7+ Most Interesting Ways to Enjoy with An Escort

There is often a prejudice lurking around hiring escorts. However, they can be a lot of fun and the key to having a great sexual experience. Here are some ways you can enjoy yourself with an escort. 

  • Erotic Massage:

Whether you are stressed at work or just want to spend a relaxed Sunday, hiring an escort for massaging can be a great way to vent out. They will not just oil your body but also ensure you get a happy ending. A trained escort will know exactly what you need and help stimulate your senses with erotic foreplay.

You can also put forward your request without any shame to them. They are well-experienced in this line of work and make sure you have no complaints after the session. 

However, this will not at all feel professional. Instead, it will be a lot more intimate and sensual. An erotic massage is a great way to let all stressors out of your body and mind, and no one does it better than an escort. 

  • Fisting:

Many people have kinks they are often ashamed of. However, you have to understand that having a fetish is quite normal and can vary greatly depending on your preferences. 

While your regular date might judge you for it, an escort will have no complaints, no matter the kind of fetish you have. For instance, if you like fisting or want to be fisted, your escort will oblige. 

In addition, they will have all the right kinds of lubes and toys to enhance your experience further. That said, make sure you ask for consent before trying any new kink you might want to discover. They will most likely be as excited as you, and you do not have to worry about being judged. 

  • Role Play:

Not everyone finds a way to fulfill their desires in bed, some because of social constraints, others because of mental blocks. With an escort, you can let go of this inhibition and experience a lot more of your true sexual desires than in the real world. 

For instance, some people have a fetish for teachers, others might fancy their bosses. Whatever your kink is, all you have to do is tell the escort. 

They have all costumes and will leave no stone unturned to give you a real-life-like experience. You can also let them know of any specific behaviors or traits you want to include in your roleplay, and they will do so without any hesitation. 

  • Blow Job:

Escorts are a great way to experience the best blowjob of your life. While most people think blowjobs are only great when the action is performed, there is much more to it. 

You have to be sexually stimulated first to enjoy a blowjob properly, and Denver escorts know precisely how to do that. Instead of just diving into the act, they will first tease you and try and excite you. 

Once you have reached your limit and are craving a blowjob is when it will start. This can enhance your overall experience tenfold. In addition, they are never in a rush to finish you off. They will take their sweet time, ensuring you enjoy every minute of it. 

  • Doggy Style:

Now that all the foreplay is done, it is time you get into the actual intercourse. With an escort, you will not have to do one bit of work. You can tell them your favorite positions, and they will do them perfectly. 

However, often doggy style is the best position to indulge an escort since they can please you to the fullest, just how they want. They do not want you to do a lot of work, perhaps any of the work. They will take every measure possible to ensure you can just relax and enjoy your time with them. 

If you are not a big fan of doggy style, you can simply tell them what position you want, and they will surely exceed your expectations there as well. 

  • GFE:

Another reason why hiring an escort service might be perfect for you is ‘the girlfriend experience’. Maybe you are not looking for sex, physical intimacy or a way to fulfill your fetishes. You might just want some emotional connection and experience a day with your girlfriend. 

This is exactly the service your escort will offer. They will be your girlfriend for a day, listen to your problems, and go out on dinner dates with you and so on. For the time you are with them, you will never feel that you are without a girlfriend. 

If you have any special requests, you can also tell them that, and they will happily oblige. GFE is the perfect way to enjoy your time with an escort if you just need someone to listen to and talk to. 

  • BDSM:

Short for bondage, domination, sadism and masochism, BDSM is a rapidly growing fetish in the industry. While not all people are accepting of this trend, those who are will surely love an evening with escorts. 

Denver escorts have no prejudice against any kind of kinks you might have and will surely help you attain ultimate sexual pleasure. 

With them, you do not have to be shy or hide your inner desires. You can tell them exactly what you want, whether you are the submissive partner or the dominant one. Just make sure that you have taken their consent before trying anything out of the ordinary. 

  • Anal Sex:

Anal sex is one sexual act that can be quite enjoyable but equally as painful if the right steps are not taken. With an escort, you will never have to worry about that. 

They know how to stimulate the anus and the right kind of lubes and butt plugs required for it. In addition, this is not a position you can rush. 

If you are new to anal sex, having the guidance of an escort will surely enhance your experience and make it a lot better. However, it is best if you let them know about this fantasy beforehand, as some preparation is required. 

These are the top eight ways to ensure a great and enjoyable experience with an escort. 

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