KA Paul Net Worth, Career, Controversies, and More

KA Paul Net Worth, Career, and Controversies

A peace advocate and an eminent author, K.A. Paul is famous for his humanitarian efforts and unique style of writing. He is presently the President of the Global Peace Initiative and is among the richest Indian authors. So, it is natural to wonder what is KA Paul net worth and what are his revenue sources. Let’s find out everything about the Indian humanitarian and evangelist.

KA Paul bio

NameKilari Anand Paul
OccupationAuthor, philanthropist, peacemaker, evangelist
Age60 years
DOBSeptember 25, 1963
Place of birthChittivalasa, Andhra Pradesh
ParentsBarnabas (father) and Santhosamma (mother)
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseMary Paul

KA Paul net worth

Now the question is: ‘How much is K.A. Paul worth at present and what are his streams of income?’. In 2023, KA Paul net worth is $1.5 million. His net worth has increased in the past few years and it shows his remarkable success in diverse fields. From politics to business to entertainment – Paul is doing well in all these areas.

Paul also has several properties in India and the United States. He receives funding from influential people and world leaders. So, they too contribute to the rise in K.A. Paul net worth.

Early life

Kilari Anand Paul was born on 25th Sept 1963 in Chittivalasa, a small village in India’s Andhra Pradesh. His father was Barnabas and his mother was Santhosamma and they were traditional Hindus. In 1966, Kilari’s parents became Christians. Following their footsteps, Kilari converted to Christianity in 1971, when he was eight years old.

Personal life

K.A. Paul tied the knot with Mary Paul and they have been together for decades. The couple lives in a peaceful neighborhood in Houston, Texas. It is a happy marriage and they have three daughters.

Paul lost his beloved mother a few years ago and was heartbroken. On Feb 12, 2019, Santhosamma breathed her last after being sick for months. She was receiving treatment in a hospital in Visakhapatnam (India).


Paul’s evangelist father encouraged him to travel with him to many villages in different parts of India. He assisted his father in preaching Christianity and they also shared the gospel. In 1983, Kilari was ordained and at the age of 20, he succeeded in establishing the GUM in India. GUM stands for the Gospel to the Unreached Millions and it is a non-profit organization.

In 1989, Paul shifted to the United States and there he founded the GUM in America in 1993. At the time of its establishment, GUM’s headquarters were in Minnesota’s Duluth. In 1996, the new headquarters of GUM were in Humble, Texas. Paul once again changed the headquarters in 1999 and this time it was in Houston, Texas.

Paul as GPI’s President

There’s a reason why people revere Paul as a harbinger of peace. Throughout his life, he has strived to make the world a peaceful place for all. His numerous peacekeeping missions over the years are a testament to this fact. So, he is deservingly the President of GPI (Global Peace Initiative).

The GPI works towards helping the oppressed people who have no support. For example, it rescues widows and provides them the means to live a dignified life. Widows can get a monthly stipend along with food. They also get training so that they become ‘Little Teresas’ and can save other women from getting harassed.

The reason why these women are called Little Teresas is because Paul is an ardent admirer of Mother Teresa. A life of charity gave him the opportunity to meet Mother Teresa, the blessed soul. She taught her that one determined person can alter the lives of thousands of people.

It was after his interaction with Mother Teresa that Paul launched a movement named the Prince of Peace. Through this movement, he aimed to improve the economic and social conditions of the underprivileged sections of the society. Now the movement has spread to 148 countries and people from any religious background can benefit from it.

Charity City

As part of his philanthropic activities, Paul embarked on multiple charitable ventures and they are equally praiseworthy. Charity City, situated in the suburbs of Hyderabad (India) is one such initiative by the noble man. Built over a large area of 325,000 sq. feet, Charity City is where thousands of orphans live happily.

Charity City is close to Paul’s heart and he created it to save children without parents from being forced to beg on the streets. When asked about Charity City, he said that the plight of orphans has always pained him. So, when he had the resources, he wanted to do something to better their lives. The children inhabiting this place live a quality life without any scarcity of food and they can also focus on their education.

GPI rallies continue to reach out to orphans in several underdeveloped nations and help them bid adieu to a life of slavery. Paul’s long-term goal is to build as many as 120 Charity Cities in different parts of the world, especially the underdeveloped countries.

Paul’s entry into politics

The first time K.A. Paul participated in a political gathering was in January 2003. It was a peace summit taking place in Harrisburg, close to Washington D.C. The purpose of the summit was to put an end to the ongoing Iraq War. Paul attended it along with several influential billionaires and politicians like John Thune, Mike Huckabee, and Nelson Bunker Hunt.

In the U.S. elections of 2008, Paul was a prominent supporter of Barack Obama as both of them were against the war. By 2016, Paul’s opinion regarding Trump underwent a transformation. He ended up supporting Trump in the 2016 Presidential Elections in the United States. According to him, what he liked about Trump was that he seemed to be a family man. He also said that he was endorsing Trump because Trump was an inspirational individual.

In 2008, Paul launched his political party and its name is Praja Shanti. The mission of it is to promote equality and redeem individuals from slavery. People from all castes and religious faiths can join this party and it intends to establish democracy. A helicopter is the symbol of his democratic party.

In 2019, Paul announced that his party was ready to participate in Andhra Pradesh state elections. He took this step as he was disappointed with the state government of Andhra and the central government. He asserted that the state government of various states and the central government were simply cheating the people. So, his party adopted the motto: Save Secular India.

In 2019, Paul also tried to become a member of the Lok Sabha. However, he could secure only 3,037 votes out of the total votes cast which was 1,325,028. His nomination for the constituency of Bhimavaram Assembly was declined as he failed to reach the venue on time.


The masses respect Paul because he works hard to get rid of hunger issues and poverty in developing and underdeveloped countries. He is a famed peace crusader and thousands of people attend his peace rallies. In India and Africa, even a million people can be seen in his large rallies.

Mike Huckabee once visited India in 2002 and he was present in one of Paul’s rallies. He said that the crowd he witnessed blew him mind as he had never seen so many people except at an important football match.


In 2019, the police arrested K.A. Paul as there were murder charges against him. Paul’s brother K. David died in 2012 and in 2019, there was a non-bailable warrant against Paul. Some reports claimed that the police had to set him free due to insufficiency of evidence. However, other sources claim that it is still an ongoing case in 2023. He has submitted a petition against the arrest in India’s Supreme Court.

K.A. Paul purchased a Boeing 747SP aircraft and named it Global Peace One. China Airlines used to operate it previously and it was used in aid missions in several developing nations. The plane has also supplied disaster relief but there were rumors that it was ill-maintained. The crew did not get paid adequately and therefore, the entire staff including the pilot resigned in 2005.

The FAA canceled Global Peace One’s license after it was involved in an accident. Currently, it remains parked at California’s Tijuana International Airport.

Social media

Paul is active on social media and he likes to connect with the masses. Dr. K.A. Paul Official is the name of his YouTube channel where he posts videos occasionally. The videos uploaded by him give people a glimpse of his ideologies. He launched the channel on March 20, 2015, and now the number of subscribers is 16.5.

Some of Paul’s viral videos include Corona Crisis (more than 10 thousand) and Dr. K.A. Paul with all Major Christian Leaders (with 200,000+ views). Another famous video is Dr. K.A. Paul with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News (more than 724,850 views). The fact that views on some videos exceed 2 million proves that many people watch them.

In his videos, Paul talks about all kinds of social and political issues that concern him. In one video, he explicitly opined how he loathed the corrupt policies of Donald Trump. He uploaded it on 1st Oct 2020 and titled this video Save America and the World from Trump.

K.A. Paul also likes to share his thoughts on Twitter and he joined this social media platform in 2016. His Twitter profile is KAPaulOfficial and it has more than 7k followers at present.

Lesser-known facts

While everyone knows KA Paul net worth and the charitable work done by the man, here are some interesting facts about him.

Paul is a dog owner and he lives with an adorable Tibetan Mastiff. The name of his four-legged friend is Ginger and the dog is extremely popular on Instagram. With its cute antics, it has attracted 4k followers.

Paul is an animal lover and he owns some other pets like parrots, exotic birds, pigs, and cats.

Wrapping Up

We may conclude by saying that K.A. Paul has achieved many milestones as a philanthropist and evangelist. The 60-year-old humanitarian has dedicated his life to the service of mankind. So, the world needs more men like him who will think about widows, orphans, and other downtrodden people. No wonder KA Paul net worth is now $1.5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is K.A. Paul?

K.A. Paul is a well-known public speaker, philanthropist, and evangelist who runs many orphanages. He is the founder of Gospel to Unreached Millions and Global Peace Initiative.

2. When did K.A. Paul become a Christian?

K.A. Paul was born a Hindu but three years after his birth, his parents embraced Christianity. His age was eight years old when his conversion took place.

3. What is Charity City?

Charity City, founded by K.A. Paul, is located on the outskirts of the city of Hyderabad in India. Covering a massive area of 325,000 sq. feet, this place is a heaven for orphans. Many orphans live here and they receive proper education, shelter, and food.

4. Is K.A. Paul an author?

Al-Qaeda Winning – America Losing is a book authored by K.A. Paul. The GPI published this book on 1st August 2006 and soon, copies of it started selling.

5. What is the net worth of K.A. Paul?

KA Paul net worth in rupees is 37 crores. His net worth is an accumulation of his income from multiple sources and it is bound to increase in the future.

5. What is the name of the political party formed by K.A. Paul?

Praja Shanti Party is a political party in India and Kilari Anand Paul has established it. The party believes in offering a truly democratic government to the people. The party takes part in social services in Andhra Pradesh.

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