How to Find a job Remotely?

job Remotely

At now, more and more companies and workplaces are switching to a remote mode of operation. In connection with the pandemic, online work is now most in demand. Someone has free time for self-development, and someone decides to try himself at new remote work. It is absolutely real to find a new good job online now. And for this, there are several excellent and proven online resources for finding remote work.

What is LinkedIn? 

One of the most popular online job search services is LinkedIn. The largest number of vacancies was collected for the best working companies there. LinkedIn is a job search among exceptional professionals. It is also an excellent portal for finding new partners for new projects. In addition, on this online portal, you can find your audience. Customers, new employees, or a new workplace can all be found on LinkedIn. This is a fairly complex network, and it will take some effort to figure it out. This portal is not for the entire audience.

In order to successfully find what you are looking for on this site, you need to fill out a profile according to certain criteria.

How to make a LinkedIn profile? 

This job search site does not select the entire audience. You need to fill out the profile correctly and accurately. In order to attract the attention of employers, it is necessary to adhere to certain criteria for filling out a profile.

Firstly, it must be said that this network is significantly different from any other social network. Here they seek and find exclusively professionals. Therefore, if you decide to create and fill out a profile yourself, you need to follow some rules.

  • The profile must be filled out exclusively in the language in the country of which you will display your profile. If you are looking for a vacancy in Poland, the profile should be filled out specifically in Polish, but not in English, for example.
  • Indicate in the profile only reliable information in fact. Do not enter your information or achievements that do not apply to the vacancy and the necessary skills.
  • Download only high-quality photos. This does not have to be a passport photo. But it will be better if it is a high-quality and formal photo.
  • Use as many keywords as possible. Or as they are also called – tags. The more tags, the higher the likelihood that your profile will be noticed.

In order for your profile to be noticed one hundred percent and your candidacy was chosen for the position, you can draw up a profile for a long time yourself. But there is also the opportunity to simply contact linkedin profile services.

Ways to make your profile better 

In order for the profile on LinkedIn to be accurately noticed and gain more views, we recommend that you contact one of the LinkedIn profile services. Services will make your profile in such a way that:

  • Your profile will be better and more often viewed by employers;
  • Adds premium status to your profile;
  • Using resumes and linkedin recommendation examples from such services increases the chance of employment.

But it is also not unimportant to choose the right service so that your resume is definitely successful.

Most Popular Services 

At the moment, on the Internet, you can find a huge selection of different services that you can contact on the preparation of a resume for the site. It is also recommended to choose a service according to the number of highly-qualified writers. A certificate of qualification for a writer can be requested directly from the service itself. So, here are the top 5 LinkedIn profile services:

  1. LinkedIn profile writing service – the founders of this service clearly did not bother with what to call the portal. And thus, we have a service that has already been on the market since 2009. Only highly qualified writers with CPRW certificates work in the service.
  2. LinkedIn Makeover – is another great service that will do all the work for you. Employees from this service usually always fill out the customer’s profile and upload the profile to the site themselves. Work is carried out within a week and is issued in the best quality. On average, the cost of service is $ 500-1,000.
  3. Klaxos – is one of the most popular services that has already issued over 200 resumes and left more than a thousand satisfied customers. They perform work in a very short time in 2-4 days. The average cost of a resume for them is 349 dollars.
  4. Fiverr – gives the opportunity to choose from thousands of authors, with different requests for the budget.
  5. ResumeSpice – is a service that also allows you to contact your writer by phone in order to discuss in more detail the composition of your resume.

Last tip. Even if you decide to contact the resume writing service on LinkedIn, in any case, look at examples of an existing portfolio on the site. It is worthwhile to clearly understand what result you expect, so you need to find in advance what you like to negotiate with the writer. Many services do not return the money and do not redo the finished resumes if the customer is not happy with something. Therefore, imagine in advance how your successful and ready portfolio will look.

Find your perfect LinkedIn profile service, and start promoting your profile.

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