5 Tips for Planning a Great Date Night With Your Spouse

date night with spouse

Between cooking, cleaning, and working, it can be easy to get caught up in the everyday chaos of life. When that happens, you may realize that you and your spouse haven’t been spending enough quality time together. A great date night can reinvigorate your relationship and help the two of you reconnect.

1. Send an Irresistible Invitation

Put in extra effort from beginning to end to make your partner feel special when planning a special date night. A formal invitation covered in kisses and perfume or a series of flirty messages placed strategically around the house will set the mood early on and fill both of you with anticipation. If writing isn’t your style, then a steamy kiss and an invitation whispered into their ear in the morning before they leave for work can do just as well.

2. Dress To Impress

Even if the date is casual, put on an outfit you know your spouse loves. Spend some time primping to get yourself into the mood and send the right message. Being clean, freshly shaven, and dressed in a flattering outfit can do wonders for your confidence, and confidence is incredibly attractive. Spice things up by wearing couples matching underwear sets to keep your mind on romance.

3. Consider Their Preferences

When looking for places to go on date night, it can be easy to get carried away by something that sounds like it’s right up your alley. However, it should be something that appeals to both of you.  Planning an event with your partner’s desires in mind can make them feel valued and appreciated.  You know what sort of hobbies your spouse enjoys, and what their personality is like. Tailor the event to provoke maximum enjoyment, whether it involves the great outdoors, or dancing the night away. If unsure about what to do, think about what types of activities seem to be recurring conversation topics and plan something along those lines.

4. Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Indulging in the same old routine can be a surefire way to slide into a relationship rut. Think about all of the places the two of you usually go and take date night in a new direction. Instead of dinner and a movie, head out to a new restaurant to eat lunch and then spend the afternoon snorkeling, visiting a wacky museum, or relaxing at a spa. Explore areas of your neighborhood that you’ve never been to before or take a class to learn something new together. If you are feeling adventurous, then try spending the day at an amusement park, ziplining, or racing against the clock in an escape room.

5. Eliminate Distractions

Don’t waste the opportunity to focus on each other and remember all the things that drew you together in the first place. Turn off your phones and tell people that you will be unavailable for a few hours to prevent unwanted interruptions. Send the children off for the evening and take care of the pet’s needs before the date begins.

Another important thing to remember is to clean the house. After all, a sink full to the brim with dirty dishes is decidedly unsexy. Between the sight of undone chores and the smell of dirty laundry, coming home to a house that hasn’t been cleaned can put a damper on the evening. If the weather is nice, open the windows to air the place out and light some candles or incense.

Taking the time to plan a spectacular date night can help keep your relationship strong. By keeping your spouse’s preferences in mind and taking steps to shake things up, it can be a memorable and enjoyable occasion for both of you.

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