4 Tips to Retain Customers on Amazon

Customer Retention

Selling on e-commerce platforms has become so competitive that focusing on bringing in new customers may not be enough. You must also understand how to retain your old customers in order to make your business stand out and have a loyal customer base.

Retaining your customers in an online marketplace like Amazon is fairly different than any other physical store. Online selling platforms give fewer opportunities for sellers to have a one-on-one connection with their customers and connect with them freely- which is understandable, given that Amazon as a marketplace is itself a brand in many ways. It is focused on making sure that the users are happy with their whole experience on the site, rather than a specific brand selling on the platform.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of developing a strategy for customer retention that can be used for online selling platforms. Here are a few tips to retain customers on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

1.  Make your brand stand out in the Amazon search results

To keep it simple, market your brand on Amazon the right way. Utilize keywords, and make sure your brand name shows up on every listing and your product stays on top. This involves including the name of your brand in the product title, as well as in the description. Be smart about selecting the high-ranking keywords and using them in your content to make sure you appear in the search results.

What impact does this have on customer retention? Well, it reminds the past customers that your brand exists and that they had a positive experience (hopefully) with one of your items the last time they bought one. Customers are more inclined to choose your product again if they see it appear frequently in their search results.

2.  Make your customers feel important

If you want your brand to stand out like Amazon, then consider putting in efforts that make your buyers feel like they’re special. Offer unique discounts to subscribers or freebies to loyal customers in order to make them engage with your brand more. Another possibility is to make regular special incentives for your loyal members, such as sending them your latest product to try. Customers who have access to exclusive offers and services are more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

3.  Offer the best customer service

It’s quite obvious, isn’t it? However, it’s worth mentioning when discussing online selling platforms because most businesses adopt a ‘list your product and forget it’ strategy. After all, isn’t customer service the responsibility of the marketplace you sell in? Sure. It’s for the website though, not for your products. Amazon is not responsible for providing customer service specifically to your buyers. It can provide you with the platform to sell in, and help you get customers, but nothing more than that.

Being on Amazon not only means getting into price wars, or winning the Amazon Buy Box, but also serving customers in a better way. That implies you must monitor your seller account as well as any customer service concerns that arise. Make sure to guide your customers throughout the selling process, and let them know how they can reach out to your brand if they face any issues. Reply to their queries swiftly, respond fast, and post FAQs to help them learn about your product.

4.  Post honest and reliable information

If you want your customers to keep coming back, then it’s necessary for you to build trust. This entails ensuring that all of your listings are updated and relevant. Any information that you provide about your brand or policies is accurate. To avoid any errors while listing products, you should keep an eye on your inventory at all times.

In short, it simply means that you should avoid any mistakes, and post honest information regarding your brand and product. Whether it’s on Amazon or any other social media channel, it’s important to post each information that’s necessary for your customers to know regarding your product. However, if any problem arises, you must admit it and try your best to resolve it. Customers will return if you prove that you are trustworthy.

In Conclusion,

As much as winning the Amazon Buy Box and repricing continuously is important to sell successfully, It is equally necessary to pay attention to customers and retain them on Amazon. It helps in increasing the number of loyal customers, which leads to guaranteed sales. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above to build a successful brand on Amazon, full of happy customers!

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