Law Of Surprise

Law Of Surprise


In the last decade, the number of tv series viewers has increased rapidly, and you will witness that every second person is now fond of local or foreign tv series. The Law of surprise is just a phenomenon that has been depicted in one of the most famous series of all time. The Witcher series has been getting the huge attention from the viewers. Especially its first season was admired by the general public because of its unique plot compared to the tv series that were already being aired on the television.

After a long period of almost three years, a new season of the famous series was released, and it made the life of the general public and fans who were impatiently waiting for another season. How much a person loves an entertainment phenomenon depends upon the fact that how much he knows about the details. Similarly, if we talk about the famous series, The Witcher, we will come to know that it surrounds magic, monsters, and medieval life.

What Is The Law Of Surprise?

To state yourself as a fan of one of the all-time favorite tv series, the Witcher, it is of the utmost importance that you know every little detail about it. One of the major questions in circulation regarding the famous series is regarding the Law of surprise. This is one of the unique concepts not present in the plot of the rest of the series available. Therefore, we must describe it word by word for people unaware of its details.

What Is The Law Of Surprise?

The Law of surprise states, “The Law of surprise will be put in effect if the life of anyone is saved. Thus, as a result of this Law, the person whose life was saved is bound to provide something unique that he owned to the savior. This unique thing might be something you have hidden from the rest of the world in terms of jewels, money, children, and the harvest.” Although we are well aware that it is a fictional rule and has no application in general life, its unique nature still makes you fall in love with it.

The Life Of The Witcher

In the series mentioned above, the fact that will gather your attention is the life that has been portrayed in the series. The series revolves around medieval life, and the world is referred to as the continent. But this continent is somewhat different from the continent of our modern day. The reason is that the continent in question is filled with magic and monsters. You will find several surprises lurking around the corners of the continent.

The Life Of The Witcher

The Witcher is the main character played by our favorite actor, the Superman Henry Cavil. His acting has uplifted the standards of the series. Most of the public watching the series only does so to take a good look at their favorite star. In this series, the Law of surprise has been introduced. It is invoked when a person is saved and the debt is paid to the savior in terms of the Law of surprise.

What Is The Law Of Surprise For The Witcher?

Now you might be wondering why this phenomenon is getting more attention from the public. So, let us tell you that the story and plot of the series and its games and novels help you understand that Ciri is Geralt’s child. Now you might be wondering why it is so. Then let us tell you that she was the reward when Witcher imposed the Law of surprise. Thus he was coined as the father figure of Ciri.

The duo looks perfect with each other because Ciri always had a longing for a father figure that she lacked in her life, and Geralt filled this void. As we all know, most of the part of the plot of the series revolves around the relationship of both characters in question. Therefore, we can say that the Law of surprise has modified the whole story of the series. The protective nature of Geralt for Ciri, his child of surprise, is also a prime focus of the general public.

The History Of The Law Of Surprise

Everything in this world has a history. It depends upon the phenomenon in question that will help you understand whether history is worth understanding. Therefore, if we take a look, we will come to know that in the first season of the famous series, the plot was twisted so that the Queen Calanthe of Cintra was looking for a perfect husband for her daughter. Her prime focus was to gather allies around her and strengthen the kingdom.

Now Geralt or Henry Cavil was only there to accompany as a bodyguard. But all things got mixed up, and he found himself standing at the center of the situation. Now since the wedding banquet of Princess Pavetta was in question. Therefore, several suitors showed their interest, and among them was Duny, a knight cladded in Shoddy armor. He invoked the Law of surprise because he claimed to save her father’s life long ago. Also, the pregnancy of Calantha justified this claim.

The Events Later On

Since Duny had the face of a hedgehog, the king ordered him to be killed. Many came out as his saviors and were against this order. But the fight between Queen and Duny and the princess using her powers lifted the curse on Duny, too. The wedding was allowed by the royals. At that time, Duny asked what Gerald wanted in return for saving his life. At that time, he invoked the Law of surprise and Pavetta portrayed her pregnancy. Thus, their Child Ciri became the child of surprise of Geralt.


There are not many tv series that have unique phenomena such as the Law of surprise. This makes The Witcher one of the best tv series of all time. The number of the viewers list of The Witcher is higher than ever. We are witnessing an increase in the number. We are looking for a third season too in the near future.

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