Rick Ross Net Worth, Rap Career, Controversies, and Relations

Rick Ross Net Worth

Rick Ross is among the most recognizable faces in the modern rap industry. He is an American music producer, rapper, songwriter, and CEO. As per a recent Rick Ross net worth update, it made him the fourth hip-hop figure with billionaire status.

But what is Rick Ross net worth? Are you interested in knowing more about him? Well, let’s look at his life journey that set the artist apart from the rest.

NameWilliam Leonard Roberts II
Other NamesRick Ross, Rozey, Renzel, Teflon Da Don, The Boss
ProfessionRapper, Record Executive, Songwriter
GenresHip hop
LabelsEpic. Def Jam, Poe Boy, Suave House, Atlantic, Maybach Music, Slip-n-slide
Years Active2000- present
DOBJanuary 28, 1976
EducationAlbany State University
ChildrenWilliam Roberts III, Toie Roberts, Billion Leonard Roberts, Berkeley Hermes Roberts
Instagram Account@richforever
Twitter Account@rickyaross

Childhood and early life

William Leonard Roberts II, officially known as Rick Ross, was born in Coahoma County on January 28, 1976. However, his family relocated with him to Carol City, Florida.

Ross and his parents, William Leonard Roberts and Tommie Roberts, along with his older sister, Tawand Roberts, lived in the poverty-stricken area of North Miami.

Since childhood, Ross liked music and listened to artists like Luther Campell, Notorious B.I.G., etc.

As for education, he completed his graduation from Miami Carol City Senior High School in 1994. Later, he received a football scholarship, on which Ross attended Albany State University. It’s a historically black college.

But, he had to drop out of college and start working in the construction industry.

Ross worked for 18 months as a correctional officer. He started in December 1995 and resigned in June 1997.

Career and breakthrough

The rapper debuted under the pseudonym Teflon Da Don at Suave House Records. The song, Ain’t Shhh to Discuss, was part of Erick Sermon’s lone album. It was for Dreamworks, Def Squad Presents, and Erick Onasis.

The artist officially changed his name to Rick Ross. The stage name derived from Freeway Rick Ross, a former drug kingpin, even though they had no connection.

In 2006, he signed with Slip-n-Slide Records, where he toured with rappers like Trick Daddy.

Rick released his first album in August 2006.  The debut album Port of Miami topped the US Billboard 200 chart. Within the first week, the sales reached $1,87,000.

Later, he released his works like Push It, Trilla, and Here I Am.

Fourth album and rise in fame

In 2010,  Ross successfully gained a lot of accomplishments. In May, the rapper released Albert Anastasia’s EP, a critically acclaimed album.

He also released Teflon Don, his fourth album, in 2010.  Rick worked with artists like Kanye West and Khaled.

Rick also worked frequently with Diddy, and they signed a management deal with Ciroc Entertainment. Both worked together and released projects like Another One and mixtapes like Ashes to Ashes.

The rapper had the peak of his career in 2012. He made different works and released them during the year.

Billboard hits and records

Rick Ross released Mastermind, his sixth album, in 2014.  His work received positive reviews from fans and critics, debuting it at number one on Billboard 200.

Later, he released Hood Billionaire in October 2014, making up for Dream Worth More Than Money by Meek Mill. Due of his incarceration, the album was shelved.

The rapper stayed active and released his following albums. In 2020, he teamed up with August Alsina to record a diss track. It was towards Jada Pinkett Smith, Alisina’s ex-lover.

In his interview with Hot 97,  Ross said he will release his eleventh album. Also, he has a book, The Perfect Day to Boss Up, published on September 7, 2021. The book debuted in the bestseller list of the New York Times at number 5.

Personal life and health

Rick Ross’s personal life had many ups and downs, from being part of different controversies to his health issues. The rapper has a lot of things to unfold. Rick Ross net worth has increased over the years, and so have his personal life conflicts.

Rick Ross is a religious

Despite his life conflicts, the rapper is dedicated to God. He is a Christian and religiously follows his beliefs. In his interview with Corey for Lift Every Voice, he mentioned his religious beliefs.

The rapper said he told himself that Ross would trust his god and never question him no matter what happened. He added even after so many years in the industry, every time he goes to perform on stage, Rick still does his prayers every time.

Two seizures and degraded health

On October 14, 2011. The rapper had first seizures in the morning and second in the evening. On his first seizure, he was found unconscious and had to perform CPR.

When his second seizure happened, Ross moved to a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, and was admitted to the testes.

As per reports, he had seizures because of lack of sleep. Doctors declared him out of risk, and he was sent back.

Talking about the incident in Meek Mill’s Ima Boss remix, he called those minor setbacks.

The artist was hospitalized again on March 2, 2018. He was found unresponsive in his house situated in Miami.

It was declared a possible heart attack, and Ross had to spend a few days on life support and was eventually released.

Photos of him in correctional office photos

The Smoking Gun released a report about Ross in 2008, linking his social security number to his correctional officer. The website also added photos of him in the uniform that Media Take Out publicized.

At first, the rapper denied anything related to the news. He even said that the photo was not his. However, after a few times, he admitted the photos were indeed his.

Ross didn’t want to disclose his overwhelming past.  The issue also includes Freeway Ricky Ross, a former drug lord and successful cocaine dealer.

Ross and he were in legal battles due to using his name and identity.

Rick Ross net worth

Rick Ross is not just prolific but also extremely popular. He has 22 Recording Industry Association of America gold and platinum awards.

As per Rick Ross net worth Forbes, the rapper has an estimated amount of $45 million.

The artist is famous as a solo and featured artist. On Spotify, he has more than 12.2 million monthly hits.

Apart from music, he is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur, owning assets. The list includes rick ross private jet, more than 100 luxurious cars, etc.

The rapper started his label imprint after his debut single was released. He started Maybach Music  Group in 2009.

Ross also owned Wingstop restaurant on different occasions in 2017. It’s a fast food change that specializes in chicken wings.

YearsNet worth
Rick ross net worth 2023$45 million
Rick Ross net worth 2022$45 million
Rick Ross net worth 2021$40 million
Rick Ross net worth 2020$35 million
Rick Ross net worth 2019$30 million

Dating, relationships, and kids

Ross dated multiple women during his career. The rapper has a long history of relationships, including:

  • Liz Hagelthorn
  • Chandra Davis
  • Brana Camille
  • India Love
  • Strawberry
  • Briteady
  • Ming Lee
  • Paige Imamni
  • Elise Neal
  • Keyshia Dior
  • Tia Kemp
  • Foxy Brown
  • Shateria moragne – EL
  • Chritella Blanche
  • Lastonia Leviston

He is not married but has been engaged a few times. However, the relationship didn’t work for him.

The rapper is currently dating Vena “Pretty Vee” Excel. She is a media personality and comedian.

Rick Ross kids

Rick Ross has two daughters and three sons from his previous relationships.  Toie Roberts, his eldest child whom he had with Lastonia Leviston in 2002. Both have a close relationship and have appeared a lot of times together.

The second child Ross welcomed was in 2005. It was from his relationship with Tiallondra Kemp. William Leonard Roberts III is eighteen years old, and he plays football.

Rick had his third child, Berkeley Hermes Roberts, from Briana Camille. With her, Ross has two other kids, too. But it’s not much in the public domain.

Albums, television, and awards

Apart from Rick Ross networth, the rapper has many albums. It includes:

  • Port of Miami
  • Trilla
  • Deeper Than Rap
  • Mastermind
  • Teflon Don
  • Hood Billionaire
  • Rather You Than Me
  • Black Market
  • God Forgives, I Don’t
  • Richer Than I Ever Been
  • Port of Miami 2

He was also part of numerous T.V. shows and programs like:

  • Days of Wrath
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • Late Show with David Letterman
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
  • Chelse Lately
  • Freakin: The Musical
  • Magic City
  • Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party
  • Superfly
  • Step Up: High Water
  • Coming 2 America

Awards and nominations

Rick Ross was nominated for Best Male Hip Hop Artist in 2011. However, he lost to Kanye West.  As for Grammy, he was nominated for nine categories from 2012 – 2023.

The rapper won for Men Of The Year in 2010.

Legal issues and Freeway Ricky Ross

The rapper, also has a history of legal issues. Ross was arrested for possessing a gun and marijuana in January 2008.

Allan Zamran, Ross’s lawyer, asked Officer Rey Hernandez why his case was assigned to the gang task force. Officer Rey was the police officer who arrested him. He stated Ross claimed to have a connection with Carol City Cartel, famously known as Triple C’s. However, the officer didn’t have any evidence to prove the claims.

D.J. Valid lawsuit

YouTube DJ Vlad also filed the lawsuit in August 2008. The case included assault and battery. DJ Vlad was attacked during the Ozone Awards in 2008. The YouTuber accused Ross of the ambush and mentioned his past work as a correction officer.

Freeway Ricky Ross

Freeway Ricky Ross or Ricky Donnell also had a long history of lawsuits against the rapper. He is an American author and foreign drug lord sentenced to life in prison. But in 2009, it was shortened, and he was released. Freeway Rick Ross

Freeway Ricky Ross sued Ross in 2010 for using his name. Also, he filed a lawsuit against copyright infringement in California federal Court.

The court called Jay Z to testify as he was the C.E.O. of Def Jam at the time Ross signed. The reformed drug kingpin demanded $10 million for the damage Ross had caused. He further threatened to block the upcoming Ross album, Teflon Don.

After a week, Ross responded that he won’t be changing anything. Also denied changing the name to Ricky Rozey, as some rumors suggested.

The lawsuit was dismissed on July 3, 2010. The federal judge ruled the lawsuit, saying it should be in California State since it was under state law.

Freeway Ricky Ross refiled the lawsuit again, and the appeal was in the United States of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

He also filed a lawsuit for publicity rights in Los Angeles Superior Court. The trial was fixed for March 2012, but the judge dismissed the case later.

In 2012, The California state updated in favor of Freeway Rick Ross. However, The court ruled in favor of the rapper in 2013, letting him keep the album’s name.

Arrested for marijuana

Ross was arrested in 2011 for possessing marijuana in Shreveport. As per the police records, they were reported to have a strong odor of marijuana from his hotel in Hilton.

This led to the arrest on June 27 in Greensboro. At the same time, he had a performance at SuperJam at Greensboro Coliseum.

The arrest had a year of a warrant from another North Carolina arrest. However, the rapper didn’t appear in court.

Kidnapping and assault charges

Rick and his bodyguard were arrested on June 24, 2015. The case was filed for kidnapping and assault charges.

Both were charged with forcing Landscaper and beating him with handguns. The reason was said to be the money the landscaper owed to him.

In April 2017, the rapper pleaded no contest to the felony. However, he had to be sentenced to jail with a $10,000 fine for the crime.

After being sentenced, his conviction was decreased.  He pled no contest, including his five misdemeanors, and because of that, the rapper had to go on 60 months of prohibition.

Final thoughts

Freeway Rick Ross net worth in 2017 made him one of the highest-paid hip-hop artists. He ranked 19th number from the Top 20 list with $11.9 million.

Ross earned his stardom and wealth from his devotion to his work and hip-hop culture. He also set a successful career in the industry and received multiple platinum albums and billboard hit songs.


1. What made Rick Ross a millionaire?

Rick Ross has multiple platinum sales for more than $100 million worldwide. He also has business ventures estimated at $150 million.

2. What made Rick Ross famous?

Rick became the first artist signed to P. Diddy’s Ciroc Entertainment. Despite his rivalry with 50 cents, he is a respected rapper and entrepreneur.

3. How many cars does Rick have?

Rick has more than 100 vehicles, making him a luxury vehicle connoisseur. The collections include cars like Maybach 57s, Lamborghini Murcielago, etc.

4. How many songs has Rick Ross made so far?

The artist has 11 studio albums, 145 singles, a soundtrack, 40 music videos, and one compilation album.

5. Who is the rumored girlfriend of Rick Ross?

Rick confirmed his long-rumored girlfriend, Vena’ Pretty Vee’ Excel, is in a relationship.

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