What Does Cherry Chapstick Mean

What Does Cherry Chapstick Mean


What does cherry Chapstick mean? This is a question that has been hammering the brains of the general public for years now, and they want to make sure that they get the actual meaning of the phrase. Since there are thousands of people out there who believe in going with the original words of the phrase and believe in the plain words, many people believe that there might be a deep meaning to the phrase.

It has been a common practice that singers and writers from all over the world make sure that they introduce such a term or phrase in their creation so that people cannot resist thinking about it. Also, the creators only know the meaning of such phrases, thus creating a stir in the general public.

Not many people can produce this effect. Sometimes, they tend to make a joke of themselves by creating such phrases. But also, if we take a look, we will come to know that many people still look for such phrases. In this article, you will find the actual meaning of what does cherry Chapstick mean.

What Does Cherry Chapstick Mean

Many people are not aware of the origin of this phrase so let us tell you that this phrase actually originated from a song by the famous singer Katy Peery who is known for her bold attitude. Also, we have witnessed the fact in the past that the classic American songs always tend to have deeper meanings that are not generally known by the general public.

What Does Cherry Chapstick Mean

If we look at the song “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry, we will come to know that for her attitude, this is not something unusual, and it was suspected by the general public too. The phrase what does cherry Chapstick mean was the first time heard in the song “I kissed a girl”.

The surface meaning

If we take a look at the lyrics of the song, then we will come to know that the surface meaning of the lyrics helps us understand the fact that the singer has kissed a girl and wanted to taste the cherry Chapstick that the girl had applied before.

The actual meaning

But many people do not believe it to be the actual meaning of the phrase. Several reports confirm the suspicion that, in this case, the singer is not talking about the lips of the girl. In fact, she is talking about the genitalia of the person in question.

The reason for using this phrase

This will surely peak your interest in the details of the song that why the singer said these words in the first place. So let us tell you that if we analyze the lyrics, we will come to know that the singer is sharing her experience of partying out with a bunch of boys, including her boyfriend. Still, during this night out, her boyfriend hints that the singer is a heterosexual personality. But she tries to ensure him that she kissed a girl, and this phrase is repeated repeatedly throughout the song.

The reason for using this phrase

The song release

The details of the song’s release will also help you get an idea about the meaning of this phrase. Because if we talk about the first time this song was presented in front of the public, then it was in a show called “Just Dance”. While the song was being presented at that time too, the words cherry Chapstick were beeped. However, the rest of the song is not touched at all. This confirms the other meaning of the phrase.

The song release

The song is the true depiction of the character of Katy Perry. In the past, it has been witnessed that the famous singer has been criticized because of her bold attitude, and she has been producing the content with bold nature for a long time now. Her songs show that she is extremely outspoken.

The wrong mental approach

Although people think that such people are ahead of their time, such details are not admirable because the message you relay to the public is not suitable. It will destroy the mental well-being of society, giving rise to more thoughts of homosexuality. This is why it is of the utmost importance that the celebrities of her caliber should refrain from such stunts to ensure that they get the public’s response out of love, not out of hate.

The Response Of The Star Herself On The Lyrics

Although the song is in the public circle now, it has been listened to repeatedly since it was released. But this particular song has cleared one fact in the eyes of the general public that the caliber of the song of Katy Perry is not the one that it used to be in her initial days of a musical career. Now she is just cashing her name, and the quality of lyrics is getting pathetic day by day.

Katy Perry interview to Glamour

Although many people thought that Katy would never talk about the song and its details, it was wrong at all. She talked about the meaning of the song in an interview with Glamour. If we talk about the star’s response, then we will come to know that the star has regretted the lyrics of the track.

The guilt

The star was determined that all needed was a chance to rewrite the song in question. If she can get a chance in the future, then she will surely go to edit the song’s lyrics. As a result, we might get this part omitted. She had accepted that the song is based upon multiple stereotypes currently prevailing in our society. Her exact statement is mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

“If I had to write that song again, I probably would make an edit on it. Lyrically, it has a couple of stereotypes in it. Your mind changes so much in 10 years”.

Apart from all of these facts, the song was still a hit. But the controversial nature made it rather unacceptable among the different sectors of the general public.

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The details mentioned above will help you understand what cherry Chapstick means. Also, you will get to know the after-effects of the song’s release. We hope that the content creators do not show such irresponsibility in the future.

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