Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas to Try Now


A lotus flower is well known for its symbolically great significance. If you didn’t know, the plant originally grows in murky muddy waters which are not so pretty or clean themselves. People often use the lotus flower as a symbol of pureness, splendor, and life’s hardships.

However, before you get a lotus tattoo, read on for some helpful tips. We’ve searched the web to find the coolest lotus flower tattoo that is in style. Tattoos are becoming a more common sight on our bodies so you’ll likely have no trouble finding inspiration for what to get, and where on the body.

  1. Dotwork Lotus Tattoo 

The Lotus flower tattoo is showcased in Dotwork style. It’s an intricate design that uses small dots inked in close range. The shading and detail of the petals are also impressive. In case you need your tattoo to be subtle, choose a design with less visible detail. From then on, add details of the Ornamental design and people’s eyes will stay on you.

2. Dotwork Lotus Flower Tattoo 

It is a well-done kind of Minimal Dotwork. The grey lines showcase the outline of this lotus. Shading is created by placing many dots next to each other. It’s an intricate style that takes years to master. The goal is to give an impression of a huge picture. And that’s literally what this picture does. Figuratively it shows an air of purity and importance around the Lotus, which in Buddhist teachings symbolizes enlightenment.


3. Stand Out Lotus Tattoo

Maybe your design for “April Downfalls Ushers in May Flower Buds.” You can create this type of design by bringing your arm or forearm. You can put the outlined, dark gray shapes of flowers along the arm to give it that longer look. Well, all right!. I just think the raindrops might be overused. It’s possible that using more white space and negative space would have helped create a better design by letting the raindrops feel like they’re moving around more.

4. Minimal Demarcated Work Lotus 

This is an incredible Mandala that will create the perfect focal point. The white lotus at the center has faded black lines that follow its curves which decorate the outside. Tibetan Buddhism often features the Unalome symbol, which represents all of the ups and downs one encounters on the way to enlightenment. Beautiful metaphor!

5. Black Lotus Flower Tattoo With Gray Strikes

Thin and fade black lines paired with different strikes of gray can be used to create shades. There are 2 styles of shading that you may want to try, called “Fineline” and “grey and black”. The Instagram crowd is getting addicted to the Lotus bud. This flower blossoms without a single color and it just adds to the natural beauty of this photo. The curves in the stems are so graceful and delicate; I love how you captured this loving couple between them.


6. Om Symbol Lotus Design

The usage of Asian symbols here is really refreshing. For instance, the Om design originating from India is really sought after across the world. When you combine this with Unalome from Thailand, boom, you have a masterpiece tattoo!

7. Flattering Single Line tattoo

You have these complementing tattoos, but why choose a lotus, and why ‘FREEDOM?’ What date is on there? These big questions must be the subject of lots of conversations. Tattoos provide a space to narrate your life story, or even just answer a question.

8. Stunning Lotus Paired With Lots of Messages

Those who follow the philosophy of Amor Fati see every aspect of life, even grief, and loss, as decent. Clearly, you want this lotus flower tattoo for some big, thoughtful reason – and it doesn’t disappoint. Its beautiful, simple design and perfect position make it as meaningful as you want.

9. Black Brushwork Lotus Tattoo 

This lotus flower tattoo has such a dramatic, bold look to it. The weighty black brushstrokes are so forceful and “painted” on — yet, there also seem to be lotus flowers that come from this intense situation. In life, lotuses emerge from the muddy waters and these beautiful flowers manage to grow despite all of the dirtiness. It’s as if the flower blossoms were sacred by the sun, which shines down on them.


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