5 Make-Up Tips to Get a Mesmeric Look

5 Make-Up Tips to Get a Mesmeric Look

Make-up is pure art. The transformation that is possible with the right products and styles is jaw-dropping. Knowing the right regions of your face to lay emphasis on can help you experiment with various looks. Celebrities often leave us mesmerized with their gorgeous makeup that is deep, bold and dramatic. The makeup along with their impeccable fashion choices give us major “look to try” goals. The shimmery skin, the splash of colors anchored to their eyelids and the fuller lips all leave us wondering how do they create such ethereal looks. With the right kind of makeup tips, you can also achieve this mesmerizing look. Here are five easy makeup tips that will help you create this flattering mesmeric look.

1. A Strong Foundation matters: Achieving an even skin color to lay your makeup on is essential. The base for your entire make up lies on creating this even skin tone and hence you need to pay special attention at this step. Start with moisturizing which is a very important step to remember before you begin your makeup. A well-moisturized skin is good enough to make even a simple look in bodybuilding workout clothes sexy. Apply primer to ensure that you close your pores and create an even surface to apply your foundation. Do not forget your concealer to cover some uneven patches.

The color of your foundation should match your skin. So don’t go for pale shades that will fade out your features. You can mix your own foundation to get the right shade for your skin tone. Liquid foundations are better for creating a shiny or glowing touch to your skin. This is also the best choice for people with dry skin to ensure the skin does not look flaky. Apply the foundation evenly and cover areas of the neck too. Bronzers or blush are an option to experiment with too. A few strokes on your chin, nose, and forehead can be a good addition to your look.

2. The Eye is where the Drama begins: Getting the mesmerizing look is impossible without adding the right make-up styles to your eye. For a deep and dramatic look start by choosing the color of your eye shadow. Bold colors such as blue, green, copper or grey smokey eyes are all great choices for creating this effect. Keep your eyeliner to the point, in this case, to shift the focus on the colors you are using. Apply some pretty eyeshadow evenly on your eyelid. Use darker shades of the same tone closer to your lashes to accentuate. Shimmery colors instead of matte look best for a mesmerizing look. Add some definition using your eye shadow to the corner of your eye preferably in a light shade such as pearl, beige. Add a simple, slightly thick liner style to emphasize your eye.

5 Make-Up Tips to Get a Mesmeric Look

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3. Bold and Bubbly lips: For a morning look always choose between emphasizing either your eye or your lip to avoid overdoing.  You can create an intense look with the right combination of eye and lip make-up. For a bold eye makeup go for subtle or nude lip color tones. This is especially good if you are using bold color choices such as blue, green for your eyes. You can go for soft pink, nude, berry for your lips to keep it subtle. You can also create a dramatic effect with bold shades of brown, maroon, crimson red and match it with minimal eye makeup. Use a dark color towards the outline of your lip and match it with a light complementary color towards the core. Smudge them together to add depth to your lips. This will make it look bold and well defined. Go for glossy colors rather than matte.

4. Tastefully Highlight: Well defined cheekbones and chin will create the perfect look that is glamorous. But apart from the cheek area highlighters when properly used is a gift from God that can add a glow to the look. For creating an intense look with your makeup you need to highlight the high points of your face. Highlighters when applied under the brow bone help create an illusion of larger eyes that will enhance the details of your eye makeup. It can also be used in the inner corner of the eye and in the middle of the eyelid to brighten up the eye makeup. Use it on the bridge of your nose to create a natural slim look. Apply it to highlight the cupid’s bow to get a clean look with your lipstick. Highlighting these points on the face will help make them look symmetric and pleasing. This look will match well with girls party dresses in bright summer colors. 

5 Make-Up Tips to Get a Mesmeric Look

Source: L’Oreal Paris

5. The little details that add big drama: Your eyelashes play the most important role in adding the gorgeous touch to your look. So, using mascara add volume to your lashes or use stick-on lashes to finish this beautiful look. You can also try curling your lashes before applying mascara for a better effect. Similarly focussing on your eyebrows can also create the mesmerizing touch you are looking for. No amount of eye-makeup can create a beautiful look unless you have tamed your eyebrows. Start by shaping them and then use eye shadow with a brush or brow pencil to define it. Adding volume to your brows will improve the eye-makeup and hence make it look thick. Avoid extending the length of your eyebrows too much.

The most important point to remember while creating such looks is to use makeup to enhance your best features. With perfect make-up, you need to have a perfect body shape which you can get by wearing steel-boned-corsets and become a charmer. Focus on the areas that bring out these beautiful features using amazing colors. Also, unlike common knowledge using fingertips to apply makeup can actually bring a better effect than brushes. The natural oils add a shimmery and glowing touch to the look which can help you achieve great results.

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