How to Buy the Right Sanitary Ware in Singapore

Right Sanitary Ware

Although the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a home, people tend to ignore it when building or remodeling their homes. However, there is so much you can do with your bathroom and make it a focal area of your home. It will help if you keep your bathroom looking good such that every time you are in there, you feel comfortable and relaxed. One way one can achieve this is by changing their sanitary ware and find Right Sanitary Ware.

Choosing the right sanitary ware for your bathroom can leave a huge mark in this small room. Well, how do you choose the right sanitary ware for your bathroom? Here is a guide to help you when shopping.

  • Choosing a showerhead

There are two types of showers that are quite common in Singapore. There is the overhead shower, also referred to as a rain shower, and the handheld shower. First off, the choice between the two types of showers is highly determined by the people in your home. For example, most kids or older adults tend to buy handheld showers since they are easy and comfortable to reach.

Also, if you need a shower that you can control how water flows, maybe in case you don’t want to wash your hair, handheld showers are the best choice. On the other hand, the overhead shower is quite trendy, and they come in different styles. You can get square overhead showers or round ones. Due to the design, the installation mode, and even the water flow, these showers are quite comfortable and stylish in each bathroom.

They are also quite comfortable since the overhead showers allow water to flow as you lather your body, unlike the handheld. Also, they have more water flow as opposed to handheld ones.

  • Choose the shower mixer.

The shower mixture is the other crucial sanitary ware in Singapore worth focusing on. Shower mixers are like the valves responsible for drawing cold or hot water when showering. They also come in two types. There is the manual mixture and the digital mixture. So, what is the difference?

Manual mixtures are the cheapest and probably easier to use. These mixture types are controlled by one valve whereby you click or swing it to a single direction when adjusting the water temperatures. This mixture is easy to use, including kids but seems somehow outdated.

On the other hand, the digital mixture features a touch mode whereby you key in the water temperatures you wish to shower with. This type of mixture keeps the water temperatures constant even when the water is being used in other areas of the house. The mixtures are quite expensive and a bit hard to use, especially by kids since they will not be able to determine the right water temperatures to shower with.

Modern washbasin with chrome faucet beside a stylish soap dispenser. Mirror with built-in led lighting.
  • Washing basin

There are so many washing basin fixtures available in Singapore, so you can never go wrong in choosing one that makes your bathrooms stand out. A washing basin does not necessarily need to be fitted to the wall; amazing designs can be placed on top of a surface and still be functional as long as you place it in an area with a tap. So, be wise when choosing a basin to make sure it will make the bathroom look neat and beautiful.

  • Shower accessories ( hooks)

You need to get accessories that will hold your showering items like the towel, robe, soap, and even bathing towel. Hooks work magic in such cases, and they also ensure to keep the bathroom looking neat since everything is organized. Other bathroom accessories to get are a tissue holder, soap dish or dispenser, and a grip bar for those who live with older adults.


Remodeling a bathroom is one step to making your entire house look unique and beautiful. If you are planning to get sanitary ware for your bathroom, use the above guide to help you choose the best that will serve the purpose and wares that will make your bathroom look awesome.


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