What experts say about choosing honey for weight loss?

Honey for weight loss

The controversy of using honey for weight loss is right next to whether eggs are healthy or not. There is too much science and research for each side. Yet, we fail to see the big picture. Here is everything you need to know before you buy that bottle of honey from the store.

Can you use honey for weight loss?

Yes, honey for weight loss, is a good option. But, it is a tricky one too. Honey, as a standalone product, does not induce weight loss. Honey, in abundant, would increase weight gain. There is a right time, amount, and way to use honey if you are looking for weight loss. The second question is the debate between pasteurized and unpasteurized honey.

Which is the best honey for weight loss?

While using honey for weight loss, the raw honey is the best. Remember that the unpasteurized honey and raw honey are not the same. Well, they both do not undergo pasteurization. The pasteurization is a sterilization process where the product gets heated to a temperature less than boiling point and immediately chilled. This process kills bacteria, foreign particles, and others.

Unfortunately, this process also kills antioxidants, bee pollen, enzymes, vitamins, bee propolis, and others. The enzymes are one of the major elements that help to manage weight. The enzymes in the honey suppress your appetite and prevent weight gain. The honey’s medicinal value gets reduced due to pasteurization but does not go to the null point. So, can we conclude unpasteurized honey is best for weight loss? Well, the answer is a strict no.

Raw honey for weight loss

The unpasteurized honey can withstand a longer storage time. But, the texture, color, and other aesthetic factors decrease over time. Thus, brands tend to add additives, preservatives, or even sweeteners. The honey efficiency as a tool for weight loss decreases tremendously based on the ingredients of the preservatives. Sweeteners can induce weight gain. So, you should choose raw honey. Unfortunately, any packaged branded honey you find in the market is a processed one (either pasteurized or not) and contains additives. Thus, you need to find local vendors who can squeeze honey from the comb and manually filter it.

How to use honey for weight loss?

As mentioned before, honey does not promote weight loss by itself. Thus, if you consume your normal diet with a sedentary lifestyle and drink honey with warm water or other weight loss recipe with honey, there will be a weight gain. Honey, when replaces sugar in your diet, would induce weight management.

The key term here is management. Honey does not induce weight loss. It helps you to maintain your weight. You tend to feel full for a longer period when you substitute sugar with honey. If you wish to lose weight, you need to avoid junk foods and have an average active lifestyle. The sugar from fruits could also disrupt your weight loss cycle. Thus, avoid all kinds of sugar and use honey in your diet to experience good weight loss. Some recommend avoiding using sweeteners (zero calories) while using honey for losing weight. However, there are no medical studies to prove the efficiency of this statement.

What does honey do to your body?

Even when you are not exercising, your body burns calories for bodily functions. Honey improves the efficiency of this process. Thus, consuming honey right before your bedtime can help to improve the calorie-burning efficiency of the body. However, if you continue eating sugar and carbs, the calorie burnt by honey would become insignificant.

If you consume honey early in the morning, the advantages are numerous. It helps in detoxing, energizing, and more. In terms of weight loss, it keeps you full. The main reason for your weight loss plateau is the mid-morning snacks that you crave. If you consume honey, your cravings reduce, and you will feel full for longer. Since you are not depriving sweet, you tend to cheat your diet less often.

Honey and potato – not the right way

If you are using honey for your weight loss regime, avoid starchy items as much as possible. The first item to avoid is potatoes. Starch increases the insulin level in the body, which is similar to consuming sugar. This mechanism renders honey’s efficiency to a moot point.

Mistakes that people commit while using honey to lose weight

A tablespoon of honey contains 17.3g of carbs, and it is not something to add to your meal, as you wish. In many cases, people end up gaining weight because of using honey. It is because honey is effective in both increasing and managing weight. You ought to know how not to use honey.

Honey with warm water is the best way to stay slim. Warm water allows your body to absorb the nutrients in the honey. You can add lemon or cinnamon to boost the efficiency of the drink. On the other hand, honey with warm milk or turmeric can improve weight gain. Honey egg (beating eggs with honey) is the best snack for weight gain.

The right brand of honey is the next obstacle. Some sell rare honey from a particular flower or a geographical location, some locals sell fresh honey, and there are popular brands. Unfortunately, there is no accreditation or governing agency to approve the rawness or quality of honey. So, any brand that states as ‘medical-grade,’ ‘top-rated pure,’ or other labels is just a marketing gimmick. If you want to buy the best, go directly to the local vendor, or buy from reputed local brands that sell raw honey.

The truth behind honey supplements

Honey supplements, honey drinks, or other infused items could be counter-productive. Honey supplements are usually capsules or gels, which promises to provide concentrated benefits without any side effects. The process of converting honey into capsules or gels need chemicals, heat-inducing processes, and additives. So, it is best to choose honey in its natural form. As a final note, do not replace honey with any medication you consume for weight loss or other medical conditions.

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