Planning to use your provident fund? Here’s how you can check PF status online

PF status

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is a government retirement scheme meant for salaried individuals that were launched to encourage early retirement planning. Throughout your work years, you and your employer contribute equally to the EPF on a monthly basis. On maturity, you will then accumulate a corpus of funds to finance your golden years with ease. Moreover, your accumulated sum earns an interest return, which at present is 8.55% per annum.


You can operate an EPF account until you retire or resign from your job. While you can withdraw funds from your EPF at retirement, you can also do so while still in employment under certain circumstances. In fact, you can easily check your EPF balance and track your PF claim status online. Here are the online methods via which you can check the EPF status.


EPFO website using UAN number

To check your PF status online using your UAN number, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the EPFO website and log in.
  • Click on ‘Our Services’ option and select ‘For Employees’.
  • Now choose ‘Know Your Claim Status’ option.
  • Next, enter your UAN and password to generate a member ID.
  • Finally, select the member ID generated against the UAN and view your PF status.


UAN Member Portal

Alternatively, you can also check your PF status through UAN Member Portal. Follow these quick steps:

  • Log in to the UAN Member Portal using your UAN and password.
  • Click on the ‘Online Services’ tab.
  • Select ‘Track Claim Status’ option to view your online PF status.



You can also check your PF claim status via the multi-channel and multi-service mobile app called UMANG. This is convenient and easy to use app launched by the government to allow users access over 1,200 government services. You can access this app in English and various other regional languages. ( To access EPF and check your PF claim status, follow these simple steps:

  • Install and open the UMANG app on your mobile.
  • Select EPFO and then choose ‘Employee Centric Services’.
  • Pick the ‘Track Claim’ option.
  • Enter your UAN and request to ‘Get OTP’.
  • On receiving the OTP, select the ‘Login’ option and view your PF status.


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