List of Faith Based Movies Released in 2019

Faith based movies

No matter what genre of movies you like the most, there are some meaningful films you must add to the list. These are not just movies that gives us morals and values but also awakens the spiritual side. Faith based movies give you one such genre and are a must addition to your regular list of movies.

Why watch faith based movies?

You might be following a certain religion or you’re born to follow a certain religion. But how much you put spiritual values into practice determines how you lead your life. We all need a type of spiritual fellowship to be able to differentiate from right to wrong. It might not be praying to a certain God, but just the belief that there is an almighty looking over us.

Faith based movies in 2019 give you an opportunity to build your relationship with God. It gives you lessons to learn and brings out positivity in you. These movies help you become more mindful about yourself and the people around.

If you are not aware of spiritual stories, testimonies, or miracles, you must watch these movies. It opens you up to stories that are usually real or are created to awaken the audience about spirituality.

Even if you don’t believe in the concept of God, these movies make you feel positive and happy. You get things to learn and lead a life that is more meaningful for you and people around.

Faith based movies in theaters 2019

Check out the list of faith based movies 2019 and stream online or book tickets to watch at the theaters:

The Last of These

the Last of These is a true story about Graham Staines, a missionary, that went to India in 1999. Stephen Baldwin stars in the film and shows how a person teaches a group of children infected with leprosy and dies in the process.

Released: February 1

Heavenly Deposit

A boy named Peter doesn’t believe in God after his father died when he was a child. The story fasts forward to his days of youth when he is a struggling actor who isn’t getting his big break. He has an ‘encounter with the divine rocks’ that changes his world and brings him to faith.

Released: February 10

Run the Race

If you love sports, you will want to watch this movie. It is a story about two brothers who love football and are desperate to go out of their small town to pursue their dream. However, they have an injury that becomes a setback for their goals, but faith wins and guides them to move forward.

Released: February 22

XL: The Temptation of Christ

This movie is a literal description of The Temptation of Christ or the time when Lord Jesus fasted for 40 days after attaining baptism. He had refused the temptation of Satan and excelled the journey full of difficulty. The main character of Lord Jesus is played by a newcomer named Shayan Ardalan and that makes the movie more interesting to look out for.

Released: March 6

The Islands

The Islands tells you a story about the first Christian monarch from Hawaii. Her name was Chiefess Kapiolani who had descended an active volcano to spread faith, love, and the message of God to her people.

Released: March 22

The Wake of Light

The Wake of Light is the perfect Christian movie that highlights a love story. It is about a lady who starts losing her faith while taking care of her ill father. But things change drastically after she meets a good-looking guy.

Released: March 27


Chrissy Metz from This Is Us is a part of the movie Breakthrough. It is scripted from a real story of a young man who fell into an ice-locked pond and stayed there 15 minutes. Doctors said he wouldn’t make it, but he revived his senses when his mother prayed in the emergency room.

Released: April 17

The Other Side of Heaven 2

The film is a must addition to the religious movies list 2019. It continues the life of John H. Groberg, the missionary, who comes back to Tonga during the 60s. He finds his belief shake when his 6th baby is born with an ailment. His family and local community pray for miracle, which works and reinstalls belief in everyone.

Released: June 7

Bible Bees

Bible Bees features a group of adorable bees that tell you stories from the Holy Bible. It is easy to understand and a fun way to learn. This film is best for kids when you are trying to introduce them to God. They will absorb the lessons from the scripture in a fun an interactive way. Families must watch it together and help the child understand better.

Releases: August 13

Let Go and Let God

Let Go and Let God shows two people from very different backgrounds be in a similar situation of pain and grief. They are saddened by sudden deaths in their families and question God about why things led to that. They find their results in faith while looking for an unexpected path.

Releases: September 3

Finding Grace

The film tells you a story about a troubled teen who faces an internal crisis when her mother leaves their family and ‘takes God with her’. The teenager ends up getting arrested and burdened by 100 hours of fellowship. But it helps her discover herself and meet God in the process.

Releases: December 31

Heavens to Betsy 2

After Betsy Simon’s Heavens to Betsy book became the best-seller, the movie followed. She needs to navigate her way through media scrutiny that comes along with it. Faith and fame are definitely not a match made in heaven, but you need to watch the film to know how things work out.

Releases: TBD

The Breaking Point

The film revolves around a bishop’s daughter who wants to join a secular university. She starts losing faith in God in the process. But ends up rebuilding her relationship with God when He guides her through an unexpected tragedy.

Releases: TBD

The Follower

If you want to watch a faith based movie that isn’t very serious, watch this one. It will make you laugh, it will make you happy, and it will also give you the message it needs to.

Releases: TBD

Final thoughts

If you’ve had too much of superhero films or you’re looking for something more mature for kids than cartoons, it is time to add a few religious films on your movie list. These were the best ones you need to catch up this year as you continue to strengthen your relationship with God.

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