8 Best Fun Activities You Can Try With Your Cat

Try With Your Cat

Because cats sleep for most of the day, it’s critical that you keep your furry companion active whenever possible. The first step in ensuring your cat’s happiness and health is to mentally engage them. Here are the 8 best fun, interactive activities to help you bond with your cat and keep them occupied:

  1. Prey Games

Indoor cats retain their natural hunting instincts, so an apparently drowsy feline may unexpectedly pounce on your foot or chase down a dust bunny. Playing hide-and-seek with a plush animal is one method for her to channel her inner predator. Hide behind a wall or a piece of furniture and wriggle the soft creature around the corner.

You may even fling it across the room to make it appear to be running. She’ll enjoy chasing it down. Use a larger stuffed animal than her typical cat toys to give her the extra joy of hunting down substantial prey.

  1. Install Cat Trees

Cat trees are popular among felines because they are entertaining to climb. It’s a terrific type of exercise for kittens and people alike to use their bodies to balance and reach lofty spots. Cat trees can provide your cat with their private sanctuary.

The greatest cat trees encourage activity by providing a secure location for your kitten to leap, climb, scratch, jump, and play that isn’t your furniture, countertops, or cabinets. Here look for alternatives to cat trees to give your cat new ways to explore the fun.

  1. Screen  Video Games

Many new cat trends include electrical technology, she can now paint, catch fish, rats, cockroaches, and chase lasers on a screen. Of course, she’ll require your assistance in using the smartphone.

If you’ve ever caught your cat watching TV, you know how fascinated she is by electrical equipment’s fast motions and colorful noises. Check with your veterinarian to ensure that the screen’s brightness will not harm your pet’s eyes.

  1. Remote Toys

Wind-up or battery-operated toys, particularly those shaped like little rodents, are another alternative for hunting. The zigzag movement of these toys attracts your cat. The activity improves her stalking and pouncing abilities while also keeping her away from her feet. Adding barriers to the toy’s route enhances its irregular movement, which makes it even more exciting for your cat.

  1. Obstacle Games

While cats are creatures of habit, they are also curious and like studying interesting, non-threatening changes in their surroundings. Arrange cushions and pillows throughout the room to create a maze-like layout. You may also install chairs with a high perch for her to leap from.

Planting cat food at various spots throughout the maze is the greatest approach to her engaged in this new setup. Cats, according to Animal Planet, have an amazing capacity to acquire and recall new abilities. Your cat isn’t a lab rat, but she will learn to navigate mazes for a tasty treat.

  1. Water Fountain

Try With Your Cat

Because rushing water is fresher than water in a dish, cats are naturally drawn to it. Cat fountains are a great way to keep your cat entertained but select wisely. Pets aren’t allowed around decorative fountains. They might be dangerous and cause harm to your cat.

Cats also appear to enjoy cold water, something you know if you’ve ever worked on your toilet tank. Cat water fountains are meant to filter out elements that might affect the flavor of the water, making it taste nicer and fresher for your cat.

  1. Fetch Games

Try With Your Cat

Many cats like playing fetch, or chasing after a ball that you toss. This activates the area of their brain that is responsible for catching prey. To begin, call your pet’s name and show them a ball or toy that they enjoy.

Toss the item and watch your cat try to catch it. When you call them back, make sure you have a treat ready to praise their good behavior. After a little work, they might be able to return the ball to you.

  1. Hide and Seek

Hide-and-seek is a good game to do with her to strengthen your friendship. It is a great game to play indoors since you may hide behind a couch, desk, or bed. The idea is for her to chase you around like prey.

Some cats like the opportunity to hide and will tuck themselves somewhere while you search for them. This is an effective means of linking games to the excitement and cerebral stimulation.

Your Takeaway

Cats like a variety of activities and toys, so rotating them will keep them entertained. When it comes to creating enough energy to play, giving your cat the nutrition they require is critical.

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