13 simple ways to redecorate your home

Remodeling a house is a tedious and expensive affair. It does require a lot of time and planning. But what if there is another way to redesign your home?

There can be many simple yet effective ways to give your house a brand new identity. These will not only make your house look anew but also save you from making expensive investments.

Easy, cheap, and quick ways to redecorate home

Here are some useful ideas and tips to Remodeling a house in an economic way.

1. Throw pillows

A simple yet effective way to brighten up your living space is to invest in funky and colorful throw pillows. A simple arrangement of pillows will instantly create a subtle yet noticeable difference.

Different varieties and designs are available in the market – Aztec prints, geometric designs, traditional motifs, all available in different sizes and colors. You can also make your own pillow covers using old fabrics and discarded jeans. These will lend an authentic and personal touch.

2. Curtains

Want to change the interior of your room but don’t have enough budget? Invest in stylish curtains! Bold colors and patterns can be used to complement the neutral colored walls of the bedroom. Bed sheets can be matched to the curtains to create an entirely new look for the room. These can be replaced whenever you wish to change up things.

3. Framed Walls

A single wall in the house can be dedicated to frames. You can choose from different styles – sleek modern frames, minimalistic designs, ornately decorated or traditional pieces. You can create your own collage with your pictures or choose some out of the box paintings. Even better, you can create your own art, whether it be your favorite quote or abstract design and display it as a centerpiece.

4. Potted plants

Plants create a fresh and lively atmosphere in the house. If you have a balcony, you can set up different flowering plants, creepers as well as bonsai trees. Hanging pots can be fitted or the plants can be displayed at the entrance and the hallway. Plants can also be placed in delicate vases and displayed on tables as centerpieces.

5. Wall pieces

A signature wall piece like a carved mirror, tribal masks, decoupage art or murals can significantly change up the interior. Invest in timeless and classic pieces, opt for unique textures or 3D designs.

The artworks are good because they can quickly transform any of your rooms, from the kitchen to hallway.People often wonder what kind of paintings should be chosen for each room, and actually, it can be a problem. For example, you want to decorate a hallway, in most cases, you will have questions like What Color? What size? What a style? Luckily, there are a variety of tips from professional interior designers like the ElephantStock team. They have created a detailed guide for decorating your walls. for any room. Check out their recent article about hallway wall decoration.

Remember the key rule though: Minimalism is the key! Don’t go overboard, as a single piece will attract a lot more attention than an overflowing mixture of designs and patterns.

6. Swings

A fun way to decorate your living space is to get a hammock or a swing in one of the rooms. Swings will break down the monotony of chairs and couches along with adding a vibrant touch in the house. Also, who doesn’t love to relax and read on a swing? You can choose a single seater or a swing set depending on your requirements and the space available.

7. Change the layout

An easy and effective way to redecorate the house is to rearrange the furniture. A simple swap of a couch can make room for another dresser or piece of furniture. Move around the furniture and experiment with different combinations of chairs, bean bags, and couches. Opt for space saving designs which will make the living room appear spacious.

8. Clear the clutter

Get rid of used and worn out furniture. Organize all your items and keep everything in its designated area. This will make the house look airy and tidy. Install shelves, dressers, and compartments to keep your magazines, stationery, cleaning materials, in an organized manner. You can choose colorful and funky dressers so that it stands out in an appealing way.

9. Light Up

Install some classy and intricate light fittings to give your house a modern and stylish look. You can even put up fairy lights to create a magical vibe. Another idea is to stick glow in the dark cut-outs on the ceiling. A disco ball is a fun way to jazz up the room. LED lights can be installed on the borders of mirrors to make a simple mirror look glamorous.

10. Knick-knacks and accessories

Give your home a personal touch by infusing your likes and interests into the furniture. Posters from your favorite band, a key-holder made by your artist friend, a fresh bowl of water with flowers, your favorite novels, and an explosion of colors in the form of fridge magnets, acrylic coasters, and patterned rugs will add a homely feel to your house.

11. Hang On

Make your ceiling eye-catchy by installing a crystal chandelier or a rustic bell wind-chime. The latest trend in the market is the dream catcher. You can buy one or make it yourself to match the interior of your room.

You can also use tassel curtains to create a partition in your room, this will divide the room into two parts. It can be used to create a changing area just outside your bathroom or separate your study area from the rest of the bedroom, thus giving you privacy.

12. Statement pieces

Decorate your living room with statement pieces like an antique wall clock, tribal artifacts like jewelry holders and carved caskets, wooden stools, scented candles, glass, porcelain figurines, and so on. Create a display area where you can showcase your collectibles, gifts, souvenirs from different cities, medals, awards, and all your childhood trinkets. You can even display your musical instruments in a corner, For example, you can put a spotlight directly above the guitar stand to highlight it.

13. Do It Yourself

Get your hands dirty and let the creative juices flow! Paint your walls using your favorite color. You can use a comb or a sponge to give texture to the wall. Let your instincts take over and paint on.

You can also make patterned quilts, rugs, and pillow covers using patches of different colored fabrics. You can easily make nameplates and storage boxes using egg cartons and wooden pieces. Floral bouquets are easy to make using crepe paper and many other materials. You can also recycle items like plastic spoons, glass bottles, mason jars, and more. for a variety of projects.

Final thoughts

These are some of the hacks that will completely reinvent your living space. You can make minimal changes or go all out to create your own personal haven. The choice is yours, but definitely cheaper than buying experience interiors.

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