Motorcycle Insurance: What You Need To Know

Motorcycle Insurance

What you should know right off the bat is that motorcycle insurance isn’t that different from car insurance and functions pretty much the same. General liability, along with more comprehensive coverage, is an essential part of motorcycle insurance. As we know, motorcycles aren’t as tough as cars when it comes to taking damage or a hit –that makes it a bit riskier for the drivers. Because of this, more types of insurance are recommended for motorcycles than cars. Here is everything you need to know about motorcycle insurance coverage options and how much you may need ideally. 

Motorcycle Insurance at First Glance 

Motorcycle insurance isn’t just used for typical cruisers like you may think. Sportsbikes, dirtbikes, and even ATVs can be insured with the right motorbike coverage. These vehicles all have license plates and are registered with a state’s DMV, so they may be required to have some form of insurance much more often than not. Which is why it is essential to have the following motorcycle coverages:

  • Motorcycle liability – The most basic insurance you can get for any vehicle is the liability coverage because it is often all that is required. This is the insurance that will cover any injuries or property damage you cause to another driver on the road. Like regular drivers, motorcycle operators are required to carry this coverage. 
  • Motorcycle collision – It seems like a no brainer that you would want your motorcycle covered as well in the event of an accident you are at-fault for. After all, more things can go wrong and be damaged easily in a motorcycle than a car. This is where motorcycle collision insurance comes in. 
  • Motorcycle comprehensive – Motorcycle storage is another aspect of ownership that requires great planning. You’ll want a clean and secure place to keep your motorcycle if there is an off-season. Comprehensive coverage will cover any damages that occur while it is parked and you are not using it. This includes criminal related damages like theft or vandalism. 
  • Motorcycle personal injury protection (PIP) – Of course, there are also the injuries that you would more than likely sustain in a motorcycle accident. If the accident is your fault, then personal injury protection, or PIP, can be added to your motorcycle policy. 

Other Motorcycle Insurance to Consider

The previously mentioned coverages are highly recommended for every motorcycle owner. Again, injuries and damages tend to be greater when it comes to motorcycle accidents so all this extra coverage is generally worth it. Other types of motorcycle insurance to consider, depending on how much you ride, are:

  • Motorcycle roadside assistance – You never know when you may experience a motorcycle breakdown on the open road. Roadside assistance covers tows and on-site repairs should they be necessary. Motorcycles’ inner workings and engines are always exposed, so there is always the chance of this happening. 
  • Motorcycle uninsured motorist – There are drivers out there that illegally forgo insurance and drive anyway. If they were to hit you, not only would they be in trouble, but they won’t be able to cover the damages they caused. Uninsured motorist coverage is required by some states for this exact purpose. 
  • Motorcycle equipment – Helmets, glasses, and other motorcycle safety equipment are essential in owning a motorcycle. Insurance can be extended to them if you wish with motorcycle equipment coverage. 
  • Motorcycle replacement cost –  There is always a chance of one harsh accident being too much for a motorcycle and it is beyond repair. Replacement cost coverage covers you for just that so you can replace your totaled motorcycle. 

What Motorcycle Insurance Would You Need?

Your motorcycle coverage needs depend on the kind of motorcycle you drive, how often you drive it, and its current value and age.Newer motorcycles usually require more coverage than older ones do, and so do motorcycles used by drivers in areas where they are able to drive all year round. The good news is that motorcycle coverage is just as commonplace as car insurance, so both local and national providers carry it. Several of these providers have free quote calculators on their websites you can take advantage of to see how much you would be paying for motorcycle insurance.            

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