The importance of photography in digital marketing

What is flat-lay photography?, How to get the best photograph? How does it apply to Digital Marketing? Is it really important? Why have smartphones revolutionised the market? These are questions we hear more and more in the digital marketing environment.

Companies want their products to have a greater reach, reaching as many people as possible. For this reason, they must apply one or more sales strategies to achieve the planned objectives.

Amid this great challenge that represents achieving everything previously planned when carrying out a campaign, there will be different issues to take into account by the sector in charge of sales.

An essential item will be how the product in question will be displayed. Flat lay photography is one of the most used options when showing a product to the public. This photographic method is very effective and gives excellent results.

What is flat-lay photography?

When you display a product on the internet, whether on a website or social networks, you must determine how the photographs will be taken. That will be very important because product details will be shown to capture people’s attention if this is done correctly.

With the flat-lay photography method, you place the product on a flat surface and then take a photograph from above. That will give the user or potential client a frontal view of what they may acquire at some point.

This practice is widespread, especially when displaying clothing products such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, and pants, among other things. It is also helpful for displaying makeup, food, electronic devices, and accessories.

Therefore, with this photographic style, different products or objects can be created that are intended to be displayed in a certain way on the internet. This style has various alternatives: it can be with a white background, with different colors to achieve a good contrast with the objects, and with rudimentary backgrounds like a wooden piece of furniture, for example.

How to get the best photograph?

One of the main issues when taking this type of photo will be finding the right place, without having shadows or details around, so that the capture is ideal.

There are photography tables equipped with side lights that can be oriented at different angles, with an interchangeable background, and with exceptional support for the camera. That is the ideal scenario. But only some things are so simple because it is usually a very expensive combo.

A good alternative will be to have a flat surface and a smooth bottom. To have that background of a single color, whether white or any other color, you can place a piece of paper or fabric on a table, for example. Then, with a tripod with the necessary height, the photograph will be taken from a higher height. It will be even better if you can have a portable light to remove any shadows or prevent them from intruding.

Another good alternative is to have a ladder, which allows us to obtain a certain height and thus be able to take a photo from above. That option is often used, especially when you want greater depth in the photograph.

Smartphones have revolutionized the market

As with daily use, mobile phones have come to change absolutely everything. A few years ago, having a cell phone that took photos was an important detail for some occasions that could arise unexpectedly. Nowadays, smartphones have compelling cameras.

Thanks to these new cameras installed on cell phones, entrepreneurs who require a low budget can take the photographs themselves.

You can achieve an excellent result with all the tips described above. If you add a retouch with some editing software, you will get an excellent photographic job without resorting to professional tools that are usually much more expensive.

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