Gemini.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Net Worth:

The net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is $1.2 million. Many of you might be thinking about how a little kid can have this much net worth. So here let me tell you that he is the son of world-famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, which has not only made him popular all across the globe, but his net worth is also increasing day by day. The little guy will soon be seen on television on football grounds playing for some well-known football team as soon as he reaches that age.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Net Worth

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Height:

Like the height of his father, the kid also has a good height. His height is 4′ 4.8”. It’s all a matter of genes as the parents of the kid both have good heights so he will also have a good height in the future. This thing could be determined for the time being as the kind is only 13 years old with a height of 4′ 4.8”. So, the kid will reach a height of approximately 6 feet in the future when he enters the sports industry.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Height

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Personality Traits:

Every kid has different kinds of personality traits that may affect his future in positive or negative ways. Good personality traits result in positivity while bad personality traits result in negativity. Here the kid has really good personality traits. Among those, some traits include talent, hard work, and love for his family. The kid is talented as he picks up things swiftly. That could easily be judged from the time when he used to get training in the Manchester club.

There are a lot of kids along his used to get training but being talented he picked the things swiftly all the time and made his family members proud. On the other hand, he is really hardworking when it comes to studying as well as sports. He remains focused on the goals that result in good and positive results later on. In addition, the kid has a great love and affection for his family. He loves his family members and respects every member of his family more than anything in the world.


Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. son of Cristiano Ronaldo is the upcoming rising star in the field of football. Like his father, he will surely be a game changer. Through his active learning skills and different playing strategies, he will also be seen on the screen as well as off the screen learning and teaching new things to other players in the future. His family is working even harder to shape him into a good football player. So that he may continue the legacy of his father. This was all about Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

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