How Tall Is Luh Tyler and How Did He Become Famous So Young?

How Tall Is Luh Tyler and How Did He Become Famous So Young?

Chicago-based musician Luh Tyler is famous for his unique songs like Law & Order, Fat Racks, and Back Flippin. He became one of the prominent rappers in the United States within a year after he started making music. Here we answer all your questions including how tall is Luh Tyler, how old is he, and how he made so much money in so little time.

If you are a Luh Tyler fan, you might also be interested in learning about his personal and professional life. So, here’s everything you need to know about the teen star, his achievements, and revenue sources.

A brief biography

Birth NameTyler Meeks
Professional NameLuh Tyler
OccupationSongwriter and rapper
Favorite genresTrap and hip hop
LabelsAtlantic Records
Age17 years
DOB20 February 2006
Place of birthTallahassee in Florida
EducationDidn’t attend college
Relationship StatusSingle
How tall is Luh Tyler?5 feet 6 inches
Weight50 kg
Zodiac SignPisces
Years active2022-present
Instagram ID@luhtyler_

Stay tuned till the end to explore his awe-inspiring journey in the field of entertainment.

Net worth of Luh Tyler

In 2023, Luh Tyler net worth is $225,000. This makes him one of the richest teenage celebrities in the world. How did an artist from Florida accumulate so much wealth within 1 year?

The major source of Tyler’s income is his music compositions. He generates a steady income from the sales of his songs. His YouTube channel has gained popularity and is another primary source of revenue.

Once Luh’s rap videos on YouTube started getting millions of views, he got offers to entertain a live audience. Tyler has also started performing at concerts to impress a larger audience.

Each time he raps at a musical event, he gets paid decently as the youngsters love him. He also earns money through brand endorsements and because of his presence on diverse social media platforms.

Early life and family of Luh Tyler

As far as his personal life is concerned, Tyler prefers to maintain silence. Not much is known about his parents and his upbringing. Hence, it is clear that he is reluctant to share any information about his family on the public forum.

Although there are no details on the internet about his mother or father, Luh’s sister’s name is Mckenzie.

Just like Luh, his sister is also a social media star. She has recently created an Instagram account and is now an Instagram influencer with 45k followers. She is fashionable and posts pictures of herself in glamorous dresses. If you want to follow her, her Insta handle is called Mckenzie Meeks with ID @kenziemeekss.

However, Luh has stated that as a kid, he was always fascinated by rapping. He used to spend hours listening to rap songs by leading rappers, and he dreamt of becoming one someday. As he is in his teenage years, Tyler has not yet finished his high school graduation.

How tall is Luh Tyler?

In 2023, Luh Tyler has turned 17 years old. His weight is approx. 50 kg, and he has grown quite tall. His exact height is 5 feet 6 inches, and he is a brown-eyed boy. Tyler’s natural brown hair adds to his charm and looks perfect with his brown eyes.

The celebrity’s body stats are unavailable, but his shoe size has become 7 (US).

Luh Tyler relationship status

Luh Tyler is only 17 years old, has not tied the knot, and is not currently dating anyone. His name hasn’t been linked with any girl in the past.

He is happily single and has no interest in finding love right now. His goal for the next few years is to stay focused on building his career.


It was in 2022 that Luh Tyler thought of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. He identifies as a rap musician who relied on YouTube to create an identity.

Tyler’s pioneering studio album is titled My Vision and is immensely popular among the young generations.

It secured the number 2 place on the Top Heatseekers chart.

According to his Spotify account, Luh’s debut single is 5 On It Freestyle. The release date of the song was August 6.

Luh released several other songs on his channel, like Jayda, Wayda, Planet Fitness, etc. However, his debut single is the one that attracted more than four million views in only 2 months.

While working on this music video, he simultaneously launched several singles. Cut The Fan On, Fat Racks, Can’t Even Name Dis, Cloud 9, and I Gotta Slide are trending.

Luh’s fans went crazy when he announced the release of Law & Order Part 2. In a few months, it ended up amassing over a million streams on platforms like Spotify.

Another one of Luh’s biggest hits is Back Flippin, and he dropped it in December 2022. The song quickly had a million streams on Spotify as well as YouTube.

Observing its instant success, Lildp released its remix version on Jan 11, 2023.

Luh Tyler Instagram

Luh Tyler is on Instagram, and he uploads entertaining content regularly. The name of his Instagram profile is @luhtyler_, and the bio says he’s an artist.

He has 1 million followers, and his most recent video is of him celebrating Christmas. He also shares music videos on Instagram and tells fans about his latest compositions.


Tyler enjoys a lavish lifestyle and resides in a huge house in California. He likes to drive vintage cars and owns several of them. He also hosts extravagant parties and invites Hollywood celebs.

Tyler’s overall appearance also gives people a glimpse of his luxurious lifestyle. For instance, he wears expensive jewelry and designer clothes. He is a collector of rare sneakers and other unique items.

Facts about Luh Tyler

Now that we have answered ‘How tall is Luh Tyler?’ are you intrigued to know some interesting things about him? Here are some amazing facts that reveal more about the type of person Luh is:

Loves to travel

Luh is a travel enthusiast who has journeyed to many scenic places in the United States. He is excited to tick more wonderful destinations off his bucket list. If you visit his Insta account, you will learn he is interested in skiing.

Spotify star

Luh is extremely popular on Spotify; young music lovers can connect with his songs. No wonder Luh Tyler has nearly half a million listeners on this platform.

Fan of Lil Baby

Every talented rapper has someone he looks up to for inspiration, and Luh is no exception. He is a fan of Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Armani Jones, a well-known American rapper.

Says no to bad habits

Luh’s fans often wonder if he is a smoker, and here’s the answer; he doesn’t!

Luh does not like smoking. People have also not spotted him consuming alcohol when he is out partying with his friends.


While the answer to how tall is Luh Tyler is 5 feet 6 inches right now, he still has some years to become taller. Like his success, we might find him grow taller and weigh more than 50 kg that he weighs now.


Tyler has a permanent tattoo on one of his forearms. The tattoo covers his right forearm.

Luh is quite a fashionista, as is evident in his dress. He likes to wear cool outfits, and black seems to be his favorite color. He commonly wears black outfits – be it while shooting videos or roaming around.

Final thoughts

Luh Tyler is one of the rising rappers in the United States who has also become a global figure. So, he has immense potential to become one of the world’s best rappers.

To achieve so much in one’s professional life in one’s teenage years is praiseworthy. Hence, Luh looks forward to entertaining his fans with more brilliant performances in the upcoming years. Therefore, we may safely conclude that his net worth will increase significantly in another 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Luh Tyler?

Luh Tyler is a music rapper and songwriter who lives in America. He came into the limelight after releasing hit songs like Law & Order, Back Fillipin, and A Day in NOVA.

2. How tall is Luh Tyler the Creator?

The height of Luh Tyler, the 17-year-old rapper, is 5 feet 6 inches. His other remarkable body traits are his brown eyes and light brown-colored hair.

3. What is Luh Tyler net worth?

The estimated net worth of the young celeb Luh Tyler is $225,000.

4. How many YouTube subscribers does Luh Tyler have?

Luh Tyler became a part of the YouTube community on 15th June 2022, and his number of subscribers is 359,000.

5. How much does Luh Tyler earn per 1000 views?

Luh Tyler’s income for every 1000 views is nearly 1.21 dollars.

6. What is Luh Tyler’s hobby?

Luh Tyler is passionate about composing music and has transformed his passion into a career. Very few people know that he is equally serious about traveling. Whenever he takes a break from work, he travels to beautiful global destinations.

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