5 Things To Check For Elopement Wedding

5 Things To Check For Elopement Wedding

Getting married is a big decision and a very personal one. Before one pops the question, in all probability, a couple is in a relationship that is cherished. Each one has their moments before they decide to commit to marrying their significant other. They know each other’s likes and dislikes; little things that make their partner smile makes people pass through the humdrum of life.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,

They are there with each other all along.

                                                      – Rumi

When their feelings portray the essence of Rumi’s words, they finally decide to get married to enjoy each other’s company in good and bad times of life. 

Reasons to choose elopement wedding

But planning for their wedding is stressful for a lot of couples and the chaos leads to pre-wedding jitters. In many weddings, finalizing the venue, multiple reworkings on the guest list, food, bride’s wedding trousseau, decor, et al need to match the taste and wish of not just the couple, but their core members. More than the actual checklist, managing emotions when valuing the opinions of parents and closest friends on each side is daunting. 

Contrarily, a couple’s equation with each other in their comfort zone is different from the one in front of their parents, friends, or extended families. Their understanding is paced through the times they spent with each other. They don’t try to please each other. But work as a team with mutual respect and admiration for one another. On their big day, they want to enjoy things that brought them together in an intimate yet small ceremony surrounded by just the people who matter most. If you relate to this check everything you need to know about elopement wedding photography and details in this article. 

What is an elopement wedding? 

The essence of an elopement wedding is a misnomer if it is construed from the original word elope; which refers to the act of running away. The etymology of the word elope finds its roots in the anglo-norman-french word ‘aloper’ which is also the genesis of the English word ‘leap’ which also refers to running in some sense. 

Historically couples eloped and got married to avoid the wrath of disagreeing families. But times have changed and the phrase ‘elopement wedding’ refers to a couple’s decision to marry for love in a small gathering at a place that will be memorable and a story they would love to tell at future cocktail parties. One can even call it a downsized wedding sans the drama of a fancy one. 

Not sure whether you want to elope and marry? Here is a checklist of things that you need to know before deciding how you would like to marry that can help you decide:

  • Are you and your partner in agreement about the scale and type of wedding you want to have?

Millennial ladies and the generation before them used to read romantic novels that spun the magic of a large wedding. The fun that close friends and family members have at the rehearsal dinners, the selection of bridesmaids and maid of honor, best man and flower, every aspect was large, dreamy, and wished by brides for a few generations.

 As times evolved people’s perspectives changed. Some wanted a small but meaningful wedding that was conscious about the ecosystem and mindful spending. Others just wanted to marry for love and enjoy a sustainable marriage rather than spend a large sum of money on a grand wedding. 

But the decision to get married in a big-fat wedding or an intimate ceremony has to be mutual. 

  • Elopement wedding needs planning

Just in case you feel an elopement wedding does not need a plan, you are wrong. The plan is not as elaborate and may or may not be expensive ( again it is the couple’s call), elopement wedding needs to be as nostalgic as other options. The best way to capture the moments is by spending on things that matter, like a good wedding photographer for all those candid emotions that go unnoticed. (youmoms.org)  

Flexibility is the key

When you elope, you don’t have to scout for the perfect wedding venues in a city that can accommodate an extensive guest list and book it months in advance. In fact, couples who trod this path have married on the beach where they realized they cannot move on in life without each other. The venue of this wedding is not expensive to book but can be personalized and planned to perfection with little help from friends or a travel agent. Even if you don’t plan to take a flight, give it some forethought. Couples have married in libraries where they met for the first time as the place holds some significance in their life. 

As iterated earlier, an elopement wedding is flexible, intimate, and reflects a couple’s choices about how they want their big day to progress. There are people who don’t like hundred-odd guests whom they may never interact with again in their life, staring at them at their wedding. If you are one of them, plan your day your way.

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