Top 7 Reasons to Visit Pigeon Forge This Summer

Top 7 Reasons to Visit Pigeon Forge This Summer

Summer is here with a growing urge to travel and bask away the Monday blues. Somewhere untainted by the tinnitus of the city- a serene but equally adventurous spot to keep yourself and the family entertained. 

You’re lucky to have stumbled across this article because we have just the right place for you—pigeon Forge, a wonderfully striking mountain town in eastern Tennessee, ticks all these boxes. 

Let’s explore the top 7 reasons you need to have Pigeon Forge in your vacation plans and join the 9 million tourists visiting the place annually. 

Without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

  • You are desperate for adventure 

Are you bored and seeking adventure in your life? Pigeon Forge is the ultimate getaway.

Speckled with several amusement parks, shopping malls, and cinematic museums, there is some kind of adventure awaiting everyone, regardless of age and interest. Going there feels like entering a cool fictional universe that we wish we lived in 24/7.

Take a mind-boggling walk through Wonderworks, Tennessee’s version of a crazy science lab, where you can visit hundreds of hands-on science exhibits. If only learning could be this entertaining everywhere. (Fun fact: all the buildings here appear upside down.) 

On the other hand, if rolling down the hill in a giant balloon (literally) is your definition of a good tumble, then the Outdoor Gravity Park has you covered.

  • Good food equals a good mood 

Some days, we’d rather just skip the adventure and get straight to indulging ourselves in good food. Thankfully, every street here burgeons with its promise, and the dinner shows in Pigeon Forge particularly take the cake in serving delicious, mouth-watering meals. 

So if you wear the word “foodie” as a badge of honor, don’t forget to check out Pigeon Forge’s famous restaurants, such as Local Goat, The Old Mill Restaurant, and Blue Moose Burgers Wings, to name a few. The Appalachian cuisine is to die for.

For those who like their meals with some entertainment, the Hatfield and McCoy dinner show offers toe-tapping country music and skits to tickle your funny bone while you enjoy an all-you-can-eat feast. 

  • A pocket-friendly vacation is on the cards 

Most of our problems are related to money. And when it comes to vacation plans, a tight budget can be a big spoilsport. But don’t worry, Pigeon Forge is light on the pocket.

That’s right; you don’t have to save up for months for a visit here. 

Even with countless things to do and beautiful tourist spots that snatch your breath away, the cost of cabin rentals, transportation, and activities here is economical.   

  • Great outdoor activities 

Cradled by the Smoky Mountains and the rich earthy perfume of moss and lush wildlife, Pigeon Forge is a great destination for the outdoorsy. 

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers all this and more, and every year millions of tourists flock here to enjoy the glimmering waterfalls and the Little River that runs through it. 

You can give yourself a speedy tour of the area by zip-lining the expanse. Otherwise, traversing the area on foot, hiking, and camping in picturesque cabins are popular activities. 

Furthermore, relish the wonderful and heartwarming Island of Pigeon Forge, where you’ll be privy to over 80 shops, restaurants, and a 200 feet high observation wheel for that mandatory dose of vertigo.

  • Feast your eyes on Dollywood 

Partly owned by famous American singer, actress, and philanthropist Dolly Parton, Dollywood is the land of wonders. 

Hosting tons of entertainment, you’ll find more than 40 awe-sweeping rides and attractions here. The Mystery Mine and Daredevil Falls, for example, and how could we not mention the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster, the Lightning Rod?

Channel your inner art and culture enthusiast as well with the Festival of Nations. An ode to globalization, the festival offers traditional music, art, dance, and eclectic cuisine from around the world. 

Forget the world tour- too darn expensive- and come here for a crash course.

  • Funky Museums for an enthralling history lesson 

How can any traveling be complete without a bit of a history lesson sprinkled in? In Pigeon Forge, this history lesson is unlike any other. 

Visit the Hollywood wax Museum to witness the life-like glitz and glamor of world-famous actors and actresses, or the Alcatraz East Crime Museum to glimpse some macabre (but child-friendly) gadgets and gizmos used in American crime history. 

Hungry for more? Well, the Titanic Museum and the Hollywood Star Cars Museum are there to satiate your appetite. Catering to both the old and the young, the museums offer an adrenaline-pumping ride into the past. 

There are a bunch of others too, but we fear that if we start listing all of them down, you’ll be here all day. 

  • Fodder for your camera

After discussing all the exciting spots in Pigeon Forge, it’s a no-brainer that your hands will be itching to take hundreds of pictures here. The beautiful rendezvous is brimming with rides, shopping streets bursting with color, and Instagram-worthy meals. 

You must keep a camera handy because all the spectacular memories you’ll be making here cannot be missed and just have to be preserved no matter what. This also serves as a reminder to bring extra camera storage because, trust us, you’ll be running out of it sooner than you think. 

A dream-like journey awaits 

After learning about all the great things awaiting you in Pigeon Forge, we hope we have convinced you to make your next visit there. Packed with utterly fabulous attractions around every nook and corner, this place deserves every penny of its popularity. 

Wait, what, are you still thinking? Don’t overthink; grab your bag and be on your way to getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Once here, you must tour the museums, treat yourself to a delicious buffet and hike the mellifluous wilderness. 

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed the article and learned the reasons why to visit the amazing Pigeon Forge this summer. 

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