Easily Set Up A Virtual Background For Your Remote Team

When you coordinate or lead a remote team, the members of your team can log on from any location. Most employers specify which video conferencing platform remote teams use, but you may have the option to set up a virtual background for your team. Here are a few simple steps you can take to customize a virtual background for your remote team and explain how to change Zoom background

Company Logo

A background design that includes a company logo can evoke camaraderie between team members. When each member logs on to attend a meeting and sees every other participant in the same virtual environment with an identical logo, the visual cohesion can bring your team together even when members are working from distant locations.

For the best results, you will need access to a high-resolution logo image on a transparent background. If your logo image is on an opaque background, you can remove this background by using a graphics editor or by uploading the logo to an online tool that eliminates the background layer of images. 

Upload your logo to a virtual office service and this image will appear in the specified location on the background of your choice. Your custom background design is now ready for every member of your team to use. 

Conference Rooms & More

You can customize virtual office backgrounds that resemble personal offices, conference rooms or other workspaces. Once you pick your favorite virtual background design, upload your logo and download your custom background, you should instruct team members about how to set up a virtual background in Zoom.

Every team member will need to download the Zoom application. To use a custom virtual background, each user will need to open Zoom, log in and access the Settings menu. Go to Virtual Background and click the plus sign to upload a custom background file. 

It is easiest to get started with a single virtual background for all team members. If your team benefits from using the virtual background feature, each team member can upgrade to a premium background without a watermark or a bundle of 25 premium background designs.

Compatibility With Leading Platforms

Most video conferencing applications support the use of virtual backgrounds. Virtual office backgrounds are easy to set up and use in Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The best Teams virtual office backgrounds are also compatible with Skype and other platforms. Every member of a team will need to use the same application to participate in meetings.

You may want to customize several backgrounds for team members to use during virtual meetings and events. A conference room background can be ideal for brainstorming sessions, while you may prefer to use a more formal office background when delivering presentations to potential clients. 

Setting up a virtual background for team members is an easy way to minimize distractions and promote professionalism. You can customize an office background compatible with the preferred platform of your company to display a company logo. Try using a free virtual office background with a watermark or upgrade for access to premium backgrounds.

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