What Are Magnetic Eyelashes and How to Use Them?

Magnetic Eyelashes

What do women hate most about men? Their inclination towards other women? NO! Their natural eyelashes. Men literally have such good eyelashes that most women envy them more than they’d envy them with other women. Well, if you’ve been frustrated with false eyelashes or scanty growth, you can now take resort to magnetic eyelashes. If you’re still new to what this is, we will give you a detailed idea about this new beauty revolution.

The demand for eyelash extension growth serums, extensions, and curlers have been there for a while. But we can’t disagree with the amount of damage we do by using lengthening mascaras all the time. Women are obsessed with their quest to have longer and fuller lashes, but the natural ones don’t seem to live up to expectations for all Paris Lash Academy.

Despite many beauty techniques, plenty of false lashes fail to give you the kind of definition or want to have. The magnetic eyelashes can live up to your expectations and give you exactly what you’re looking for. One trick that makeup artists have been looking for over the years has finally arrived. The demand and surge of the product below will also give you an idea of how well they’re doing for women. But first, let’s see what these lashes are and how do they work.

How to use magnetic eyelashes?

As the name suggests, magnetic eyelashes come with tiny magnets that secure into your natural eyelashes. These are fake ones that are safe and secure to use, and give you the look you’ve been dying to see all this while.

The magnetic eyelashes bring in virtually invisible magnets that are placed on the fake lashes and get locked into your real ones. It fits into your lash line like it is a part of your eyes and was always meant to be that way.

You will get around four magnets in an average product and most of them come with an impressive hold. They make your lashes look larger and get placed right into them like they were ideally your own. So, you sandwich the natural eyelashes between the two strips are hold the fake one together and use the magnetic force.

How to apply magnetic lashes to your eyes?

Using magnetic lashes is pretty simple. Every product you buy will differ slightly according to the brand or type it is. You should follow the instructions and work on them accordingly. The directions might include trimming down the lashes so that it fits along with the natural line.

Once you trim your eyelashes to fit the magnetic ones, you’re sure to make the fake ones look like they’re real. You need to apply mascara to the natural lashes to ensure a better grip. Next, apply the upper layer of your magnetic lash right across the top of the lash line. Now, place the magnetic lash as given in the piece and under the real lash-line. At this stage, the magnet will secure into your natural eyelashes.

Some eyelash brands sell magnet lashes that come with full strips and half lashes. These products accent the outer edges and make your eyes look more appealing. You might also get an applicator along with it that looks like a tweezer. But they can also be placed with your hands. You have to apply this one in a similar way. The upper lashes magnetically attract the bottom one and secure into the product.

To remove the product, you need to pull them apart gently. First, lift the top lash and pull the bottom one down. Slide the top of the eyelash and bottom magnets away from one another, and go slow. Make sure you don’t pull off at once as that can tear your natural lashes. You can use the thumb and the index finger to slowly slide them away from each other, till it naturally comes out.

Best magnetic eyelashes to buy online

Plenty of brands are doing well with magnetic eyelashes, but have handpicked the ones that are safe for you. Take a look at these products and you’re definitely in for a treat:

1. Ardell Magnetic Lashes

Accentuate your natural lashes with a full strip of Ardell Magnetic lashes. These have several small magnets that make sure your lashes don’t lift up and are evenly distributed all through the natural ones. Most reviewers suggest you apply mascara before applying the lashes as guided above as well. You might find a leaning curve while applying, but once it sets it is perfect.

2. Arvesa Magnetic #001

Arvesa lashes are really lightweight and cover your lash line. These come in packs of eight sets and magnetic storage tray. It helps you not lose them and comes with a pink applicator to place them properly. The lashes are easy to fit after trimming the natural eyelashes. The best part is that it gives your eyes a natural winged look.

3. Lash’d Up

Lash’d Up is probably the most comfortable ones you can wear among these. They are easy to wear and feature magnetic strips in every corner. It helps you secure them in every eye and can stay all day without irritation.

4. Sephora Collection

You will love the fineness and wisp of these eyelashes and they might make you forget that you have them at all. These lashes perfectly nestle on the outer corners and gives you a lovely tapered look. You can customize it easily and trim them down to a natural length.

5. Eylure Luxe

If you’re completely new to this magnetic eyelash trial and you’re going to do them alone, we suggest you buy from this brand. These are easy to apply and gentle to remove. Then only come with one reusable pair of magnetic eyelashes that you can try using up to 15 times. It also has a storage box and applicator along with it.

Final thoughts

We cannot deny that trying magnetic eyelashes are daunting and can seem scary. Any kind of makeup around the sensitive eye zone is scary, but you should give it a go. It is best to have it applied by someone who is an expert in this or can help you because they do it. Once you get a hang of it, you will be able to slay alone!

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