5 Ways Racing Fans Can Modify Their Cars

If there is one thing that racing fans know, there is much more you can do to your car than you might think. And while you’re unlikely to need a speedy pitstop and tire change halfway to work, that doesn’t mean you can upgrade your motor to have the best of the best. 

When it comes to racing of any type, buying merchandise is one of the most significant ways to show your support. Hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and, of course, investing in subscriptions or pay-per-view options so you can watch the action as it happens. And while you might not be able to have some of the upgrades that send an F1 speeding around the track or a rally car around blind bends at phenomenal speeds – you can take some inspiration and even get your hands on the brands they used. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the upgrades that can make your car a little bit cooler and offer higher performance. And remember, keep it legal! 


Safety is the highest priority, and to that end, your brakes should be one of the first aftermarket purchases that you make. Interestingly enough, brakes are often not thought of when it comes to upgrades – but as racing fans know, those brakes make all the difference in serious situations and tight corners. Brake kits aren’t cheap but are worth spending money on as they are a valued asset to any racing car and many racers depend on them massively.

Not only will you enjoy a cleaner and faster brake, but many brake kits can also look cool

Wheels and Tires

When you are making big changes and looking for the biggest impact, the wheels and tires should be done together. Your tires are your only point of contact with the road at any point. Part-worn, old, or damaged tires are eventually going to lead to disaster. 

Performance tires are in a higher price bracket for a reason. They offer optimal performance, better grip, are hard-wearing, and look better too. Tires are one thing, but the wheels are another. 

When it comes to wheels, you are looking for a lighter material, typically aluminium, aluminium alloy, or magnesium alloy, which is what most racing wheels are made from. But steel is considered the strongest – the type of car and your driving style (and the purpose of the upgrades) will dictate which you should get. 

Intake and Exhaust

Performance cars have bigger engines for a reason. The more air the engine can suck in, the more power you have. Currently, your may be build to perform standard motoring tasks, much like having your car on the factory setting.

So, a significant upgrade to make to increase the power? Maximize the amount of air it can get using a new air intake system. 

Switch out the factory air intake system with a free flowing one; the engine will thank you and offer more power. 

And at the other end of the car, an exhaust that isn’t restricted will improve performance by allowing more fumes out. 

Clutch Kits

A high-performance clutch kit will be a modification that you feel instantly. Every addition or upgrade you make should be to improve the car’s operation and performance. With a high-performance clutch kit, you’ll get a lasting clutch that can handle more torque. Not to mention that you’ll have additional gripping power. Clutch kits are better for heavy-duty usage, improving both speed and acceleration. 


An engine control unit offers a driver unparalleled access to the amount of fuel that pumps in the engine’s cylinders. In new car models, the Engine Control Unit is what controls it, but if you have access to the ECU – then you set the parameters. And while the ECU isn’t new, it is something that true car tuner enthusiasts will want. 

The factory ECU will be tuned to work for durability and fuel efficiency, but if you’re looking purely at performance, you will want to switch out fuel efficiency for power. Having an ECU fitted is one of the few modifications that aren’t mechanical and offers a lot in terms of personalization for the driver. 

Racing fans have a love for modifications as it makes you feel closer to the sport and lets other people know you’re serious about your hobby. Yes, a modification will not make your car into a fan favourite Ferrari 330 p4 or a Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick, however it will make your daily travels just that little more exciting and may just turn another racings fans gaze in your direction and inspired them to do the same. Not to mention it is a great conversation topic. 

Much like a MotoGP fan wearing the number 46 or having the name The Doctor on their helmet or jacket, or just simply having a sticker on their car, it shows a level of loyalty that can be recognised by fans regardless of their language or origin. Not to mention it helps the race continue as you are contributing to the income. 

As a fan there are many ways to show your support and interest in racing. The best and most thrilling way is to modify your car to be more enhanced in a racing car fashion. Just make sure that the modifications you choose are legal for the road! Not only will modifications make you feel closer to your hobby, but they may also make your car more efficient as a mass-produced car Is rather basic and build to make a profit. Modifications will make your car reach a higher potential and can improve its handling, appearance, reliability and driving qualities. A note to add however, is that these modification must be noted to your insurance company. Hopefully this article gives you an insight into how you can modify your car as a racing fan if this is something you are looking into or looking for further modification ideas. 


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