Leaving the House Checklist: 5 Things You Should Always Have

Before leaving your home for any period of time, there are some things you want to make sure you have before heading out on your trip. Whether you are traveling for a weekend or a whole month, we are going to go over everything you need to pack before you embark on your trip. Keep reading for a complete checklist that you can reference anytime you leave your home for a few days or more.

1.The Basics:

There are some obvious basics that everyone needs to have on their person when they leave the house for any period of time, even if that only means leaving for an hour or two. This would be things like wallets, cell phones and keys. Those are the three things that just about everyone will need when they venture out into the world. But additional basics are going to vary from person to person. For example, if you have any specific medications that you need to keep with you at all times like an EpiPen or an asthma inhaler, these would be included in your list. For people who are of menstruation age, this will also include tampons or pads. You also may need to carry standard medications like Advil or allergy pills in case you need them on the go.

While these things may seem like a no brainer to you, it is often the most obvious items that get left behind when packing for a trip. So, make sure you include each of these items at the top of your list and check them off as you put them in your bags just to be sure.

2.Important Documents:

While your ID card is likely kept in your wallet, leaving the house on a trip will require you to have a few more important documents then you may carry around daily. This can include passports, travel documents, insurance cards, boarding passes, immunization records, visas and more. And if you are traveling with your entire family, you will need to ensure that you have the necessary documents for your children as well. You may also want to make copies of your IDs to ensure that you will be able to board your flight home if your documents were to get lost or stolen.

3.Tech Accessories:

The next thing you want to put on your checklist are any necessary tech related items. First and foremost, we recommend a portable charger so you always have access to your phone when away from your home. Also make sure you have wall plug-ins so you can recharge your portable charger should you use it up.

If you want to bring your laptop with you, make sure you have the appropriate items to travel with it on your checklist. This will include a travel case for protection, your laptop charger, and a wireless internet stick if you are not able to use a hotspot or Wi-Fi where you are going. The same thing goes for any iPads or any other forms of portable technology.

If you are traveling abroad, make sure that you have any converters that you may need for your electronics. There are several different types of plugs that are used around the world so before you pack anything with a plug, make sure you have the appropriate converters so you can safely use your electronics abroad.

4.Weather Appropriate Items:

Make sure that you check the weather at the destination where you plan to travel as this can greatly affect what needs to be included on your checklist. If you are heading somewhere warm and sunny, you are going to need things like sunscreen, sunglasses, and lightweight clothing. Likewise, if you are heading somewhere cold and rainy, you are going to need coats, umbrellas and shoes that can withstand getting wet.

5.Foreign Currency:

If you are going on an international trip, it is a good idea to make sure you have some foreign currency on you before you head out. You can convert some of your money at your bank, or you can also do this at the airport before you take off. In addition to converting some cash, make sure that you let your credit card company know you are traveling before you try to use your credit card abroad. This will avoid you getting unnecessary fraud alerts and having your card shut off.

Leaving Your House with Confidence

These are just the necessities so don’t be afraid to add anything that is specific to you and your trip onto your checklist. There are plenty of things that you need before leaving the house for an extended period of time so start there and expand your checklist based on your unique situation. Happy travels!

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