Jared Paul Stanga

Jared Paul Stanga


Sometimes life brings such details in front of you that you are terrified and try to make sure that you get that event stricken from your memories. Similarly, if we look, we will come to know that Jared Paul Stanga is a person whose details should be known by the general public so that they can make sure that their children are safe and sound even when alone.

Even in the civilized world, the number of kidnappings of children and the cases of sexual abuse of underage children is huge. But this is not all. Human trafficking is a huge business in some parts of the world.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that a person keeps an eye open for such people so that the safety of the children in the vicinity can be ensured. If you look, we will come to know that the number of such events has recently increased. In this article, you will know all the details regarding Jared Paul Stanga.

Who is Jared Paul Stanga?

A personality overview

Knowing the details is always helpful whether you are talking about a person who is friendly or even if you are talking about a foe. In both cases, the thing that will help you out is the information regarding that person.

Who is Jared Paul Stanga?

Jared Paul Stanga is a sex offender and a child grabber who has been tried and charged for his illegal actions. Now you might be wondering about the backstory and why he is given so much importance, then we will let you know that recently an event brought him on the radar of authorities.

The event details

When did the event take place

The details of the events are always important for the public; therefore, if we look, we will come to know that it was 18 May 2021. The time was around seven o clock in the morning when the frightening event occurred. The person in question Jared Paul Stanga tried to kidnap a young girl who was 11 years old from a bus stop while she was waiting for her school bus.

When did the event take place

The terrifying moment

If we go through the details of the event, then we will come to know that the young girl was silently sitting at the bench of the bus stop waiting for her bus. At that moment, an SUV came near the bus stop and stopped right there. A man hopped out and moved towards her with a knife in his hand.

The attempt to save herself

When she saw the attacker, she tried to run away, so she grabbed the backpack and ran away from the bus stop. But this was of no use because the 30 years old offender was older than her. Therefore, it was in vain. He caught up with her and grabbed her. The intent was to drag her to his car and later take her somewhere he felt safe.

The success in getting free

The girl did not give up. She started punching and kicking. She did everything in her power so that the offender could loosen his grip. Once she felt that the man was tripped and the grasp was released, she grabbed her backpack and started running towards her home. Thus, the offender knew that now he did not have any chance. Thus he got in his car and drove away.

The history

The early encounter

If we say this was the first time they came across each other, it would be wrong. The details help us understand that the offender also approached the girl two weeks earlier at a similar bus stop. He came up to her and started talking in Spanish. The girl understood that something was fishy. Thus, she walked away from the place.

The precautions

The best thing that the girl did was to tell everyone, including her parents and the school authorities, about the incident. After that day, the youngster’s mother accompanied her to the bus stop every morning. But later on, the day this harsh event occurred, the girl was all alone. This was the first time after two weeks when her mother was not accompanying her. The offender took advantage of the situation and tried to get his hands on her. Luckily, she was saved thanks to her efforts.

The investigation and results

The update from authorities

The authorities also released an update in this regard, and the sheriff’s office said, “Around 7:00 this morning, a white Dodge Journey pulled up to an 11-year-old girl waiting at a bus stop on Old Corry Field Road and Perdido Street.” Also, a video of the offender and the victim can be witnessed, and the whole event can be understood in minutes.

The manhunt

The incident was very disturbing. This was why the Escambia County Sherriff’s Office initiated a manhunt. The sole reason for this manhunt was to bring the offender into the grip of law enforcement. Thus, the details help us in understanding the fact that the security team was successful in arresting the offender on the same evening on Tuesday.

The past record

Once the offender was caught, he was charged with the crime of the abduction of a child under 13 years of age. Also, the authorities brought details into the light that he had an extensive criminal record. Also, the offender was a part of several sex crimes in the past. Most of his sexual crimes were against the children. The intent helps us understand that he wanted to bring the same fate to the young one.

The Sherrif’s terror

Everyone was terrified of the outcome if the girl could not save herself. The sheriff said, “I cannot help to think that this could have ended very differently. Had this 11-year-old victim not thought to fight and to fight and to just never give up, this could have ended terribly.”

The sentence

Due to his offensive crimes, Jared Paul Stanga was sent to Escambia county jail. There are no clear details yet, but we hope he will pay for what he did to the girl and his past crimes.

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Jared Paul Stanga had a history of sexual crimes against children. With this attempt, he darkened his life, and now he will pay for his crimes in jail for the rest of his life until the court decides otherwise.

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