10 Best Glass Coffee Tables UK Under £200

10 Best Glass Coffee Tables UK Under £200

Modern furniture is not all about beauty and elegance; rather, it is more about the needs of the people. You must have observed that traditional and contemporary furniture was greater in size and was usually more spacious. On the other hand, modern furniture is smaller in size and takes less space. So, you can say modern furniture is a space saving solution. One of those space saving solutions is a coffee table. A coffee table is an incredible table that meets all the needs of the users. It is a small table that provides a great tabletop and takes less space. There are different types of materials used to manufacture these tables. There are wooden tables, marble tables and glass tables. A glass coffee table is believed to be the best choice because it looks more elegant and gorgeous. If you are looking to buy glass coffee tables at a cheap price, here are some 10 Best Glass Coffee Tables UK Under £200.

1. Cairo Oval Black Border Glass Coffee Table

This oval shaped table in black is a masterpiece. It is elegant, unique and extremely splendid. It will be compatible with any furniture or decor in your living room. The size is perfect and with that shape, it is really a space saving table. The table top is large and meets the needs. 

2. Daytona Glass Coffee Table Rectangular In Clear

This clear glass table top is a popular choice in the UK. This is mainly because it is simple and attractive. There are nice chrome legs that add to the overall beauty of the table. The glass has beveled edges and is made of quality tempered glass. 

3. Betty Glass Coffee Table With Polished Stainless Steel Base

With a stainless steel base, this coffee table is awesome and promises strength. It is easily the most durable table on the list. The rectangular shape looks very unique and exciting. It is also one of the tables that are compatible and reasonable within any setting or scheme. 

4. Stanley Square Coffee Table In White

This square table is indeed a beauty! It is small and saves a lot of space. At the same time, it provides a huge table top that is enough to meet your requirements. The best thing about this table is the storage capacity. It features a few drawers where you can store some accessories. 

5. Pucci Glass Coffee Table with White Gloss Base

With a gloss base, and an oval shape, there is no table more gorgeous than this! There is a round table top and an oval shaped base of chrome. There is a clear glass table top of enough size to meet all the needs of the users. 

6. Azuria Coffee Table Rectangular In Bent Clear Glass

This rectangular table is one of the best you will find in the market. In bent clear glass, it is another masterpiece. The shape is quite unique and is an example of modern decor. It is lightweight and durable and can be placed anywhere you want. Also, it is easy to maintain. 

7. Moda Glass Coffee Table Rectangular In Clear

With one large table top and a couple of tables beneath, it is another fine coffee table. The lower ones can be used for placing magazines. All tables are clear glass and are very nice and attractive. The rectangular shape of the table is incredible too. 

8. Kontrast Coffee Table In Black Glass

It is a great glass coffee table under £200. You can choose this as your main table to enjoy coffee, lunch and breakfast. It can be placed in the dining area or living room. There is a lower table as well where you can place anything you want. The black glass looks extremely beautiful. 

9. Megan Clear Glass Rectangular Coffee Table

With chrome legs and clear glass table top, this is yet another gorgeous piece of furniture. The table top is thick and promises serious durability and strength. If you prefer durability over elegance, this is your table to choose. It is also quite lightweight and very durable since it is made of tempered and thick glass. 

10. Tetro Glass Coffee Table Rectangular In Clear

This is our final pick and possibly one of the best! This rectangular table in clear glass has a nice table top. It fulfills all your needs and demands; a great space-saving piece of decor. The walnut legs of this table are just awesome. So, these are the 10 Best Glass Coffee Tables UK Under £200, if you are exploring coffee tables for sale!

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