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digital marketing salary

The world is on its way into a global village. These days, most people have access to internet access, and everybody relies on online spaces to get their things done. The number of hours people spend on online platforms is gearing up every year at a rapid pace. The internet is a space that is easily accessible, creative, challenging, and fast-paced industry. As a result, the internet has more significant potential than mere entertainment. Also, the Digital marketing salary is shooting up every year.

Online media has turned out to be an effective platform for a multitude of activities like marketing, branding, advertising, and many others. It is entirely why many new online platforms are emerging up in the current scenario. It implies that the future is going to embrace the digital marketing industry. As numerous new enterprises come up, there is also an increasing demand for experts who can direct, navigate, and manage these in the right direction. So, if you are attracted to this industry, here is the happy news for you.

The ball is in your court. The salary trends can surprise you in the same way as the internet giant amazes us every day with its advanced features. The most attractive feature concerning digital marketing is that it can fetch you a quantum of money even when you are sitting in your home. You need not to travel across countries to connect and meet with clients. Everything is easy with the involvement of the internet.

Digital marketing salary growth

The demand for digital marketing experts is soaring up at a fantastic rate, so is their salary. The trend of digital marketing salary is different in different countries. Irrespective of whether more or less growth persists, the overall results reveal that the wage is undergoing enormous growth every year.

As per the present data, the digital marketing expert in you is anticipated to deal with an increment in salary growth as well as career growth altogether. Indeed, there is a pool of opportunities in the arena once you have mastered the requisite skill. Hence, developing the corresponding skill set can assure your career growth.

Digital marketing salary at par with the experience

Taking past data into account, in no doubt, we can infer that the digital marketing salary is going to boost up in the following years. Digital marketing is anticipated to witness another new sunrise, as people today engage for every small daily activity of theirs. Digital marketing salary shares a close relationship with the experience in years in the specific field.

The pay scale is varying at a healthy boundary every year. The data, as per the current year, is detailed in the following. If you want to get a base idea on what digital marketing platform awards you in terms of monetary benefit, read on. Like any other profession, this platform also gives you higher pay as your experience in the field increases. But the point to be noted here is the extent to which it rises.

A knowledge of zero to one year can assure you a significant sum of 1.5 to 2 lacks per annum. When compared with the efforts you put and cut in the travel expenses, this indeed is a lot of money. On the other hand, an experience of 1 to 3 years can fetch you 4 to 5 lacks per annum. Furthermore, if you have an experience of 3 to 4 years, you are likely to get 5 to 6 lakhs per annum.

On the contrary, if you possess knowledge of 5 to 8 years, hear the good news and start beaming. You will get an enormous amount of 7 to 10 lacks per annum. If you acquire a bit more experience of about 8 to 10 years, 12 to 20 lacks per annum is your earnings. Surprised, are you? Indeed, digital marketing has enough potential to bring you a good fortune.

How to be a part of digital marketing?

I guess that you might have left the article unfinished and is on your way to acquiring some digital marketing skills. If you want to know more about these details, hold on and read the rest. Some of the digital marketing areas where you can flourish are white hat hacking, content writing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, etc. Digital marketing can equip and help you compete with established, larger giants at a little cost, that would be otherwise impossible.

Digital marketing salary in India 2019

As specified earlier, you can do several activities in the digital marketing platform. The salary you get depends or varies according to the level of competence, your magnitude of skill acquired, the quantum of work completed within the stipulated time, punctuality, and so on. Also, your salary booms up as you change from a fresher to a specialist.

Digital marketing salary of a fresher in India

In India, a new face in digital marketing earns an average salary of ten thousand to fifteen thousand every month. This number is not fixed. Depending on the nature of work and the organization you are employed, you can see slight variations. So, ensure that you are on to something that can exhibit your skill and can fetch you the right amount of money inconsistent with the work done.

It is vital to note here that your level of expertise matters a lot. So, if ever you are planning to opt for digital marketing as your career, then the time is this. Stop waiting and start it at once. It is the moment. Hence, on summing up, an average digital marketing salary for a fresher is estimated to be two lacks seventy-five thousand and eight hundred and ninety Indian rupees. That is a lot of money.

Digital marketing salary of experts in different fields in India. Check them out below:

Earnings of search engine executive

We have already discussed the pay scale of a fresher. Now, let us get into more detail. In India, the average digital marketing salary of an SEO (search engine executive) specialist is approximately two lakh twenty thousand Indian rupees. It is not the case of a social media marketing executive.

A social media marketing executive is the face of the organization. We have seen social media posts for the promotion of certain products, companies, or enterprises even before they are available in the market, set up, or put together, respectively. It calls out the real significance and the requirement of social media.

A search engine executive is responsible for such promotions. As the responsibilities induced are higher, so is the digital marketing salary. On average, search engine experts earn an approximate amount of rupees five lakhs sixty thousand Indian rupees.

Earnings of digital marketing executive

It is not the case of a digital marketing executive. A digital marketing executive is a profession wherein you can fetch money and respect. In India, it is considered as one of the reputed posts. Another attraction is that if you perform well, you are likely to get bonuses and incentives.

A digital marketing executive earns an approximate amount of four lakhs ninety-eight thousand to five lakh forty thousand Indian rupees on an average. Indeed, the salary package is attractive. More attractive is when the incentives, as said earlier, adds up.

Earnings of assistant manager

If you are a digital marketing assistant manager, then the responsibility to smoothen out the entire marketing campaigns of the company lies with you. You have to monitor the marketing campaigns and evaluate the observations continually. If ever you feel like the campaigns are proceeding in the wrong direction, then never hesitate to suggest corrective measures and undertake corrective actions, without wasting time.

As the responsibilities imposed are huge, The Digital marketing salary of the position is approximately is six lakh thirty-six thousand one hundred and seventy ix Indian rupees. You might be happier to learn that this amount can go up as per the profit of the company.

Earnings of marketing executive

Moving on to the next higher position, we have a digital marketing executive. If you want to be a digital marketer, this is the most top post that you can dream of. As you might have thought, indeed, this position backed up with a lot of responsibilities. The entire and overall marketing activity of a company is planned and controlled by the digital marketing manager.

He or she has to propose the best marketing plan consistent with the nature of the product or service and the nature of the intended audience. The digital marketing manager has to fuse and combine the marketing activities being carried out online with those of the events that are progressing in offline mode. As you have understood, I would like to underline the fact that the post comes up with a lot of responsibilities.

Your activities and plans do have a role in deciding the organization’s overall profit and your salary. Though challenging, it can help you to exhibit your true marketing potential and can earn you a better name as well as sound money.

The digital marketing manager earns a digital marketing salary of approximately seven lakh twenty thousand Indian rupees. Your performance can complement and add more to this figure.

Now, we have seen the digital marketing scenario in India. Now, let’s quickly peep through the digital marketing scenario in some other countries.

Digital marketing salary in Canada

Canada is a promising country for those intending to take up a career in digital marketing. This statement can be underlined from the statistics or data from the previous years. Digital marketing salary in Canada is an average is $61,28 per annum.

It accounts for an amount of $ 31.40 per hour. There is good news for the fresher also. A Fresher is likely to earn an amount of $35,685 every year. On the other hand, if you are a specialist in Canada with work experience, you can make up to $ 104,104 per annum.

Digital marketing salary in Dubai

Dubai is a perfect place for you to niche in. If you enter the digital marketing field in Dubai as a fresher, hopefully, every month, you will get an amount of eight thousand to twelve thousand AED.

With time, if you have gained enough experience and if you are upgraded with a promotion to a manager level post, then you can collect an amount of fourteen thousand to sixteen thousand every month.

Final thoughts

As you have gone through the above writings, I hope that you re well aware that digital marketing promises good career options in the present scenario. Statistics show that the opportunities are going to explode in the future also. We have seen the digital marketing salary for different posts in India.

The field of digital marketing can give you career growth in pace with salary growth. The situation is not much different in other countries, like Canada and Dubai. There too, the digital marketing adorer in you can climb great heights. To support this statement, We have seen the salary a fresher, and the experienced get in these countries.

The inference is that wherever you are, if you possess the required skills to be a digital marketing expert, then nothing can stop you. Your good days are not far. To conclude, if you have any interest in the field of digital marketing, now Is the moment to join. Digital marketing, like many other professions, earns more considerable money with experience. So, it is not the time to stand and wait.

If you want to attain greater success, then don’t hesitate to take quick steps. All the best, guys. Dream for a better future. Digital marketing has enough potential to make your dreams come true.

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