A Guide to Choose Fast Power Banks

Fast Power Banks

If you are travelling or don’t have electricity at home, power banks can save the day and charge your smartphones. Many a time, smartphone power drains due to endless gaming sessions or internet connections. 

power bank is convenient for long flights, commutes, or times when you rely on your phones for hours. They are available with various features and sizes. This guide will help you choose the right device.


One of the critical features you should consider before buying a power bank is the capacity. If you have a tablet, then it takes more time to charge than a smartphone. The charging power measurement of a power bank is 1000 Mah. The more the number of Mah, the more times the power bank can charge your phone. 

The older phones had a power capacity of 1000Mah, whereas the modern ones come up to 3000Mah or more. Therefore, you need slightly more than the device to charge it.

Current charge

The power of the charging bank also depends on the rate of current it delivers. The current affects the charging time. For example, if you are charging a phone, it might take an amp, and for tablets, it takes 2.5amps. You may find the details of the current below the device. 

Also, note that many charging banks have multiple outputs, but it may not deliver the maximum power at the same time. If you want to get fast charge time, then buy power banks with high output current.

Size and Type of Battery

It is crucial to note here that if you use the power bank for travelling or long-distance commuting, it should be proper in size and weight.

There are two primary batteries used in these devices- lithium-ion and lithium polymer. Lithium-ion has high power density and costs you less compared to lithium polymer. But the lithium-polymer cells are more robust and flexible in case of larger charging banks. Lithium-polymer cells also light in weight and lower suffering from leakage.


Check the number of connectors you require for your power banks. Usually, most of the devices have a USB type A connector to charge different devices. Many devices also have mini-USB to help you charge a phone and a tablet at the same time.

The Process To Charge 

Before using a power bank, you need to charge it. The larger the capacity, the more time it will take to load. For a 1amp charger with a capacity of 5000Mah, it will take five or more hours to charge. 


When you buy a charging bank, purchase extra leads as well. It helps to charge the power bank or charge any other device. A low priced device may not come with a lead.

Additional Lights

Some power banks also come with extra light added to it. It merely works after pressing a switch button on it. Whether you need a bank with a light, it is your personal choice.

Thus, charging banks are useful items, especially when we cannot get a source of power from the mains. It is helpful to understand the usage to choose the fastest one.

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