Do you wish to become an expert in creating complex data-centric web apps? If yes, then the present article is the right opportunity for you to learn how to build the skills required in web development. In this article, we will talk about the latest Node JS Course which is being offered on the extensive learning platform of Zeolearn Academy that provides online courses and certifications throughout the year for the learning enthusiasts to develop in-demand skills as per industry requirements. Today, the Zeolearn Academy brings to you the Node JS training workshop which is designed with the sole purpose of helping the desired individuals to gain proper knowledge and skill of web development.

The Node JS Course would be a one day engaging and instructor-led training sessions with the industry experts who will provide on training on how to build scalable, advanced, and a high performing web app. For this, the participants would be provided hands-on practical sessions from the experts trainers who will help you in creating a complex and data centric web app by learning the basic and advanced features of Node JS such as events, modules, stream, express js, REST, and so on.

The objective of the course offered is to facilitate the learning of Node JS along with theoretical and practical aspects so that the participants get the close working knowledge and experience of how to develop Node JS applications which are reliable, flexible, and high performant. Upon the completion of the course, the participants would become guaranteed experts of the web development domain by earning skills in fundamentals of this complex language at an app level so that they get a lot of exposure as a web developer in front of recruiters.


JavaScript is a complex language which has been in the dominating position in the field of technology since the last five years. The reason is nothing but just the versatility and robustness of this language despite being of complex nature.

Earlier, organizations’ apps were developed on diverse languages like Java, PHP, Python, .Net for the back-end implementations and for front-end development were the JavaScript and HTML/CSS. JavaScript in all of it has brought revolution in the tech field of web development and since then has been gaining huge popularity across the globe as a no fuss server side runtime.

Node executes JavaScript language code outside a browser by working on non-blocking event driven I/O model which lets it perform better by using less of resources. This is the reason of increase in adoption rate of Node as server side development tool by many organizations and development of several apps using Node.JS. 

If you also aspire to be a front-end developer or a full-stack developer or are already one, then this is the correct time for you to gain the Node JS skills because it is in no near future going to become outdated trend. Node JS is described to be the future master of the entire real-time web app because if it’s amazing push technology which allows 2 way communications between the client and server and help in exchange of data in real time. It is flexible to be use, easily maintainable, scalable, light weight and so much more that the remarkable features has made it stand out among developers of the globe.


You can start on your job career by becoming a skilled Node JS expert and in this regard, the the Zeolearn Academy offers to you the golden opportunity with its Node JS course. The course is designed for the aspiring participants who will enroll the course only to become master of the web development and the world of Node JS. 

The curriculum of this comprehensive course is curated by the help on industry experts themselves, considering the present demand and requirement of the industry as is trending now so that you get the perfect base for application of your knowledge and expertise in this domain. So, enroll with the course and start learning the use of basics and advanced features like Stream, Events, Modules, and communication with databases to test and debug in Node JS and kickstart your career in web development. 


  1. Understand the fundamental working and building of Node.js using your foundational knowledge
  2. Understand about Node REPL, modular programming, NPM and its apps.
  3. Using of ECMAScript modules with Node JS and learning events and event emitter interface.
  4. Learn everything about file system module and real-time building of command-line utilities and Streams API
  5. Working on Network I/O and its usage in building web servers and also learning the principles and techniques used in the debugging of Node JS
  6. You need to discover ways in which cluster and worker threads can be used and for the optimum benefits and performance of your app.
  7. Learn to use Express framework and its role for your application.
  8. Learn developing middleware for Express and explore template engines and pug templating language and their benefits of using in your app.
  9. Understand logging requests and all about parsing income requests and what part they plays in your app.
  10. Understand Data Compression and how can it be used in insightful ways for you app along with sessions.
  11. You need to master the modular and dynamic routing concept in respect of your application perspective
  12. Learn route protection integration in your application and observe its impact on the working of the app.
  13. Building high performing APIs and its implementation for developing an front-end application.
  14. Learn building of models and controllers for your single page applications and methods of efficient working with the MongoDB and Mongoose ODM for better implementation.
  15. The methods one need to learn about the session based authentication and JWT integration
  16. Master in serving of single page applications (SPAs) using Express and learn the ways to accelerate the usage of Express apps by using the Redis cache. 
  17. Learn how to use Heroku and do debugging in Node JS program and protect express apps from any malicious attacks.

There are no as such prerequisites that participants needs to fulfill before they take up the Node JS course but for the immediate learning and quicker grasping of the training, it is recommended that the participants comes with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and JavaScript skills.

Also, if there is knowledge or experience of any server side programming application like in web app development, network app development, server side app development, or database programming skills, it would be of great help.

Any individual who is a Novice of a professional in launch of Node apps or have been working as Node developer, they can attend the Node JS course and master the advanced feature of server-side web development. By the end of the course, you will be familiar in building of scalable and robust back-end apps and can strengthen your further job career as a backend web app developer. So, enroll with the course today and get started with your journey as the most sought after backend web application developer.


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