Wi Ha-Joon Wife, Career, Personal Life, Movies, and More

Wi Ha-Joon Wife, Career, Personal Life, Movies, and More

Wi Ha-Joon has rapidly emerged as a significant South Korean entertainment business figure. His diverse acting talents are earning him international praise. We will tap into his personal life to have a sneak-peak on who is Wi Ha-Joon wife, which is a subject of great curiosity.

Wi Ha-Joon, born on April 5, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea, has notably influenced television and movies. This post will examine his professional trajectory, specifically focusing on his involvement in the internationally renowned series Squid Game.

But first, let us check his bio!

Name Wi Ha-Joon
Profession Actor
Wi Ha Joon height 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in)
Age 32 years old
DOB August 5, 1991
Zodiac Sign Leo
Years active 2016–present
Birthplace Soan-Myeon, Wando-gun, South Korea
Education Sungkyul University
Parents Names not publicly known
Wi Ha-Joon wife Not married
Children None
Instagram Account @wi__wi__wi
Nationality South Korean
Religion Not publicly known
Favorite food Korean BBQ and Jjajangmyeon

Wi Ha-Joon net worth

Wi Ha-Joon’s transition from a burgeoning K-drama actor to a globally acclaimed performer has been remarkable.

His net worth shows his dramatic ascent to accredit the same.

Wi Ha-Joon’s net worth is estimated to be between US$3-4 million. However, the actual statistics may vary.

During the initial phase of his career, he took on minor roles in films and plays, progressively accumulating expertise and a dedicated following.

His breakthrough occurred when he delivered a compelling performance in the 2018 supernatural thriller Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, which launched him into fame and attention.

Yet, his depiction of the relentless law enforcement agent Hwang Jun-ho in the worldwide sensation Squid Game genuinely propelled his renown and financial prospects.

The resounding success of the Netflix series has facilitated opportunities for foreign ventures, brand sponsorships, and profitable business agreements.

Wi Ha-Joon’s swift rise and wide range of skills indicate a bright future with even more significant financial achievements. His exceptional acting prowess and increasing worldwide popularity prepared him for sustained triumph in the entertainment sector.

Wi Ha-Joon net worth 2024 US $3-4 million
Wi Ha-Joon net worth 2023 US $3-4 million
Wi Ha-Joon net worth 2022 US $2-3 million
Wi Ha-Joon net worth 2021 US $0.5-1.5 million
Wi Ha-Joon net worth 2020 US $0.5-1.5 million
Wi Ha-Joon net worth 2019 US $0.5-1.5 million

Personal life

Wi Ha-Joon maintains a high level of privacy about his personal life, prioritizing his flourishing professional trajectory and artistic pursuits.

There is no official verification of his marital status or any personal relationships. Wi Ha-Joon is single and has no wife.

You can’t see him accompanying a romantic partner on outings or participating in social gatherings, and he hardly discusses his personal life during interviews.

This prudence also applies to his personal life, including his family.

Although he has acknowledged the existence of a younger sibling in interviews, information on his parents or any other relatives is largely undisclosed.

Wi Ha-Joon has conveyed his aspiration for a felicitous domestic existence. During a previous interview, he expressed his desire to encounter someone with qualities such as kindness, empathy, and a shared set of beliefs.

Additionally, he expressed his deep appreciation for quality time spent with his loved ones and recognized the significance of family.

Wi Ha-Joon is mainly dedicated to his acting profession and is satisfied with his comparatively low-key way of living.

He derives pleasure from socializing with others, participating in athletic endeavors, and immersing himself in outdoor pursuits.

In addition, he is a passionate globetrotter who derives pleasure from immersing himself in unfamiliar cultures and discovering new places.


Wi Ha-Joon’s professional trajectory has a striking resemblance to a carefully constructed script.

The field offers a wide range of professions and a consistent path towards achieving worldwide prominence.

Commencing in 2016, he began his acting career by undertaking modest roles in dramas and films, refining his skills and cultivating a loyal following.

He gradually established his presence in the Korean entertainment industry.

In 2018, he had a crucial turning point in his career by releasing the unsettling horror film Gonjiam.

In this movie, his performance as a frightened participant in a web series demonstrated his flexibility and exceptional acting skills.

It paved the way for further possibilities, including secondary roles in popular K-dramas like Romance Is a Bonus Book and 18 Again.

Yet, it was Wi Ha-Joon’s gripping portrayal of the relentless police officer Hwang Jun-ho in the widely acclaimed series Squid Game that propelled him to worldwide fame.

His subtle and sophisticated depiction of the ethically honest police officer investigating the lethal games deeply connected with a vast audience.

It propelled him to the status of one of the leading Korean actors.

Wi Ha-Joon movie

Wi Ha-Joon’s extensive filmography demonstrates his adaptability and skill.

It propels him from his indie origins to worldwide acclaim.

These are a few of his noteworthy films:

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

Wi Ha-Joon rose to fame as a result of this bone-chilling horror picture. He portrays Hyun-seo, a contestant, in a web series investigating an abandoned institution. His unrefined performance and charming demeanor captivated onlookers.

Little Forest (2018)

This lovely drama showcases Wi Ha-Joon in a supporting role as Eun-seok. He exhibits unwavering loyalty as a friend and trusted advisor to the main character. The actor’s performance in the film brings complexity and wit, demonstrating his versatility beyond challenging roles.

The Divine Fury (2019)

Wi Ha-Joon joins Park Seo-Joon in this supernatural thriller, engaging in intense, dynamic action sequences. He portrays the character of Father Kim, who is grappling with demonic possession. He contributes an intricate dimension to the film’s dichotomy between good and evil.

Below is a compilation of Wi Ha-Joon’s finest 10 films:

Movie Title Release Year Role
Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum 2018 Ha-Joon
Killing Time 2019 Choi Bum-su
Little Forest 2018 Eun-Seok
Midnight 2021 Kyeong-Tae
Miss & Mrs. Cops 2019 Woo-Joon
The Divine Fury 2019 Father Kim
Heartless 2020 Oh Jung-Seok
Hit-and-Run Squad 2019 Hyun-soo
Homme Fatale 2018 Han Woo-hyun
Hunt 2022 Kim Jung-hyuk

TV Dramas/ KDramas

Wi Ha-Joon has been a prominent presence on television. He has starred in several television shows that highlight his exceptional acting skills.

Notable dramas in his repertoire include Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019) and 18 Again (2020). His captivating performances greatly enhanced the success of these musicals.

Wi Ha-Joon Squid Game and global acclaim

The TV series “Squid Game” gained worldwide recognition and became a global sensation. It set new records and captivated audiences worldwide.

The inclusion of Wi Ha-Joon’s role, Jang Deok-su, brought a profound and multi-dimensional quality to the group of actors.

The text depicts the profound hopelessness and mercilessness of the individuals involved in the lethal competitions.

The show’s triumph boosted Wi Ha-Joon’s reputation and emphasized the increasing impact of Korean entertainment on the global platform.

Below is a compilation of his finest 10 television programs:

Show Title Year Role
Squid Game 2021 Hwang Jun-ho
Something in the Rain 2018 Kim Joon-Seok
18 Again 2020 Goo Woo-young
Romance Is a Bonus Book 2019 Ji Seo-Joon
Bad and Crazy 2021 Ryu Soo-Yeol
Midnight 2021 Kyeong-Tae
Little Women 2022 Choi Do-il
When You Wish Upon a Star 2022 Han Kang-woo
Mouse 2021 Park Jung-baek (Young)
Hwayugi 2017-2018 Ma-ui-dewa/Pumba

Physical attributes

The actor enthralls spectators not just with his acting prowess but also with his remarkable physical demeanor.

Wi Ha-Joon, with a height of 1.8 meters (5 feet 11 inches), possesses a solid and muscular body developed through rigorous martial arts training and a commitment to physical health.

His well-defined jawline and prominent cheekbones provide a hint of masculinity. Conversely, his kind, communicative eyes, and mischievous smile emit unquestionable charisma.

The appearance of his black, meticulously groomed hair frequently varies with each production. It transitions from disheveled and informal to sleek and refined.

He embodies a wide range of appearances, transitioning from a rough action hero to a charming heartthrob.

Wi Ha-Joon’s confident demeanor and innate elegance are evident whether he performs in modern or period attire. He can captivate the audience’s attention and dominate the situation.

Final thoughts

Wi Ha-Joon’s success in the entertainment business is a tribute to his exceptional skill and unwavering commitment. He has demonstrated his capacity to enthrall audiences with his performances.

Although Wi Ha-Joon is single, fans hope he will meet his future wife soon. As he continues pursuing various roles in television and cinema, viewers anxiously anticipate his upcoming efforts. Undoubtedly, he is an emerging talent hailing from South Korea.


1. What is the name of Wi Ha-Joon wife?

Currently, Wi Ha-Joon is unmarried and does not have a wife. Although there have been internet speculations, they have no verification, and he has not openly recognized any romantic involvements.

2. What drama is Wi Ha-Joon in?

As of January 2024, Wi Ha-Joon is not currently appearing in any ongoing television dramas. Nevertheless, he has been officially cast in the next romantic film, “Graduation,” slated for release in late 2024.

3. What movies did Wi Ha-Joon play in?

Wi Ha-film Joon’s oeuvre represents a wide variety of genres, from thrilling horror features like Gonjiam to action heroes in Unlocked and touching dramas like Little Forest. Genre-bending features like The Divine Fury and dark comedies like Killing Time have also brought out his flexibility.

4. Which KDrama was shot at Korea University?

Korea University has been the setting for several Korean dramas, but among the most famous are True Beauty, Extraordinary You, Reply 1994, and Romance is a Bonus Book.

5. What drama is based on King Sejong?

The life of King Sejong is not directly adapted. It portrays his reign and accomplishments in a fictitious yet accurate manner in the historical drama “The Great King, Sejong” (2008). Most notably, the Hangul is the Korean alphabet that he invented.

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