Before you begin siding replacement, it is important to make sure your home and property are as prepared for construction. Some things you can do in preparation for siding replacement include cleaning gutters, replacing windows or doors and securing items around the exterior of your house. (easyagentpro)

Clear a power outlet

If you have a clear outlet available, that’s great. The crew will need access to power for their tools, so it’s helpful to have a clear outlet available (preferably one that is on a 20-amp circuit).

Prepare the inside of your house

Siding is the external, protective layer of a house — it protects buildings from the elements and provides a decorative finish. Siding removal and installation will cause your walls to shake. Remove items that are leaning against or hanging on walls, and those located on shelves, as they may fall.

Make alternate arrangements

While working on the siding replacement, be sure to consider your neighbors and all pets in the area. Make arrangements for alternate arrangements: if you have a puppy, bring him inside. If you have cats, keep them in their room during construction. And if you’re a light sleeper, ensure that you are wearing earplugs while they work!


Your siding replacement crew will arrive with a dumpster and the materials needed for your project. They will have three to four days to get your new siding installed, so you’ll have time to ensure that any old materials are taken away. Don’t forget to let them know where in your driveway they can unload their equipment, as well as if you have any specific requirements for where they may store it while they work. This can help ensure everything is done quickly and efficiently, since they won’t want to leave any parts of the job unfinished.


The crew arrives, gets oriented with your property and begins setting up work stations. After they’re ready, their first steps will be to remove strips of siding in order to prepare for the new siding installation. They’ll do that one side of the house at a time, to ensure that walls remain protected from weather elements.

It’s true that siding replacement can be a messy business, and it’s important to keep safety in mind. A good crew will clean up as they work and at the end of each day, but it’s also your responsibility to stay safe. Always assume there are nails on the ground, especially near heavy equipment like ladders or scaffolding; wear sturdy shoes or boots when walking in your yard while construction is underway; and always watch for heavy equipment when you’re moving around outdoors. It’s also often a good idea to keep small children and pets away from work areas whenever possible.

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