Why Should I Seek Medical Treatment After a Car Accident?

You may be tempted to avoid a medical check-up after being involved in an accident because you don’t feel any pain and you don’t have any visible injuries. Even if you feel minor pain, you may try convincing yourself that it will go away on its own. However, this is a bad idea because it can take hours or even days before internal injuries become apparent through swelling, severe pain, and even discoloration of the skin. Therefore, you should visit a hospital after the collision because:

You need to look after your health

You have to take care of yourself. Even if you think you have sustained minor injuries, you should still visit a hospital and get checked. This is because latent injuries such as whiplash, concussions, and internal wounds are not always noticeable immediately after the crash.

Moreover, internal injuries can become more dangerous and more expensive the more you delay seeking treatment. The crash may also cause you to develop mental and emotional problems, which can be as damaging as physical injuries if left untreated.

However, when you seek treatment, a healthcare professional can recommend the appropriate treatment plan for your mental and emotional anguish and help you to begin living again after your tragic ordeal.

Failing to visit a hospital can be used against you

When you visit a doctor in the hospital, they will record your injuries, what caused them, the tests you will undergo, the treatment, and the car accident medical bills. These documents will help insurance companies to determine the compensation amount that you deserve.

Many insurance companies usually want to settle cases as quickly and as cheaply as they can after vehicle collisions occur. So, when you delay going to the hospital, they may claim you don’t deserve any compensation because your injuries were not severe enough for you to seek treatment immediately.

While this tactic is unfair and malicious to the victims who were hurt in a vehicle crash that was caused by other parties, insurance companies still use it every day. That is why you should see a doctor immediately after your crash.

You will be complying with insurance requirements

When you see a healthcare professional immediately after a crash, you will be complying with insurance requirements. Many insurance policies have a limited amount of time within which policyholders can seek treatment after a vehicle collision to be eligible for compensation.

You can use healthcare records as evidence

The healthcare records will enable you to prove the extent of your injuries and act as evidence to support your claims. These records include doctor’s notes, x-rays, patient files, prescriptions, and treatment bills. Without the records, it will be very difficult to prove your case, no matter how severe your injuries are.


Therefore, visiting a hospital to treat your physical, mental, and emotional wounds is the best way to safeguard your health. It is also a great way of collecting evidence that you will need to fight for your justice and fair compensation.

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