10 Pets Perfect for Your Dorm


One of the best and closest companions to have in life is your pet. Most pets naturally possess the qualities that make people around them feel safer and at ease. They are also adventurous, intriguing, loyal, and a lot of fun to be around. Pets also invoke positive feelings and make people more responsible in life. Another fascinating observation is that most kids and young adults in families tend to forge the strongest bonds with pets when growing up.

This means that owning a pet can be a massive boon to the younger population of any society. And this is especially true when kids go through some of the most challenging times during their time in school and college. Thus, having a pet during such a phase in life can actually be beneficial to hardworking students, provided they like animals too. The great news is that most institutions also allow their students to keep pets in their dorms. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best pets to have in a college dorm room.

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In no particular order, here are ten pets perfect for your dorm.

1) Cat

It is a well-known fact that cats are some of the most independent animals on the planet. As pets, other than ensuring their bellies are full, there’s not much else a human can do for them. Sure, they are fun and like to keep themselves tidy, but they are also aloof and mostly self-reliant. Overall, they can be very aware, balanced, and still fun. Cats are an excellent option for those looking for a well-balanced relationship with their pets.

2) Dog (Small Breed)

Dogs can be super energetic, playful, and fun to have around. Dogs are known to build deep and caring relationships with humans, especially their owners. Keeping a big dog in one’s dorm may not be feasible. Thus, those looking for a deeper relationship with an animal can choose to keep a small-breed dog in their dorm. But one should be aware that a dog usually requires more attention, time, and food than most other pets on this list.

3) Hamster

Hamsters are incredibly low-maintenance and self-reliant pets to have. Usually, they do not require a lot of attention or energy. They know how to keep themselves busy throughout their days and nights. While one is busy with their academics, their hamster would most likely be chewing on their toys or exercising on their wheel. But one also needs to dedicate some energy and time to create a smoother and more trusting relationship with their hamsters.

4) Mice

Mice are another excellent option for those looking at cute and tiny rodents as potential pets. Like hamsters, they are low maintenance and like to entertain themselves. Because they are nocturnal, mice are a great choice for those who are busier during the day. Mice do not need too much food, too many toys, or other pet paraphernalia. This makes them inexpensive to adopt and care for. Mice also come in a variety of breeds, fur colors, and sizes, which make for interesting choices.


5) Lizard

One of the best pet options for those who love reptilians is lizards. Lizards don’t need too much in terms of food, and they can fill their tiny stomachs with some locally sourced food items. All one needs is a tank, some gravel, and a few naturally found items like rocks and shells to keep them well in a dorm. Some are also very intelligent and forge strong relationships with their handlers or owners.

6) Turtle

Turtles are the safest and least scary (to most) choice for those who love reptiles. They are attractive, skillful, and fun to observe. They are also amphibians which means that one would also need to have an aquarium or water tub. Pets turtles are mostly tiny creatures who do not need to eat a lot. They are also omnivorous, which means they can eat just about anything. Turtles are an excellent choice for those looking for a quiet, flappy, and cute water-based pet.

7) Fish

Fish are probably the quietest and most aesthetic choice on this list. Most pet fish are colorful and come in unique shapes and sizes. All they need is small to a medium-sized aquarium or water tub. One can also customize and beautify their aquariums for added visual pleasure. Fish also don’t need to consume a lot of food, and feeding them is easy and fun. One should be aware of cleaning their tanks periodically, so their fish remain healthy.

8) Snake

Although this might seem like a bizarre choice to some, there have been plenty of dorm students who would say the opposite. A snake is a great pet choice for those reptilian lovers who are a little more adventurous and bolder. There are several species of non-venomous and friendly snakes that students can safely keep as their pets. But before choosing this option, one should check their institution’s rules and regulations for allowed pets.

9) Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are well-known for being some of the cutest animals among the tiny group of rodents. One should also be aware that guinea pigs enjoy and need periodic attention. So, it’s always better to get them a companion rather than letting them be by themselves for too long. Other than this, they are adaptable, sweet, and make for great mini-cuddling partners. Those looking for a low-maintenance choice or prefer a quieter pet can go for a guinea pig. 

10) Tarantula

Here is another seemingly bizarre (but maybe not all that much, really) option on this list. This fantastic and fascinating creature requires very little food, making them very budget-friendly. They can sometimes go on for a few weeks without any food, but it is good to feed them at least once a week. Tarantulas are probably the quietest and still most intriguing choice on this list. One could consider this option if their personality resonates with this dazzling eight-legged creature.

The Bottom Line

Pets are an amazing way to destress the brain and relax one’s senses. Their ability to form personalized relationships with their owners further makes them a delight to have. One should check their institution’s policies, budget, and daily schedules to know what type of pet they should get. One can also go about their choices by learning all the necessary details of their favorite pets, so they know what they’re signing up for.

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