Why Agent Matching Services are Needed in 2022

Agent Matching

You can find a real estate agent easily these days. The best way to get in touch with a low commission or full-service real estate agent is through online sources other than billboards, radio ads, and references from family, friends, and neighbors.

Due to the availability of so many options, you will surely get a real estate agent. But the challenge is whether the real estate agent is good enough and makes your home selling process efficient and successful. Most people want to stick to the sources that can provide them with quality local real estate agents who can help them sell their homes fast.

What are agent matching services?

There are agent matching services available for you. These companies hire only qualified and top-class real estate agents. They pre-screen local agents and get to their profile deeply. The agent matching services match the agents to the clients after getting to know the customer’s specific needs and unique demands as a home seller or buyer.

The agent matching services have become the easiest and the fastest way to find a quality realtor. This is because they do all the work on your behalf and that too for free. The services offer you to save a big commission. So, the sellers and buyers can save hundreds of dollars in paying a commission and rather work with the discounted real estate agents.

Though family and friends can also provide a credible referral source for real estate agents, there is no tool usually available to vet the agent’s experience and qualifications. An agent who is local may or may not have the expertise to steer your home sale or buying process in the right direction. You may end up making a bad choice, even if they were highly recommended.

There are open houses too where you can meet with local agents without even an appointment. But again, there is no confirmation that they will be a good match for you. You may end up wasting your time and money. There are many several other ways too, that can help you find a real estate agent, but seeking the help of a credible agent matching service such as Upnest or Ideal Agent is a method better than others.

Best Agent Matching Services

Here we guide you with great agent matching services.

Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent offers one of the best free real estate services. They connect you with the best agents in your local area. You can easily get a discounted real estate agent who can help you with an array of services. With Ideal Agent, you can sell your home at the lowest commission fee.

The company hires agents who are vetted, certified, and licensed. Ideal agents have more than 14 years of experience and have done around 100 to 300 transactions every year and have a 5-star rating as well.

As per Ideal agent reviews, you get a top realtor. You also have an option not to work with that agent. You can look for other agents and schedule interviews on your own. You will get a full range of Realtor services including Comparative Market Analysis or CMA, which allows you to find the prices for which the nearby homes with almost the same features were sold. Using the information, you can set the price of your home. The real agent from Ideal Agent meets you and discusses all the details like your goal, sale deadline, selling needs, etc. The agent walks through your home and provides the best advice on how to market your home. The agent also helps you click professional photographs and list your home on the MLS along with other best real estate websites. The agent negotiates on your behalf too and tries to get you the highest price. The agent keeps supporting you till the end of the deal.

Ideal Agent reviews are available online. On Trustpilot, Ideal Agent gets a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and has 1,420 reviews. On Google, Ideal Agent gets a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and has 172 reviews. Most of the Ideal Agent reviews are good where the customers have shared that they have been the best professionals and were quickly able to sell their houses. There were negative Ideal Agent reviews too in which the customers shared that some agents were not local experts and were new to the industry with negligible experience.


UpNest matches you with a local real estate agent when you want to buy or sell a home. Like other agent matching services, this platform is also free to use. When you sign up with UpNest to find an agent, the agents compete with one another to get your business. Several UpNest agents offer discounted rates. Though the savings may be pretty small.

If you’re looking for the best real estate agent at competitive prices, you can check out Upnest reviews. They are one of the great agent matching services and may offer larger savings on your home sale deal. Sellers can list their homes with top local agents for a low listing fee.

The real estate agent quality is good at UpNest and most of the agents may impress you with great sales records. UpNest also offers a simple-to-use online dashboard. It is said that its representatives are difficult to reach and sometimes they may not be able to answer simple questions. Listing fees in UpNest proposals are typically low around 2-2.5%.

UpNest is a good option for you if you’re selling a house and you want to find a good agent. On this platform, most of the agents you are matched with have a strong sales record. However, Upnest reviews also say that the algorithm is not right at times and you may be matched with an agent who does not work in your area.

Clever Real estate

Clever Real Estate offers great savings and also offers 0.5% cash back for buyers. Clever is also a free service that helps connect buyers and sellers with top local agents from the best companies like Keller Williams, Berkshire Hathaway, and RE/MAX.

While as per UpNest’s model, the agents offer to work at lower commission rates to the sellers and offer rebates to the buyers as well, the savings may be minimal. UpNest agents charge 2 to 2.5%, but Clever offers full service for just a 1% fee. The home seller can save thousands.

These were some of the best agent matching services, you can look up to and enjoy a smooth home sale experience.

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