How Does The Temperature Can Have An Impact On Your Sleep

Maximise Your Sleep Environment

Everyone likes to have a long night sleep and want to sleep like a child. They want to sleep quiet, in the dark night and no one to disturb them. But sometimes you are going to find yourself awake at night due to sweating. There are are a lot of reasons for which the sweating is occurring. One of the main reason for the night sweats is the temperature. Sometimes the temperature is too hot, or sometimes you are wearing an overload of clothes that you sweat all night. If not, then you might be sleeping on the sheets which are not meant for the summer, and you will be finding yourself awake every night. There is the best temperature for sleeping which can only be maintained by going to bed wearing the right amount and clothes and sleeping on the sheets means for the particular weather.

Here is how the temperature can have an impact on your sleep:


If you are looking for a cool and uninterrupted sleep experience, then your body needs to rest somewhere between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You won’t be able to sleep very well if your body is heating up too much in the night. If you want to have a restful sleep, then you need to set eh temperature of the bedroom to the cooler side. Set it around 70 degrees, and you can have a peaceful sleep.


When you are going to sleep ditch your socks as they will increase your body temperature. It is going to make you uncomfortable and will also make you sweat. If you are wearing fewer clothes in the summer, the better sleep you are going to get. You can wear thin pajamas made of cotton, or you can wear shorts and go to bed.


If you are sweating a lot, then it can also be the fault of your bed. You have to invest in the mattress that can keep you cool at night. You can buy the mattress which is designed to keep you cool. If you are sleeping on a mattress which feels hot, then you are going to wake up again and again, and you won’t be able to sleep properly.

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