Sweet Trade Tattoo – 4 Things To Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

Before Getting a Tattoo

Do you love tattoos? If you do, then you are just one out of a large number of people that are thrilled by it. People love it for various reasons.

For some, it is a means of expressing their belief system, remembering something, rebelling, appreciating art, and so many other reasons. For more on the subject of why people love and decide to have tattoos, you can visit: https://emozzy.com/why-do-people-get-tattoos

Just like you love the thought of having these artistic designs on your skin, some people once did and now have regrets. One reason is that they had the procedure done by the wrong artist.

Well, it is very important that you only have yours done by the right artist. This is why you need to know red flags that suggest you may be dealing with the wrong person.

To help out, this article will identify some red flags that show that a person is a bad tattoo artist. This will eventually have you checking out some cover-up solutions or NYC tattoo removal. We strongly suggest that you follow through to the end and put this information to good use when the need arises.

Signs that a Tattoo Artist Is Not Good Enough for You

The profession of a tattoo artist requires a great deal of training and professionalism at large. The thought of having a needle used on you should even make you insist on working with the right hand and mind.

This is why you should settle for nothing short of a good tattoo artist. In light of this, here are some red flags or factors to consider:

Good but Not the Right Option

Frankly, there are many artists out there that are good. They have paid their dues by undergoing rigorous training and doing some other things. However, a good professional is not necessarily the right professional for you. We do hope we have not got you confused?

What we mean is that the profession of a tattoo artist is an ambiguous one. There are so many kinds of art that can be designed on the skin. You need to make sure your eventual option is an expert in your preference.

For instance, some professionals are very good with small designs on the skin. The same cannot be said about big arts drawn on the skin. So, you need to be certain that your eventual option can do a perfect job for you. That is what we mean by the right option.

To help out, we suggest that you go over the artist’s portfolio before subjecting yourself to the needle. Speaking of a portfolio, let us move on to the next point.

No Portfolio

You should stay away from professionals that have no portfolio to back up their claims to be good artists. This is because the portfolio is one proof that they are up to the task.

It will also help you decide if they are good enough to design the art you desire on your skin. So, make sure you see the right kind of portfolio before you do business with them.

This also means that you need to know how a good portfolio should look like. This is because some bad artists take undue advantage of people’s ignorance as regards this. You can visit Sweet Trade Tattoo for more information about how a good portfolio should look like.

They Are Annoyingly Pushy

More often than not, people that are serious about having a tattoo have an idea of what they want. They may have seen it on someone else body or just desire to have it on their skin.

It is very professional for your artist to raise suggestions about what you want. Something else or an adjustment to what you want can also be brought up. We even expect a good professional to do this.

However, the right professional would not be too pushy about this. S/he should not compel you to have something that you are not going to be happy with.

It is a work of art and you are supposed to be the first admirer. So, stay away from professionals that are too pushy about what they want you to have on your skin.

Not Professional

It is not enough that a tattoo artist is good at designing. S/he still needs to be very professional and you should not condone unprofessionalism.

For instance, the artist should be sober while working on your skin. Also, s/he must respect you and your body. For more on this subject, you can this article.


There are several things you should consider before getting a tattoo. One of them is whether the artist you are considering working with is the right fit for you.

We have shed light on this by discussing 4 factors to consider when selecting. We advise that you put the information shared here to good use when the need arises.

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