10 Makeup essentials to carry in your bag

Ladies… men will always be curious about what we carry in our purse and why we need big handbags all the time. Isn’t it literally like they ask you for a tissue paper and you have it right there? Or they ask you for a hand sanitizer and you have that too?

There are so many times when men look at us in awe, because in their mind they know we know it all and have it all! Well, if you’re still prepping up to know some of the things you must carry in your purse, we’d discuss them here. These are primarily makeup essentials but also things that help you take them off!

Makeup products to carry with you all the time

Let us check out what you’re missing out on adding in your purse and help you have a checklist to follow:

1. Lip balm

People living in colder climates know how necessary it is to always keep their lips hydrated. Not just women, even men tend to use transparent lip balms to keep their lips supple.

Lip balms are a pretty tiny piece that you can carry in your purse all the time. They keep your lips away from dryness, peeling, and cracking.

2. Hand lotion

Our hands show signs of aging quickly and allow people to judge our age soon. We do so much for our face that we tend to forget the visible lines of aging that our hands easily show up.

You must prevent your hands from getting dry and make it a habit to apply hand lotion any time you can. Just keep your hands hydrated all through the day. The best part about using lotions is that it works like a perfume for your hands and makes your wrist smell good all the time.

3. Pressed powder

Press powder works like easy makeup that you can apply anytime and anywhere. These work as great hacks when you need to do up your makeup in the car while commuting to work.

You just need to discreetly open and evenly apply it on your face. It helps you easily cover up blemishes, absorb oil, tone your skin, and more. The best part about pressed powered against the liquid foundation is that it will never spill inside.

4. Concealer

A concealer works like an Instagram filter that helps you retouch within a few minutes. You easily cover up your dark circles, redness, discoloration, acne spots, and make your face look youthful.

Concealers that come as sticks literally look like lipsticks and are packaged well enough to not spill or break. You can add it to your purse just as you’d add lipstick and touch-up whenever you need.

5. Lipsticks

Although women carry several shades of lipsticks in their bag, make sure you add the one that suits you most. Irrespective of your skin tone, many women reside to use a red lipstick that happens to be a favorite to most of them.

If your patent favorite is a shade of brown, pink, or nude, you must keep them handy. Think about that one lipstick shade you can carry with anything you wear. Keep that in your purse so that you’re in for an instant transformation.

6. Small perfume

You need to add a small perfume to your purse so that every time it fades out, you can spray right away. An average perfume will last your 2-3 hours – as long as you don’t bathe yourself in the classic Chanel No. 5 product.

If you add the trial packs of your favorite perfume, you can maintain a great body fragrance all through the day. All you need to do is understand when your perfume starts to fade and not let others figure that out before you.

7. Blotting paper

Women who have oily skin need to constantly make sure that their makeup doesn’t sweat out. You need to carry blotting paper to dab out sweat every time you feel it is messing up with your makeup.

Not using this can spoil your appearance just before you’re stepping out for an important event. Dab away the unwanted oil and sweat to make your face look fresh. Also, don’t let your makeup slip out of your face with this quick hack!

8. Makeup bag

You don’t want to dig into a deep handbag only to find that the lipstick you were looking for is out of the cap or probably broken! A big handbag needs a small makeup bag or pouch where you can keep the tiny things.

From your bobby pins to your lip balms, keep them all inside this pouch so that they’re secure and handy. This is an absolute necessity when you carry too many things inside a big bag.

9. Dental essentials

There is nothing more embarrassing than finding food in your teeth after a lunch date. Finding your mouth smell of garlic after a meal can be as bad as the latter!

You must carry a travel toothbrush that helps you clean up your mouth properly after eating. You can also carry a portable mouthwash to make sure your breath smells well.

10. Tissues and sanitizers

You always need a handful of tissue papers and a hand sanitizer to keep yourself hygienic on the go. Tissues can come handy when you’re doing up your makeup in the car. While sanitizers can help you clean your hands once you’re done with the makeup!

These are two essentials that you can need anytime and anywhere, even if you’re not using it to clean makeup. Add them to your bag so that you don’t need to go looking out for a medical store to buy these.

Final thoughts

Depending on what your basic makeup routine includes, you might add things like eyeliner, mascara, blush, and more. Just make sure you don’t over pack your purse and that all the things you carry are handy.

Adding these products in your handbag will come to use some time or the other. You might always be able to assist someone else who needs any of the things you carry, but they don’t. It is smart to travel light, but smarter to carry all the things you think you’d need.

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