Hunter Lee Soik


There are not many things in this world that will increase your curiosity. But the word “Who” has this capability. This is a word that immediately pops up in your mind whenever you look at a name such as Hunter Lee Soik. These new names and new personalities surely make you wonder who they are and why they are getting attention, and also why they are trending at the top.

Getting the answers to these questions is not that easy. To get a satisfactory result, you must conduct in-depth analysis and ensure that you leave no stone unturned. Only then will you be able to get the perfect results. Although several online researchers available will provide you with the desired details, not all of them are authenticated. Therefore some personal efforts will give you some mind-blowing results.

Are you wondering about Hunter Lee Soik?

If you are wondering about the person in question, Hunter Lee Soik, then let us tell you that he is a famous businessman, tech genius, entrepreneur, investor, social media influencer, and motivational speaker belonging to South Korea.

Why Hunter?

Now a question pops up in your mind about why he is distinguished from the rest of the tech experts. So let us tell you that the person in question created a clock Application named SHADOW (Community of dreamers). This is not all about his personality. He is also the executive chairperson of the Enso group since 2018.

A business geek

The successful business portfolio has increased his horizons. Thus, if we look at the profile, we will come to know that he is currently running several businesses. You might be shocked to know that he also holds the office of the Interim Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Trade X. His Ted Talks speeches are mind-blowing and inspirational.

The sad relationship life

Although the details mentioned above would be enough to know him but you will be baffled to hear the news that there are rumors regarding Hunter Lee Soik being the ex-boyfriend of the fraudster Anna Delvey. The famous online streaming platform Netflix has also created a TV series based on the frauds of Anna with the title Inventing Anna.

The production career and Anna Delvey

We all know about the tech career of Hunter Lee Soik, but not many people know that the famed Hunter Lee Soik is also producing many movies and tv shows. Not many reports will help us confirm the timespan of the relationship between the famed fraudster and Hunter Lee Soik. Also, we don’t know the reason for their separation. But the only thing that we believe is that she might have frauded the famed Hunter Lee Soik.

The accomplishment

One of his profile’s badges tells us he has also worked as the Head of Innovation and Futures and Dubai Airport Freezone Authority.

The personal life details

The birth profile

Now it is time that we satisfy your cravings for the personal details of the famed Hunter Lee Soik. So let us dive into the sea of information. The first fact we will come across will be regarding the birth of the famed individual. The details help us understand that the tech genius was born on 20th November 1981.

Birthplace, age, and current address

The place of birth is recorded as Seoul, South Korea. Thus, if we make some calculations, we will know that the famed genius is only 41 years old. This is not all. He is currently living in New York City, USA.

Details not to miss

You will surely be wondering about the ethnicity of the famed star. So let us walk you through the information that he is ethnically mixed and has Asian Descent. Also, if we talk about the religious beliefs, then he believes in Christianity.

If we talk about the zodiac sign, then according to the date of birth, it would be Scorpio. One of the major details that will surely attract your attention is the nationality of the famed tech genius Hunter Lee Soik. The details tell us that the star is a south Korean national and also holds American nationality.

The blank spaces and absence of details

If we go through the personal profile, we will surely come across many blank spaces. First of all, if we talk about the parents of the famed individual, we will come to know that the only details we know are that they are currently living in Seoul. Other than that, there is no news regarding the parents or the siblings.

The relationship with the fraudster

As we are well aware of the fact that the famed tech genius Hunter Lee Soik has been in a relationship with a renowned fraudster, other than that, currently, there are not many details available regarding the relationship life of the famed individual. Also, if we talk about marital status, it is marked as Unmarried. The only name in his relationship profile is Anna Delvey.

The physical profile

We recently got our hands on the physical profile of the famed tech genius. Thus, if we go through the available information, the very first figure we come across is regarding the height of Hunter Lee Soik.

The height and weight

The results show that Hunter Lee Soik is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. Also, if we switch the scales, we will know that the star is 175 cm tall. If we talk about the weight mark, then according to the available information, the star weighs 65 Kg or, in other words, 143 pounds.

The net worth value

We all know that Hunter Lee Soik is a renowned businessman; therefore, experienced researchers have estimated that his net worth value might stand between the mark of $7 to $8 million approximately.

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Hunter Lee Soik is a person whose profile will surely intrigue you. And if you are interested in his profile, you are just on the first page of success, and you will not be able to turn back again. We hope that the star himself brings forward the missing details in his profile in the near future.

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