Live the Ultimate Lifestyle with Superyacht Hire

Lifestyle with Superyacht Hire

If, like many other people, you have day dreams about the idea of conducting your business, hosting a special social event, or being fortunate enough to use one for leisure purposes, then, you may have looked into what Superyachts cost to buy and ended up putting the idea to the back of your mind somewhere. On top of the initial purchase cost did you take into consideration things like running costs, necessary maintenance or even an accident? That is why being able to hire a superyacht is an opportunity not to be missed and here is what you can expect to receive. Lets find out to live the ultimate lifestyle with superyacht hire here.

Costs less

Overall, you will find that when you charter a Superyacht from Simpson Yacht Charter will work out cheaper than buying one. Value and worth are of course, subjective because, one man’s idea of expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody else sees things the same way, however, to put a bit of context to the topic, your ‘average’ 30ft luxury boat can set you back as much as a house and can cost triple figures just to fill the fuel tank. 

Naturally, the increasing cost of fossil fuels isn’t something that’s at the top of people’s gratitude lists, which is another reason why hiring a private Superyacht is a worthwhile idea, the running costs are inclusive most of the time. There are further costs of owning a boat that many a person does not account for, things like mooring, insurance, safety equipment and servicing whilst regular maintenance is taken care of. 


When you hire a Superyacht, you aren’t just purchasing the use of its facilities, you are also paying for the use of a professional crew, sure you can drive if you want, but, if the idea is to conduct business or to celebrate or recognise a unique personal event, then the last thing you want to be doing is ‘manning the ship.’ Being in command of a boat does certainly fill you with a certain sense of pride and importance however, with so much to think about you simply couldn’t manage the running of the yacht and enjoy or give your full attention to your business objectives.

You will find that different companies provide different services and packages for your needs, as an example, some even include staff to man the kitchen and to prep food for you and your guests, you may already have someone in mind, but, taking care of everything under one roof does bring efficiencies with it that will leave more time for you to take care of the things you enjoy doing and who knows, you might even save some money in the meantime.


Of course, you get what you pay for and, when looking at some of the costs of hiring certain yachts or boats you would expect nothing less than a premium set of choices to chew over. One of which being, events, the most comprehensive yacht leasing firms can, if you need them to, take care of pretty much everything you have on your tick sheet and some. 

If you need your yacht supplier to aid in event management then make some calls and chose the best company that fits your needs. Sometimes, certain things aren’t advertised but can be agreed in some way or another. To find the best yacht charter, you can visit

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