5 Best Diamond Alternatives for Wedding Rings in 2022


When it comes to gemstones for wedding rings, most people go with diamonds. They’re not that rare to buy, go with almost all types of wedding bands, and are very affordable if you are okay with a low gem quality. However, there are many stones other than diamonds that are just as well-suited, if not better to be at the center of a wedding or an engagement ring.

In 2022, many of you will tie the knot and are probably looking at wedding ring ideas to find something suited to your tastes. So, for all you ‘soon to be married or engaged’ people out there, here are five of the best diamond alternatives for your wedding rings.

#1 Opal

The unique color in opals is what you’ll love the most about these stones. They have a very elegant look to them, and at the same time, they also look very playful. It’s like an artist hand-painted the stones to their imagination and the final product is a dance of bright colors. 

In most cases, opals have a milky color with bright green, yellow, pink, and orange flakes scattered around. You’ll also come across other variations including the black opal that have much darker hues.

Opals symbolize confidence and creativity. These things help nurture a strong and loving marriage. An opal wedding ring is perfect for anyone who enjoys putting on jewelry that is a little outside the box.

#2 Garnet

Garnets are durable, affordable, and very beautiful too. These stones don’t wear out in any way, and you can’t scratch them by going about your day. Deep red garnets are the strongest ones in the garnet family. Other than red, you can also get green garnets. These stones symbolize life, love, and victory, and will be the perfect alternative to diamonds if you’re looking for something meaningful and beautiful. 

Garnet belongs to the group of silicate minerals along with quartz and mica. All of their variations have similar physical properties, but the chemical ones are different. The best quality garnets are available in Madagascar, China, and Kenya. 

In case you’re still confused or want to know more about them, check out these most frequently asked questions about garnets. They’ll answer all your queries regarding these stones, and help you understand how you can assess their quality.

#3 Sapphire

From the late Princess Diana to Victoria Beckham. All of these high-profile personalities embraced sapphire as the center stone for their engagement rings. That goes to show just how timeless these stones are.

A sapphire stone will stand out on any type of wedding band. However, platinum or silver ones will help complement these stones best. One issue with sapphire is that it can be expensive, especially when you’re looking for a large stone with high clarity. Yet, once the bride puts on that ring, you’ll know that it was worth spending that money. 

#4 Alexandrite

Alexandrite will make you feel like you’re buying two stones in one. Under sunlight or fluorescent light, these stones take on a greenish-blue look. In low-light or at night, the stones appear purple-reddish. The stone’s ability to change its appearance like that is what attracts many towards this stone as an alternative to diamond.

Many believe that an alexandrite ring brings good luck. It also promotes longevity. So, an alexandrite wedding ring will bless your marriage with good fortune, and make it last an eternity.

#5 Morganite

Morganite is the furthest thing away from diamonds. Yet, these gemstones greatly resemble similar qualities as diamonds in terms of appearance. 

Morganites emulate the bright and shiny look you get from diamonds. They are all about color and have a soft-pinkish look on them that looks like blush. Some morganites have a much richer and deeper hue, but these are very rare and a bit expensive. 

Unlike diamond, morganite isn’t that strong or durable, but it’s hardy enough for an engagement ring. 

Diamonds will look good on a platinum or silver band. They have the shine for it. Morganite too is shiny, but the shine is rather soft. So, instead of opting for a silver or platinum band, go for a rose-gold setting. That way, the band will complement the stone, and make it stand out more.

That completes this list of diamond alternatives for wedding rings. Prices for all these stones will vary greatly depending on their size, clarity, and color intensity. You can always get the cheaper versions of these stones, but that means you will have to sacrifice a bit in terms of the gem quality.

However, get the mid-range ones if you can afford to spend a little extra and don’t want to compromise on the stone’s overall quality.

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